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The belief of renunciation


Renunciation is used as a “tool” from many belief systems. That tool is supposed to allow the aspirant to gain a “higher state of consciousness.”

In the world of duality, to renounce what is considered to be “mundane” and “pleasurable” has been translated as “evolved,” “high,” “divine.”

It is just a game of words.

I remember a book which introduced the concept of renunciation in my younger perception: “The autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda.

That book describes many of the unique experiences that Yogananda had. Those experiences were interpreted according to Yogananda’s beliefs at the time.

In that context to become a “renunciate” is the highest path. From that “concept” many have copied it.

For Yogananda, to practice his path of what he understood as renunciation was natural. It is what he was meant to do.
Therefore, there was no renunciation in his life.

Many”seekers” started following that idea of “renunciation.” They needed a “guru” to follow and some especial practices to become “better.” Thus for these people to “renounce” became a source a repression, for this path was not natural to them. They had to “make effort.”

Ananda would like to share one of his most cherished realizations in life.
There is no established path or religion or philosophy or teaching which when followed by itself, to the dot, 100% is able to return a higher state of consciousness.

Consciousness does not change by following a certain method or by doing a “holy” practice.

Consciousness changes all by itself when we are ready according to our assimilation of the experiences offered in life. In short, greater openness to life, means greater awareness thus, less ego.

Renunciation is duality. To select something as “divine” and another thing as “mundane” is duality, and because there is duality; there cannot be integration with the Totality.

It is that separation between what is “godly” and what is not which brings a person into a state of self-righteousness, which is an illusion.

There is no such a thing as the “true” way when we are dealing with perceptions of what we call “reality.”
We could name anything as “reality” but that is not, for all we could observe is a perception.

Do we want for God or a guru to tell us about the “highest reality” there is, which we are not able to experience?

That is a belief, for “what is” cannot be put into words.

The highest, the lowest, the pure, the impure, the rich the poor… are all dualities which are static “realities” in a mind which is incapable of seeing change and continuous transformation of everything.
“Reality” is not a picture but a movie.
We can describe with words a still picture with details, but not a changing movie.

Because everything changes continuously there is no “arrival” or destination.
Therefore, to renounce life as it presents itself, just so we can accommodate ourselves to our belief or dogma, is to deny ourselves to transform, to change, to evolve.

What is that change that we deny to ourselves?
To live Life.

To renounce part of life to the pursue of a “higher” destination is senseless, when we realize that there is never a static point, a destination.

To renounce part of life due to a belief that we will attain something better in the future is to ignore completely that rejection is hidden in renunciation.
When there is rejection there cannot be oneness.
Without oneness, there is no love.
Without love, there is no joy.

Reader’s remarks: It is “me” doing things or the Drama?


“All the sanskaras are there in a queue, waiting to emerge at the “right time.” Notice that this does not depend on anyone’s will power. These sanskaras emerge automatically…The outside scenes give us the impression of “I am making it happen,” but it is a synchronicity of the outside with the inside. It is a unison movement of the inside with the outside, so there is neither really outside nor inside. It is One….” – Comments on SM 2-1-13

Dear Brother, From this comment on todays murli I understand that: each experience that I experience is in the drama already, each thought is in the drama already, everything that I’ve ever done or said is in the drama already, that there’s nothing like will power, then on one hand its very good because I understand that I can’t really blame anyone for anything, the actors are compelled to play their part, nothing can then be labelled good or bad since its just a role, on the other hand what happens to the motivation to do better, respond better from a heightened state of awareness, one could say its all drama and wouldn’t it then have the potential of making one lazy and careless because the will really doesn’t matter resulting in status quo – “I get angry and impatient that’s my part in the drama, so be it” – a shift from such a thinking depends on the drama, but I’m doing this also because of the drama – if we are puppets in the hands of drama where’s the scope for evolving to a higher state of consciousness. Could you please help?”

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
This has been a recurrent question, but I have a somewhat distinct answer each time… 🙂
First, do you realize that “I” and “mine” are illusions, Maya?
BapDada mentions that all the time. “Change I and mine for my Baba,” He says.

Therefore, it surprises “me” that such a thing as being a “puppet of destiny” exists. It is all ego. “You” think that “you” are doing things because “you” are not aware that there is a “role” running through “you.” The soul is supposed to observe that. Accept the role. Forget the past.

That is to be a detached observer. Until we do not perceive the “illusion” of having a personality we cannot observe the role unfolding as if “I” was at awe watching a movie. “I” will react because my sense of “I” will feel affected by what is happening. The movie. “I” may exist as an “observer,” a “perceiver” but not as a “personality.”

Our consciousness dictates that we are separated beings. At the soul level, we are “points of light,” but there is no meaning on being a point of light unless there is a “plot” going. That is the movie. Our capacity to observe was going on, is part of the movie, our reactions are part of the movie, everything that “I” understand is part of the movie. The movie will play according to my capacity, in other words; if you are a BK soul, it is only because it is in your role according to your capacity. Effort making is not something that we “do” but something that happens and there is something inside “you” to “drive” you. Do you feel that? 🙂

That Drama is a point, a seed; which is expanding like a tree with many branches through different “actors” as different roles. We perceive “my role,” but we do not perceive the “seed” the Drama.

You are a leaf floating on a river. The Drama is the river. Ego perceives separation: leaf and river are different. That is the problem, because that leaf exists as long as it floats on that river. Ego wants to fight against the current. That is suffering. Those are the vices. Float. The destination is already made. Empty the sense of self. This is what is known as being ONE with the river; which is the same idea as being ONE with the ONE, God. Combined, not 2 separated entities, but combined.

The effort is to empty the self. How is laziness related with this? Empty.
Paradoxically that is how we become “One” by being empty.

“i get angry, that is my part.” If you realized anger, it could go away at that moment; but because we do not realize it, it remains, we are “unconscious.” Sure, if it is your part to realize it, you will, because you have the capacity. If it is your part to be awaken. You will. Numberwise.

What effort needs to be made? To be empty. How do you make that effort? By being empty.
Then, what is the effort? 🙂

You are not different from the Drama. You are part of it, but in emptiness, you are the Drama. It all depends on your consciousness. Greater awareness, greater awakening, unlimited consciousness.

Best wishes!