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Some question in Hindi

“आजकी मुरली मुझे बहुत अच्छी लगी| थ्री स्टार्सकी बाते मुझे जीवनभर अपने आगे के रास्ते के लिए यूज़फुल रहेगी| धन्यवाद|”

Dear soul,
I would appreciate if you find someone who can translate that in English. It will not be me… 🙂 and I will just move on next time, just in case someone has the same idea of sending stuff in Hindi to me…

According to Google, here is the translation:
“Murali found it very Ajki | Starski Three things your way forward for me, life will Ughful | Thanks |”

Thanks to you as well…. 🙂