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Hope, achievement and wisdom

In Life, to hope for the best is important to maintain good spirits despite “setbacks.”
That type of hope brings tranquility and will allow us to digest an experience. Those experiences that we label as “negative,” or “bad,” are without a doubt; needed in our Life path. There is no way around them, no way to avoid them, no way to change what is already in our destiny.

We cannot make our own destiny, otherwise; how could we learn from Life? When the extent of our DOING is only conditioned by our previous experiences and idiosyncrasies, we are not living Life. We are merely surviving it.
To live means to allow for newness. “Newness” in Life means to accept the unexpected.

We could have high hopes that our path in Life will unveil, and teach us what we came here to learn. If we do not find those lessons which Life is tirelessly teaching us at every step of our journey; we will live a meaningless Life, despite “achieving what I want.” In society, “success” means to achieve. In Life, success is to become fully aware of the lesson.

We don’t learn through “achievements.” We learn through setbacks. That is how wisdom is made. A wise person has had countless setbacks. Thus, are those truly setbacks? The label is deceiving.
In society, setbacks means failure. In Life, setbacks bring the opportunity for wisdom.

Wisdom is earned in Life. It is not learned.

Hoping on Hope

When the box of Pandora was opened out of curiosity, all evils spread out around the world. Pandora closed the box and only one “evil” remained: Hope.

In “Spirituality 101,” the word “hope” is used as some sort of virtue.
“I have hope in the world.” “Let us hope for the best,” etc. All catchy phrases, dreamy states of consciousness…

“To be positive is to be hopeful.” Another pretty phrase without much meaning.

Observe how hope arises as a desire for a particular outcome, an expectation. That outcome is what we believe to be convenient for us or for someone.

Once a seeker “grows up,” to be hopeful of a particular outcome is to live in a wishful tense,  the future.
That wish or hope is not consistent with “what is” now. It is just a mind trick.

It is through that hope how we could create a dormant state of consciousness.

Many times the hope of some future event will even stop our  need to experience in Life. Something will present to us, it is there; but we will not take it “now,” for there is “hope” in the future that something else, “better” will come up.

This hope is a mental distress, a mental issue.

Let us not confuse hope with a “gut feeling.”
Yes, I could postpone something, but it is not out of hope for something “better,” but it is a “gut feeling” which is advising me not to do/take something now. That is it. There is no information as if something “better” will happen at another time. No expectation.

Once we realize that all of those pretty words called “virtues” are merely concepts, then we will not be concerned on definitions for “spiritual” keywords.

A tiger is strong. The word “strong” is qualifying the tiger. The word “strong,” is a way of comparison. The tiger is strong compared to a squirrel, but not to a Blue Whale.
Without the word “strong” the tiger “is.”
Of course, when speaking we need to say something about the tiger, so we add a word, we believe it, we assume it, and we keep that mental association of “strong,” with the word tiger.

In reality, a tiger is neither strong nor weak.
In reality, there is no room for hope, but for “what is.”

When everything is lost…


A metamorphosis does not happen by just reading spiritual books, attending spiritual classes, performing a ritual or praying. It usually happens when there is a deep life experience, which is able to move a person from its comfort zone. Those triggers could be for instance, a disease, death of a loved one, disillusionment in a relationship or some sort of perceived loss.

For many individuals in this experience, that becomes a time of desperation, a time of grief and anger, a time to wonder about the “reason” of living… But also, a time to suffer to transform for those who have that capacity.
Growth comes with suffering.

It may be hard to wake up the next day. It may be a fight to go through the day with a smile on the face. The pain could be felt as if a knife is opening our guts without compassion or bleeding our heart in a slow death… It could be perceived as cloudy shadows in the mind continually fogging our vision, day after day…

We become a piece of wood and life is carving us, sculpting us as long as we hold on, as long as we resist… That is what it takes for the metamorphosis to occur!

That catharsis happens slowly. It could be very painful, but without a doubt; it is very rewarding.

We can “lose” many things in life. In fact, things come and go; thus there is nothing that we could really “have.” We can learn to perceive that experience as devastating when in fact, it is just the opportunity to change; it is the time for the metamorphosis to take place only for those who are aware of it.

The Spiritual walker needs to have the strength to taste the yin and the yang in life without preference. That is, the plentiful and the insufficient with the same intensity.

For some individuals, that is a sure path to transform with acceptance and appreciation of the moment, while for others it could be a trip to insanity.

In this experience of losing everything to be someone else; what is the hardest thing to let go?

Our beliefs.

That is why only those who are able to free their minds so the heart could be open, could learn to live with spontaneity and not by some artificial rule, regulation or moral dogma. Goodness is not a law; it is a sentiment a feeling naturally flowing out of someone with an open heart to life; and that could happen when there is no longer a need to protect anything; that is, when there is no perceived self.

Good and evil are just labels. Your own darkness is your capacity for light. Nothing is bad for those who know how to transform. All experiences are part of the movie of life and because of that, they are sacred, unique and divine.

Just like your own life.

The unreachable star


You are the far unreachable star
melting my heart with one desire
to be there, to reach to you
be part of the selected few

My day is lit with your presence
my night is just your omnipresence
that is the time where my dreams
meet your name as it seems

In the darkest moments of my life
i could see you and be fine
to be there will take time
for now, to see you is sublime

Sparkling lights are your eyes
their depth is truly a work of art
your beauty matches your heart
you are the star… among the stars!

Smooth Affection

And If I care for you enough
moving fluent and gentle
could that be the key
to the door of your temple?

And If I caress your present
and dispel your past
completely, with the same hands
would you open your puzzling heart?

The clock of destiny
ticks relentless in between
expect the timeless intermit
just for only fifteen

Words come to my mind
as thunderbolts from the sky
While hearing the trumpets of angels
Reminding me of the closeness of time

My search for perfection
is a woven quilt
made by afflictive stitches
crossing the core
of someone else’s guilt

The circle of my imagination
does not fit the squares of your mind
perhaps we could leave that behind
and bring affection and hope
just to make it alright

The heart’s mind

I know the answer of your issues
no need to cry for spilled water
resolve your sadness on the tissues
and forget about that blotter

is the mind weeping for help
moving the gloomy tides of despair
to the unsinkable peaceful heart
floating now, in the ocean of scare

Dry up the vile waters of desires
with the warm sunshine of love
unveil those rays til the dark expires
let the heart be free as a pristine dove

Life brings the tides of the mind
just to be seen with a candlelight
for the brightness of hope
is always sweeter with love.

Hope in the Rainbow

Your picture is hanging in the wall of my mind
I have covered it with dreams away from real life
With illusions and hopes which to me aren’t kind
For they are razor blade sharp and cut like a knife

I want to dismantle the memories of that Summer
Forget the laughs and joys of shiny days now very far away
I can see moving expressions and faces of a mummer
On the reflection of the calm and still waters of the bay

The ghosts of the past are still haunting me
Scaring away all thoughts of hope in a bright future
As I see my face reflected, I wish to be free
Remove the brain cells of the past and heal the suture

A shy smile appears from nowhere as lightning strikes my soul
It is rain starting to fall, that changes my mood and vision
it is time to let my heart be clear and just go for a stroll
memories show me my past, but the future is my ambition

your picture can stay nailed in the wall of my past
I let the rainbow of hope choose a new wallpaper
the heart heals itself, it does not need to be asked
Just move away from the clouds of a heart-breaker