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Question: i wanted to know that are these “kundli” & “planets” really exist or not…do all these effects our life or not.. since all these shastra are written by us only… so are these horoscope & kundli & planets affecting us, all this is true or not….?

Great question. Thank you. 🙂

According to gyan, there is a Drama and there is an inter-relationship of everything that exists. Nothing exists in isolation.

I would urge yo to read this article:.
I believe it is well written and can give you some light in your question.

Also, I recommend reading this article as well for counter balance. It is the western “scientific” mind behind it.

In my experience, what we perceive as “affecting us,” it is just part of a perception of the Drama. If we watch TV. That is affecting us as well. The difference is when we have gyan, we know why and we know how to “counteract that” based on knowledge. (Pure wishes, good feelings, settlement of karmic accounts, yoga and the recognition that I am a soul and that I should be the master of the senses.)

We need to go beyond that by the recognition of our eternal nature.

Best wishes!