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Dependencies: The path to slavery

Our own ideas keep us slave from feeling freedom. Not only freedom from a mind full of dependencies, but more important, free to behave and be as our inner calling in life expresses.

This is to be an artist in life. The canvas is your own life. The music is expressed in your own words spoken with intention, vitality, rhythm and timing. Your dance is in every breath, in every smile; by being grateful of the gift of life.

Dependency resides in our minds. A dependent mind is looking for security. It is looking for certainty in a world where nothing is stipulated, where anything and everything could happen. This is the life to be enjoyed by the courageous ones through a challenge; or by the innocent ones who just enjoy newness, for the sake of it.

A dependent mind is instilled in our values: The wife who rather suffers in the jail of her home than to face being alone. Her mind will create the beast of loneliness to scare her. The man who feels worthless without a certain paycheck amount. The teenager who feels pressured to do things as her “hang out” group desires. The nun who feels that her beliefs are exactly what God beliefs; and without those beliefs, she will be worthless.

Dependency on “our” religious group, the family, friends… even the state of the body. All of those self-imposed “jails” will bring suffering. In this exchange, we are willing to go through self-imposed penance for illusory security.

Look at any belief that you have. Look at any idea or preconception that you have. Look at any opinion that you defend and promote. All of those are golden jails. There is a “life sentence,” going on in our minds.

Have you ever wondered if you could look at the ocean with fresh eyes? That is, if we look at the ocean in front of us and that doesn’t move us or touches our heart, our inner being; we are not looking. We are not really seeing. We are truly blind.
We are just thinking while looking. Bringing back memories. Living in our head.

In that state of being it is impossible to look at something with fresh eyes, so it is never the “same ol’ thing.”

Without truly seeing, there is no exchange, no relationship. There is just emptiness for lack of meaning in our lives.
Emptiness is healthy when it is about the mind. Emptiness is pitiful when it is about the heart.

Dependencies are the chains to be free of by emptying our minds. This is the point where “true” Spirituality could begin.

The sinful sin


Not complying with Godly law, has been known as “sin” throughout history.
The issue is that a “sin” 300 years ago is not a “sin” today or vice versa. Different God or Different law.

A known God yesterday is not the same one today.
Everything changes.

Ananda recalls the times when he was doing his mischievous activities as a 10-year-old kid and then his father’s voice was heard with something concise and to the point like: “God will punish you.” 😦

That was enough to send the chills of fear throughout Ananda’s spine. Then, Ananda went to confession and thanks to the power of reciting some prayers to the saintly images… magically, everything was absolved.

As the years went by, Ananda learned another concept, called the “law of karma.” In this concept, there was no need for a God punishing left and right for sinful activities, but it was an automatic boomerang. Everyone knew that “what goes around comes around.” Punishment then became less of a personal matter. 🙂

So what happened with God as a provider of “justice for all” through punishment?

We don’t know. But somehow, the idea still remained in Ananda’s later years in life.

Anada asked the following questions to his “magic mirror:”
How can I perform a “sin” if I know better? Don’t I know about Godly scriptures and “words of God”?
Then the issue becomes in finding which scripture is the “true” version of God…a matter of belief.

How is it possible for some people to understand things in one way while others have a different understanding?
How is it possible for some people to have a Godly experience which is not the same for others?
Is it possible for God to choose some and not others to understand and recognize Him?

Ananda was confused.

“You shall not kill.” It is a well-known Godly commandment. What is the extent of it? Some say God really means not to kill animals as well as human beings. Others say that it is only referred to human beings for animals have been created “for” human beings. Is it possible for people to see suffering in animals as well as human beings and do nothing about it? Is it OK for animals to suffer and die so we could satisfy our taste buds? If “my country” sent me to war, is then OK to kill?
Was that part of God’s instructions/commandment? or perhaps a reformed, up-to-date version of it? Or what about defending my religion in the name of God? Is killing only at the physical level or we could kill someone when that person is mistreated to the point of losing her mind?

What about experimenting with human beings? Through the wonders of a new genetically modified item or something else to “study” the antibodies reaction in humans in the next 5 years… I wonder if the law of God had room for all those little “loopholes.” 🙂

There are some individuals who need to be told what to do. Specifically, to the point.
These individuals need to follow a piece of paper, someone’s advice because they are unable to feel, to sense, to observe.

There is no empathy. There is no life in their lives. It is all about procuring pleasure, power and accumulating possessions. The 3 deadly “Ps.” 🙂

Certainly for these kind of individuals, the “law of God” needs to be very specific until their lives are controlled to the point of not knowing if taking a bath is OK or sinful for they could be worry about seeing their naked body…

When empathy, concern, mercy, compassion and all of those words are practical in our lives, then there will be “law” in our lives, at that point the “law of God” will be immersed in our veins, circulating throughout our internal system and pumping our heart with that blood which is needed to give a blood transfusion to this world, so we can resuscitate our feelings again.

It is a matter of a healthy, spiritual heart.

Reader Remark: Woman’s equality with Man – A perspective

Om Shanti brother,
I read today a very interesting article on woman’s equality with men. A very simple, yet highly scholarly article! It clearly explains how the Bible was distorted to project the supposed inferiority of woman, yet it restores hidden concepts from the Bible itself to show woman is equal to man. This will make easier BKs’ effort to help those from the Christian background. Interestingly it is written by a male, that too from Hindu background! Really a must-read! Here is the link:


Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing that link. The fight between genders have been an ongoing thing since the perception of “being different” appeared. Humanity is always dividing. Races, countries, religions, etc. Everything is a division. That only accumulates further ego.

Men and Women express 2 different energies of the same unity. They are complementary as the Yin and Yang.
Then we have the “stereotypes” which make a woman do certain things or be certain things. That probably was true sometime ago in many countries; but as we should be aware; the gap is closing and women are doing the same things than men and even opportunities are changing even though it could be argued that it is a “male” world.

Hence, the need of female energy to balance that male dominated world.

However, “female energy” does not necessarily mean being in a female body; but to have the stereotypical qualities of female energies such as: nurturing care, sensitivity, and sustenance towards others. Those are female energy qualities, which could be held by men as well.

As it is in the world, when in “body consciousness,” we either tend to believe that God has chosen man or woman (according to a religion) as their “favorite” gender to “save” the world… 🙂 thus, we build hierarchies based upon that belief.

That denotes lack of spiritual understanding.

Best wishes!

Who are stronger—men or women?

Article by: T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

Who are stronger—men or women?
If we put the question: On what are we standing? Or what holds us? “Earth,” every one will say. But the correct answer is that we are held by gravity—everything on the earth are held by it! Similarly, if we put the question: Who are stronger—men or women? “Of course men,” most people will answer. Let us now examine this answer.

Jesus’s thinking
Let us consult an authority on the subject. Put this question to Jesus Christ? Once he took with him his most favored disciples—Peter, James and John and led them up a high mountain. “There He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them [souls of] Moses and Elijah [ancient prophets who lived centuries before], talking with Jesus. While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” (Matthew 17:1-13). Hence Jesus is an authority to whom we can put the question: Who are stronger—men or women? and “LISTEN” to his answer.
His answer will, more or less, be like as follows: “I personally trained twelve MEN for over three years, and performed many miracles—even resurrections—before their eyes. But when the time came, when I really needed their moral support, all of them chose to keep away/flee, leaving me alone, at the time of my most dire need when I was being tried on false charges and was being subjected to most cruelsome persecution before crucifixion, and one of them even disowned me saying ‘I do not even know him.’ However, at that great perilous time “MANY WOMEN” accompanied me ‘caring for my needs,’ and stood by me till I breathed my last.” (Matthew 27:55) Hence answer to your question is … you would definitely interrupt Jesus, and say: Oh Jesus, I got the answer!
It is no wonder that Jesus chose a Samaritan women (who was a victim of inhuman male domination, or in modern terms a victim of five divorces by callous husbands) to reveal great truth about “true worship.” (John 4:1-42) Again, it was to a woman, named Mary Magdalene, the resurrected Jesus gave the privilege of seeing him first as she was one among those MANY WOMEN who had taken the risk of caring for him during the time of his great affliction! (John 20:1-18). This gives a clue as to whom God will use again in the future, in our time, to restore the forgotten truths!

Hindu Concept
In the Hindu concept, woman is Parashakti, meaning ULTIMATE energy and power. The whole nature is reffered to as woman. We say Mother Earth. Rama is known as Sitapathi, and Shiva is known as Umapathi. Pathi in Sanskrit and in many other Indo-Iranian languages means “master” or “lord”. Interestingly, the reverse, i.e. Shivapathni and Ramapathni are not used. [Pathni means wife]. These show the importance of woman in ancient Hindu thought. Anusuya is quoted as the model of chastity. She was the wife of Atri Maharishi, a great sage and one of the seven foremost seers and sages. She was like a diamond which breaks the hammer that hits it, rather than getting broken. She proved stronger than even the gods who came, in disguise, to tempt her, transforming them into babies on account of the glory of her chastity. Take the two epics of Hindus: RAMAYANA highlights Rama’s war which was fought to recover Sita, His wife; and MAHARBHARATA war was fought for protecting the modesty and chastity of Draupathi, the wife of Pandavas. Education and learning are represented by Godess Saraswathi. Wealth is represented by Godess Mahalakshmi. Woman is a synonym for virtue, modesty, chastity, loyalty, sacrifice, forgiveness, endurance … etc. Even the banned practice of sati conveys a great truth about women power. Sati was originally started on good purpose. In ancient India, widows who were witnesses of abuse by the cruel men, on their own, decided to jump into the burning pyre of their husbands and safeguarded their chastity. [Later, this custom was abused by men folk by forcing all widows to commit suicide on the pyre of their husband, which brought a ban on this custom]. Interestingly, no man ever thought of jumping into the burning pyre of his wife in all those periods.

History books testify that whenever an opportunity was given women showed their real power: Hatshepsut (the famle pharoah of Egypt), Zenobia (Queen of Palmyra), Empress Wu of china, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Catherine the Great (empress of Russia), Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi, Mrs Indira Gandhi of India, Mrs Gold Meyer of Israel, and Mrs Thatcher of England, Angela Merkle of Germany …, Helen Keller, Mother Theresa, Amrutananda Mayi, Joyce Mayor, Kalpana Chawla ….
In India, the decline came after the foreign invasions. Foreigners skillfully lowered the position of women in India, making them secondary citizens only to serve the men folk. In the modern time, movies, TV serials and advertising industry have taken up the job of those foreign invaders in destroying the chastity of women as they present women as simply a piece of flesh, as an object of a sensual pleasure. Yet the truth must and will prevail:

Sthree (woman) means three good qualities!
She Nourishes with CARE, all her creation
Endures COURAGEously all responsibilities
Showers all those around her with COMPASSION

A co-creator with God, she is woman (WOMB + man)
God gave her the Womb as a special gift
We owe our existence to her as a human
She makes her house as a home of the heart lit

She leaves the comforts of her Father’s home and hearth
Married into the new family of her husband
Serving her home and guests alike, her feet glued to earth
Never ending work always keeping her bound.

Yet world treats this Homemaker Extraordinaire as sub-ordinary
Calls her weak and assigns her a position secondary
Unaware that the inexorable Law of Karma is in action
It is time to deliver the lady from ungrateful subjugation.

God has now elevated them to a position of strength and valour
Using them worldwide for the righteous as an envoy
To realise the self and God, to change their demeanour
To attain their original state of purity, peace, love and joy.

He makes these gentle Homemakers into New World Makers
The holy women of God’s Army— The Brahma Kumaris!
The stone that builders rejected has become the cornerstone!
The woman has become the Wonder of the Wondrous One.

This may remind us about an important prophecy, made by Jesus Christ that was to be fulfilled in our time. There will appear, on the world scene, an organisation of “WISE VIRGINS” who will be “lamp-bearers” or spiritual guides for the whole humanity, with enough fuel-supply to accomplish the global teaching programme before the destruction strikes the world. (Compare Matthew 24:3; 25:1-13) One of their main characteristics is their practice of celibacy—something Jesus himself taught with his life, something Apostle Paul advocated even for married Christians: “The time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they had none.” (1 Corinthians 7:29) God is supremely just. He goes by fruitage (not by religion). For, He had already warned: “I TELL YOU THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU AND GIVEN TO A PEOPLE WHO WILL PRODUCE ITS FRUIT.”—Mathew 21:43.

This is not surprising. Even we accept, esteem and adore some school drop-outs who have accomplished great things for the society rather than those who successfully completed their school education and lead a life of convention. Because we are concerned only what great thing one did for the society, not his/her length of education in the school or college.

Question: Dear brother, I want you to know that your service is benefiting us greatly. By reading your posts regularly we have developed a better or more accurate understanding of gyan and baba.Your efforts are really appreciative. My question is, often in the Murlis baba uses sentences like”100 fold punishment” and “if you do not be pure then you will have to suffer a lot”. But we all know that God is “ocean of love,kindness”.I dont understand why he has to use the tool of “fear” to transform us rather than making us understand its real importance.Fear will take us away from him no rather bringing closer?Is this really “Shiv baba” or Brahma baba’s devotional sanskaras which come into play in Murlis ?Please clarify. Thankyou.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul, I appreciate your kind words and I am glad to know that there is benefit in these sharings.
Let me explain myself fully.

Spiritual teachings are according to time. An intellect which is childlike will move if there is the element of fear in it. A child like intellect is not necessarily an uneducated, young intellect, but it is an intellect which has been “brainwashed” by society and their traditions and belief systems. In that category we see that even well known “erudites, scientists, philosophers, “ etc belong to.

Religions have been able to dominate their “people” through fear. Fear of not getting to heaven, fear of being punished by eternal hell, fear of disgracing their families in this life and the after life.

Back in the Sakar days, we find extremely devotional minds. The only way on Earth those souls could have become Brahmins is by an experience like trance or something outrageously different. Those souls wouldn’t be able to understand knowledge as we can do that now. They wouldn’t be able to join “God” just because they realized the truth behind gyan. Even now; this is rare.
And why we can do this now and not before? Because we have learned about the different civilizations, different ways of doing things in the world through communication. So we can see that Hindus do not believe in eternal hell and still have a pretty good life, and we are able to “challenge” or think about our own traditions and laws.

If a woman in India wants to throw herself into the burial of her husband, she may do so if she thinks that this is the only way. If on the other hand, she has the experience of other civilizations and see that rather than committing suicide, she can re-marry instead, then she has a different view.
As you mentioned God is beyond fear. He is love. In love there is no fear.

It is very possible as you mentioned that Brahma Baba had those sanskars based on his religious beliefs of the past. Also, it is possible that he wanted to make sure that the children wouldn’t leave the study and somehow used this tool of fear and guilt to shape them up, or it could be something else like “translations,” “revisions,” “avoidance of waste thoughts,” etc, etc. which are “unknown variables.”

The issue is that once a religion is created, followers are needed. It is important to keep them in the “loop.” However, the spirituality of those teachings are usually forgotten. In Brahmin life, it is about being soul conscious. That is it. The rest are supports or “training wheels,” while we grow up. We need to become strong by getting rid of all those supports little by little.
This is something usual with all religions. Then you have people “against religions,” two extremes. Those against religions are incapable of seeing the spiritual teachings as well and it is more convenient for them to reject everything religious.

The reason why I can express myself in this way, is because I have experienced that and also, because I do not have an “agenda.” I am not sharing this so you can join a religion. I am just concerned with the truth behind this wonderful knowledge-Gyan- and I just want to share what I have found. I am not protecting a religious “dogma” neither I have to worry about not being part of the hierarchy. No agenda at all.

Then perhaps, we can see things with different lenses and understand God as love, pristine, unconditional, everlasting. No fear is allowed there.