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Increasing ego

As shared in previous articles, the journey of a “seeker” is to increase his ego just to let it go.

Our society’s make up and religious beliefs are truly “methods” to increase the size of the ego.

For example, in our dualistic mind we are programmed to only enjoy when someone praises us: “ Oh… Robert… He is a loving, fun, compassionate guy…” If Robert is hearing that comment, his ego will inflate as a turkey puffing its feathers out.
Robert may say to himself: “ I should be humble. My religious teachings say so. I will not allow those praising words to get to me.”

However, it is too late… the minute we are aware that we need to reject something, to change our thoughts… it is because we ARE not that which we BELIEVE to be or want to be.
We are not humble. To be humble is not a matter of rejection of praising words.

Robert heard from someone: “ …That Robert is an angry, greedy and obnoxious guy.”
At that point, Robert will get very upset. Robert cannot accept to be something which does not fit the “image” that he has about himself. That image is “pure” ego.

Robert could be “angry only today,” but he cannot tolerate to BE anger. Robert could have been greedy in one action; but he is ready to ask for forgiveness to his God, so everything goes back to “normal” to his previous image; but Robert is not ready to accept BEING greed.

Ego has chosen an image that Robert must fulfill.

In religious groups and in our society we learn to play the game of being “virtuous,” but we cannot accept to be the opposite (sinful) as well, in that way; inner dishonesty is created. We have ben taught to identify with one side of the duality.
Chaos and order are not opposites but complementaries of each other. They are 2 changing states of the same thing. Those states will replace the other by themselves, for Life is change and it can change because of the movement created between those apparent opposites. It is the dance of Yin and Yang.

When the mind is dualistic, it will be attached to one side of the duality (virtue) and reject the other (sin) thus, ego increases through that attachment. Observe that our definitions of what is sinful and what is not, delimits our duality.

We may believe that we are “virtuous” because we follow a particular law or “word of God,” but observe that there is not a single thing in Life which could be separated as “Black or White” as everything is inter-related. The only place where that separation could exist is in our dualistic minds.

Therefore, if a religion tells me that ”I need to DO” certain things to gain Heaven, it is without a doubt a “method” to increase ego.
Increasing ego is not “bad,” for that ego needs to mature, to be big enough to explode.

Every religion, every belief system, every Guru can only offer “methods” to increase the size of the ego. That is why, there is no religion, no belief system, no Guru, who could be “bad.”

Little ego, means that a person does not need yet to get involved with religions and Gurus. Once the ego becomes big enough to bring inner suffering, then the “search” for a “solution” starts.

At that point, every “method” will be “good” as long as ego increases to the point of “explosion.”

Not to follow a “method” is also a “method” to increase the ego.
When we are beyond that, not as simple mental understanding or a rejection… then  the “practicing  a method”  is no longer  part of our consciousness.
We have gone beyond that duality.

Discovering Ego step by step


We have developed a society where the consciousness of individuality is prevalent.
We can only perceive separation from “me.”

As every individual realizes that to “play” in this world in a “smart fashion” is about making sure that “I” get things/privileges/ options/ positions/money/Paradise before “you” then, a “sharp” individual will make sure to get the “job done.”

This implies the “art” of convincing others that “I” am in the right path, that “I” am arriving someplace and at the same time, convincing myself that “I am happy.” 🙂

If we cannot achieve some goal that we have in mind, then there is a “guru” available for us who can show us how to get there… We have self-help books, we have “coaches,” we have subscriptions to the “top minds in business,” and of course, we have religions as well if our goal is beyond this “materialistic degraded world.”

Someone could show you even God. Think about it!!
However, as great the possibilities may be…there is no change in consciousness.

When our consciousness is stuck in individuality anything that we “do” will be about “ourselves.”
We will be full of ourselves. 🙂

“Show the world who you are.”
Who are you? What is so great about you?
In a different consciousness, we are part of the totality of life. Another piece in the giant puzzle.
Isn’t that great?
I guess, that does not fulfill our ego, right?

“I want things to be perfect.”
Isn’t perfect what we think it is? Is there only one way to perfection? Probably that way is “our” way, right?
Isn’t perfection at the mental level nothing else but the rejection of something that we consider to be “imperfect”? 🙂

“Compete and win. Winning is everything. You are a fighter.”
🙂 If you can run faster than another human being, that is great… if someone’s gift in life is considered to be the “thing to achieve” by all, then we are in trouble.
It is another display of “me.” My “country.” My “national anthem.” “My flag.” “My people” is the best…. 🙂

If doing something in life is about “winning” that is one of the most “devastating” things that we can think of and that we can do to ourselves. It is just another way to strengthen our ego. The joy of doing something is beyond the duality of winning and losing.

When we are all tired of “seeing how this world is all about getting to be someone and to get more money” then we could pursue a religious belief in the after life.
Granted some of us had an experience from God, signaling that we are part of the “selected ones.” Our lives are meant to be “different” and to have a “greater meaning.” We are here to “help others.” We are here to “teach others.”

When our consciousness is stuck in individuality all we could achieve is to strengthen our ego. It doesn’t matter if we are “fighting” here in the material world to be “someone” or to “fight” out there in the world beyond.

Please see that as long as we could only see separation and individuality we are “doomed” to “achieve” a greater ego. It does not matter what we do in life. It does not matter what we believe in. It is the same consciousness after all.

Perhaps to “build up” our ego is “bad” for us?
Not at all. Everything has consequences though. An ego out of proportion could do lots of harm to the self and to “others,” because that ego is unable to see interdependence.

“I won a prize in a competition but I did not want to claim it for I want to be humble and want others to enjoy the prize.”

My thought of being a “winner” conflicts with my thought of being humble. The result is another thought which denies itself the experience of winning a prize for the continuation of the “ideal” of being “humble.”

That is called repression not being humble.

The word “humble” in the consciousness of individuality is just a misinterpreted word. A senseless word to repress through thinking something which dwells in a different consciousness.

To be “humble” naturally happens in the consciousness of Totality without thinking about it, without looking for a dictionary definition of that word.
Paradoxically, to be “humble” is a word, which does not exist in the consciousness of Totality.

A tiger is humble, and so a bird and a flourishing tree, but not a thinking human being.

Being Humble


For those “working on” being a virtuous human being; one of the most talk about virtues is that of being humble.

If we go into the Google dictionary for a definition of that word, we will read: “Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.” Even “of low social, administrative, or political rank.”

For someone used to “becoming” what the dictionary says; a concise translation of humble is to “lower yourself.” 😦

Mark: “I am a very good cook.”
Mary: “That could be true, but you are not humble at all.”

Isn’t that what we believe to “humble”?

Mark: “ I know, I am a very good cook… but if I don’t express that, “others” will recognize me as being humble.”
Mary: “That is being a fake, Mark!”

Fortunately, Mark does not think out loud very often. 🙂

In Spirituality, many things are interpreted with the mentality of someone who is used to worldly ways.

In the world, we “work hard and long hours to make things happen” therefore, in Spirituality if “I” want a virtue to be “mine,” “I” will need to “work on it.”

The dictionary’s meaning of “humble” is merely a word denoting the opposite of “proud.”

Please see that when we are dealing with “opposite meanings,” we are in duality and when we are in duality, we cannot possibly know what goes beyond duality; otherwise known as “pure.”

And the big question is WHY?
Because, that duality only expresses 2 sides of ego. When you estimate yourself low that is ego, as well as when there is a high esteem. But we can make it sound “nice” and “religious” by calling it “humble.”

As a matter of fact, for most that word “humble” already comes with “good” connotations. It is a “good” word to say. It is a “good” thing to be. A “good” ideal to strive for, to work for.

The above is only shown as to make us aware about the “power or words” in our life.
At the same time, the power of “I.” 🙂

There cannot be deep understanding of spirituality, when we are trying to “save” that “I,” by lowering it or by highlighting it.

There cannot be spiritual understanding of what we call a “virtue,” when we rely on the dictionary for meaning.

What is to be humble?

Humble only appears when there is no sense of “I” separating from the “others.”
When there is separation through thinking, “I” am already comparing. In that comparison, there is “ego” underneath.

When “I” think about “I,” the body is used as a point of reference. That body as unit. If the stomach hurts, then that is the time when “I” start making magical separations.
“My stomach.” “My liver.” That separation continues on as we get “smarter,” “educated.”
My “Sternocleidomastoid” muscle hurts… 🙂

However, we don’t see that the body works as a unit. Everything is related with each organ, muscle, tissue, ligament, etc. which is connected with our emotional and psychological aspect, which in turn manifests in the subtle, the aura, and then in the physical through an organ… and that is the outcome, the pain that we point out: “my stomach” rather than “it hurts here” pointing to the location of the stomach.
Most of the time, the stomach is not the culprit of that pain but usually that pain comes from other sources, from what “I” have done… 🙂

Language is not bad, just inaccurate for full communication. That is why in Spirituality we need to live something to understand.

The same is with being “humble.” All virtuous living will come as our perception of separation through that “I,” diminishes.

At that point a humble person will be someone who is fully displaying all the gifts that life has endowed him/her for the benefit of all; the common good.

Mark: “This food turned out to be good!”
Mary: “It must be the gift of the cook…”

Question:dear brother, how would you explain the difference between humility and egolessness if there is? many thanks in advance

Great question! Thank you.
I would recommend reading this article about the “lion, donkey and monkey” o understand that we are not dealing here with dictionary words. This is spirituality and words pretty much try to describe something which cannot be described. The ‘epilogue” of that story pretty much explains this.

Lack of ego will certainly display humility (being humble) as way as other “virtues” together. Many times I hear “I am working on being humble.” That is impossible. 🙂
Baba’s teachings are self explanatory. We have “rust” which is being dispelled. The “cleaner” the soul is, those virtues will appear. To be humble is not something that we work on, it is a consequence of being “clean” or rust free. We cannot box that into the word “humility.”
Therefore, lacks of ego brings virtues. One of them is to be humble.

What is to be humble or to display humility?
From the avyakt Murli of 7-1-12
“Humility does not mean to bow down. But to make everyone bow down to your specialties and love.”
Let us remember that everyone of us has specialties which needs to be used, displayed in a natural way. It is part of the role. Many times we feel that we are “humble” when we hide those things. Wrong. The issue is when those specialties bring Ego, arrogance. It shouldn’t be. It is just a role playing through us, which is needed for a certain purpose which is beyond our comprehension. This display of specialties go together with love.
Someone humble is a ” server.” A world server on the one hand, and an authority of knowledge on the other. This is the balance. To be humble is related with the amount of self-respect that we have.
The seed of “good wishes and pure feelings” is to be humble and the consciousness of being an instrument. (ego-less.)
The sign of a master is to have sanskaras of humility and to be constructive.

Thank you!