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Flying through Low self esteem


“Spiffy,” the hummingbird; was flying from flower to flower around the park where Mathias, the wise tree lives.
The hummingbird was very content, minding his own business in his flight around the park, when a crow stopped him.

“Hey hummingbird. You are always so busy moving from one flower to another. You don’t even know what is going on in the park. Look, there is more than flowers. Look at that white dove. Isn’t she beautiful?
Most birds would kill to be like her… Look at that Red Cardinal over there, that bird is 3 times your size and when he sings… oh boy! Everyone looks at him…

There you have “Champ” the dog. Never get close to him if you care for your life. He almost got me the other day when I was trying to get a piece of food from her owner, little Susie. As you can see there is more to life than jumping from flower to flower…”

Spiffy looked at the crow and flew away. A few minutes later, Spiffy started to think about the words of the crow.
Spiffy thought:” Why I am not as beautiful as the dove?, Why I am not as big as the Red Cardinal? I am not even able to sing … I must be a nobody in this park… I am so small that no one notices me except that dark crow. I think the crow is right. I am missing life. I need to be like those birds which everyone admires… Perhaps I should become fearless around “Champ.” I bet if I do that, everyone will respect me in the park.”

Spiffy was enjoying an empty mind, but took a belief from someone and made that belief his own twisted reality. Spiffy started comparing himself with others. Spiffy became unhappy for he wasn’t as good as he thought.

Spiffy developed an “inferiority complex.” When Spiffy was near the white dove; Spiffy became very shy and submissive. When Spiffy was near the Cardinal, Spiffy acted as if he didn’t hear his singing. Spiffy didn’t want to appreciate the melodious chirping of the Cardinal.

Spiffy became bothersome towards “Champ.” Spiffy would try to hit “Champ” in his head while other birds were around. In Spiffy’s mind, that activity was going to get him a “name” among his peers.
In the other birds’ minds; that was a very stupid action from Spiffy. Something that may cost him his own life. 🙂

“Champ” on the other hand, was amused by the little rascal bird. “Champ’s” owner little Susie, was laughing at that bird’s mood… and her laugh meant a lot for “Champ.”

Mathias, the wise tree, observed all of that and when Spiffy sat down on one of his branches, Mathias said to him:
“Spiffy, can’t you look at who you are?”
Spiffy responded: “ I am a small and ugly bird who is not afraid of dogs.”
Mathias said: “Is that who you are or what you believe to be?
Look at yourself in the mirror of relationships, then you will know.”

Spiffy didn’t know that all birds were amazed to see Spiffy flying. There was no bird around who could accomplish the acrobatic movements of Spiffy in the air.
If just one bird have had the initiative of telling Spiffy how marvelous his flight is… perhaps Spiffy could give himself the chance to take another look at himself…