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Life has a sense of humor

Every experience in Life, is a preparation for another experience: We label them as “good, bad, beautiful, ugly.” Whatever they are in our minds, they will go away. Never stay the same. Change is inevitable and that is Life.

Want to be “right”? Want to “accomplish” something? Want to be someone “important” here or the afterlife?
Obtain the labels with “hard work,” but remain empty handed as the experience will change. Even in the “afterlife.”

You can DO many things in Life. You cannot DO many things in Life. What is the difference? It all comes down on how you feel.

We are naturally called to relax, unwind, take the time to play a flute without the aim of becoming “better at it.” We could sit down in Nature and be there, present, with an empty mind without effort… and feel that peace! That is what most are looking to find in a church, in meditation class, in a spiritual talk, in some sort of “special” experience or belief system.

Don’t we know that what we are looking for, is inside us already?
We are living with THAT all the time, but yet we are not aware. We use our time to search for something… we truly don’t know what that IS, but we search, out there, looking for answers.

Going outside of the self, is another way to go inside.
Life is paradoxical and it has a sense of humor: Go North, you’ll end up going South. Work hard to be “right,” you’ll end up on the “wrong” path. Want to take the “wrong” path then? You’ll end up “right.” It is just a matter of time.
Are you smiling at that sense of humor?
But yet we take Life so seriously…  🙂