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Harmonious balance


A traffic law is based on a “black or white” view of the world. It is a simplistic view of the importance of “actions.”
Do not turn left. Do not park. Yield. Stop.

Life does not work that way. Can we observe that? Life is not “Black or white.” Life has no moral standards built in it, unless we purposely label something as “holy, pure.” When we do that, we have automatically labeled the other things as “impure.”

That is how we create Duality.

The “law” has a connotation of righteousness, morality, good, etc. Nevertheless, the law is simply, the way our society has agreed upon to “act.”
An agreement is not the “holy grail” of morality.

It is very important to perceive the above, in order to understand what will be shared below.

The typical consciousness of our society supports the simple understanding of “black or white” statements. Most organized religions are shaped in that way as well.

For example; if we perceive sex to be a problem, then the easiest way to “eradicate” that “problem” will be by denying sex to all. (Black or White means No sex= good OR Sex = bad.)

Since this is not feasible, then the next step is to regulate it. “Thou shall not commit adultery.”
At this point, is when definitions and concepts come into existence.
For example, let us define adultery.

Adultery will be defined according to some ideal, belief or reason, however; let us observe that “morality” of that definition is just an agreed upon convention.

Do we see that?

What about if there is a “smarty pants” among us and discovers the above?
Well, in that case the “ultimate” support weapon will be unleashed…
What is that?

“God has said it.” End of report.

When the “holy” circles are sure that this is so, then anyone who thinks otherwise automatically becomes a heathen, infidel, pagan, etc. (Black or White = pure /impure)

Nevertheless, when we observe Life, Nature, we discover that everything works in harmonious balance without having “do nots” around.
Wouldn’t be a total contradiction for God to say “do not” when “his creation” does not operate in that way?
Ahhh! Observation… How many crimes have been committed for lack of using thy name!

So, you “believe” that God did not create Life, Nature but still you believe that He is saying, “Do not” to many things that otherwise you would do?
If God did not create Life or Nature, then…. what kind of “God” is that? 🙂
Perhaps someone else’s “definition.”

We have been conditioned to conform to one side of duality and to believe that Life is nothing but our established rules and regulations. Our minds are full of those beliefs, which even contradict our own feelings.
There is no need to react “against” that, just to observe for when we observe we are not part of it, even though we live in it. Isn’t that paradoxical? Want to “act,” to do something about it for “others”?
Yes? Then your opposition will be your position. That means rejection, contempt for a part of Life itself.
There is nothing harmonious about rejection.

To learn to perceive balance and harmony is beyond the understanding of rules, regulations, commandments and such. It is not a “black or white” scenario. It is not a simple following of a holy paragraph, law or code.

We belong to Life itself and when we observe that, we will be able to move according to the circumstance and the current time.
A good idea today, will be a “bad” idea tomorrow. Timing.
Laughing in a particular setting may not be proper. Circumstance.
Observe that “do not’s” are not needed or required. Life is not a traffic law school.
Be in tune with Life. Appreciate it. Belong to it. Be “It.”

To learn to observe from different perspectives may be a gift, but more than that it is simple awareness.
We have been living for the longest time secluded in a box of beliefs, when in fact; those are thinner than the air that we breathe in everyday.

Wake up. 🙂