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Fight to survive

Our society is built upon the idea of separation. There has to be a nemesis to make our Life interesting, to have a purpose.
Humans have developed their little colorful country flags, their little national anthems and the idea that they are “representing” something “special” over everyone else. That sense of identification is misguided through chauvinism.

It is team A against team B. It is “Me” and what I am identified with, against everything else.

To separate, we could use jerseys of different colors, the color of our skin, or ideas. Anything helps to make a separation.

That idea of separation is in our core. When “I” am not representing “my” country, “I” am representing my town, my church, my political party, my “ism,” my race, my social status, my education, my age group, my sexual identity….

It is that idea the one that needs to be flushed out from our system for the repercussions are tremendous. This is a matter of consciousness.

I can litter the streets because those are not “mine.” It is “my” country but my separation mode is different now. Among same countrymen, the streets, the Ocean, the air are not “mine.” Those are “mine” only when someone from another country, someone “different” wants something with them.
That is the stupid idea deeply ingrained which books do not talk about, nor the priest, the religion or the politician.
Those only “talk about” peace, unity, love… Cheap talk.
When we ARE separation, how could we be united? By DOING something?

That conditioning of “survival of the fittest” is flawed as most humans believe it is.
“I” cannot survive without the other things around for the “other” things are truly part of “I.”

Pollute the air, pollute the Ocean, displace animals from their habitat… What happens then?
In our society, economic interests are first. We live in this human made realm to compete. That is our fight to survive.
That is the extension of the conditioning.

With the above in mind, how a man will act with a woman when united in sexual intercourse?
In separation.
Deep down it is a fight. A competition. A struggle to subdue the other. It comes natural! Although we may label that as “love” or “making love,” or use another “nice” label. We cannot hide who we ARE.

Anything a “modern” conditioned man DOES will only reflect who he IS.

So, am “I” preaching to “change,” to be someone else by “practicing” some idea? NO. I am merely stating my perception. It is just a perception.

Change does not happen when I try to DO the opposite of what “I” understand to be “wrong” to make it “right.”  That is infantile.
Change happens when I can clearly see who “I” AM without any additional emotions to defend or condemn myself. Just SEE it completely.

For as long as we do not SEE it, we will only believe it or we will not.
We will add yet another belief in our deep and huge bag of beliefs, that sooner or later will be lost in forgetfulness. All we will have left then, is another “nice” talk about Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity, etc.

The mind can live with the ideal, but “reality” cannot.


The game of opposites

Opposites drive Life into movement. “Life changes” is the consequence of opposite energies.

Want to be “spiritual”? Want to be “good”?
Non-spiritual and “bad” has to be experienced. Thus, It is to be “bad,” “bad” after all?  🙂 It is a matter of time.
We will find people with opposite virtues/weaknesses, characters, perspectives, experiences, skills, etc. That is what is necessary for movement in the World to occur, yet; our conditioning will judge and label what is not considered “right” through our standards.

God needs the Devil. Police needs crooks, politicians need masses, day needs night… Get the picture?
Those apparent opposites work as “One,” practically it is a unity.

We say: “Body, mind and spirit,” to define a human being, but all of those separating labels cannot divide what is meant to be ONE.
Our minds will affect the way our bodies feel and our bodies, the perception of the mind.

For most the word “spirit” is not experiential. It is only a nice label to throw in there to “look spiritual.”
Nevertheless, whether we dissect a human into 20 types of bodies and 500 chakras, everything works as a unity. It is ONE.

Our education, our learning is based on information. That is second hand knowledge. That is worthless to understand Life, but for the human world, it is priceless stuff.

Once a human being is sold into the ways of society as the only “Life,” then he will not be able to connect with Nature, with Life itself.

In some minds, a concept is real: Triangles exist and so numbers. An” ideal” such as “justice” is supported, the unchanging ideal unable to fit “what is.” Life has its own “justice” which has very little resemblance to human justice.  It is merely the experience of the opposite. We say “my karma.” One side of the full experience.

“Spirituality for the masses” keeps teaching its followers how to avoid change. How to stick with an ideal. “Summer is good. Don’t go into Winter for that is bad.” That creates inner dishonesty. A believer believes Summer to be the “right” thing, but he cannot stop the process of living Winter in his own skin.

The procession of the opposites is bound to pass by, it is the 2 faces of the coin which makes up ONE coin. Every time we choose one side, we cannot avoid the other to show up. It is a matter of time.

We have learnt to separate opposites, but from another vision; those opposites are complementary.

Every human experience has an opposite. Every Life journey will go through that trip. Today saint, tomorrow sinner. Where is the middle line? There is none… or we could make up one and label that as our “morality.”
Our conditioning to believe in labels don’t allow us to see the continuity of the rainbow: Different colors, even opposite of each other making up ONE white light.

The conditioning of imitation

“You should be like your brother, a good student, obedient and respectful…”
Parents may not realize it, but comparisons will leave deep scars in the “bad” son. Correcting is one thing, but comparing with another is only showing blunt rejection of a particular individuality. The “bad” son must imitate the “good” one to fit the standard.  The unwilling separation (good/bad) made by the parent with his progeny, will bring further issues.

We have learned to imitate to gain acceptance. There is always a “model” to copy and to follow.

We experience consequences when acting. If we are AWARE we will learn from our own actions as well as other people’s activities. However; that does not happen very often, that is why a “role model” is important in our society. We just need to follow, imitate. That “authority” is the IDEAL, the standard. That person could be an athlete, a politician, a religious person… All IDEALS. Their behaviors in turn, must fit expectations of that IDEAL for them to continue as “role models.”

Therefore, imitation is the avenue for “success.” Our personality, our BEING may not fit the IDEAL, but our behavior must fit in. That creates hypocrisy, dishonesty. Our DOING is not the same as our BEING.

In the spiritual world, we have the image of Jesus (or some other realized being) to follow, even though we have never met him. There are expectations of what Jesus should have been like. There is this ideal of a “saint” which is painted in the minds of mainstream society. Society is interested in the IDEAL not in the person behind Jesus.

We are conditioned to imitate an IDEAL.

Tantra is sold to the masses as the IDEAL of blissful sex. What the masses shouldn’t know at all costs, is that sex is a personal experience. What is blissful for you, may not be for someone else. The IDEAL of “bliss” is sold, comparison arrives and a “problem” is created. Thus, someone should sell the “solution” or better yet, the IDEAL of a solution.
Do you know why the IDEAL of a solution is better than a complete “solution” itself?
The IDEAL continuously sells… we are always close to the full solution, but not quite yet. A “solution” once applied and proven cannot longer sell.

Imitation is based on an IDEAL. The IDEAL is something that cannot be reached. That is the appeal of it. The masses strive to get the IDEAL of a “saint,” a “holy man,” but it cannot be reached for the IDEAL is not “real.”

Nevertheless, for many imitators, there is no better “reality” than the IDEAL.
Living through IDEALS, we are unable to let go of the mind.
Living though IDEALS we believe in a world which only exists in our minds.

For instance, the word “Love.” It is an IDEAL. The use of that word in a speech could make us look “good,” “caring,” etc. Love thy neighbor, Love the world, Peace and Love, Love and Light… All pretty IDEALS.
What is “real” cannot be put into words, cannot be defined. Once we understand this deeply, we will not try to find meaning in the words that someone says, but we will go right into the feelings, we will feel someone and what we feel will not be put into words…. But we will know.  

Then, Love may have a different meaning.  🙂

Questioning ideals

You may ask: “When I question myself for the ideals I have, I will look for the “right answer.” Isn’t that a way to go back to the mind?”

That indeed is a great question.
For instance, we may question ourselves if “Marriage is a “sacred institution” or just convenience.”
The mind will go on into finding the “right answer.” The research will start, the quoting of authorities will follow, the comparisons and statistical data will be there to support the “right answer.”
That is the way of the “Office world,” supported by “data.”

Someone who has understood the trickiness of the mind, is not concerned with the “right answer.” What matters is to observe if you truly feel that marriage is a “sacred institution.”
If you do, then embrace the other side as well: Marriage is a convenience created by society. When we embrace both ends, then we are open. There is nothing that we reject about it. We are at ease.

“But… why learn to accept the opposite, the contradiction?”
Because in Life all opposites are one.
You see, in the “Office world” we are taught to make a selection, to show our support to a particular idea. In doing so, we reject the other side; thus we create a duality. If we embrace one side and reject the other side, then we have defined ourselves. EGO likes that.
Because it makes it alive. Observe those who fight for ideals. They are defining themselves. Society likes that for it is easy to label someone. Their rejection to that which they do not believe to be right, good, true, will sooner or later be experienced by them.

History has some examples: Malcom X, Martin Luther King, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln… Observe their ideals, observe their support for those ideals and how the opposition took their lives.

For the masses, those individuals are “heroes.” That label is alright, but observe how their ideals are not living at this time.
They fought for justice, peace, equality, non-violence… Interesting fight to obtain non-violence. Those ideals are not “real” at this time, many years after their death. We could say that “we live better” that there is “more equality,” “more peace,” etc. but the issue is not the ideal, the main issue is within the human being. To “act” peacefully is the works of a con artist. To BE peaceful is something not known by most of humanity.
Observe how their fight, their rejection created their destiny. However, everything is perfect as it is, for their acts were part of the process of evolution of human consciousness. AWARENESS of that process, brings the understanding to open up in Life.

To try to change the world is infantile. To try to change “yourself” is ego driven.  What is the need to change things when Life is change and you are not separated from Life?  Become AWARE of it.
The way of the “Life walker” is not understood by the masses. This “inner revolution” has nothing to do with recruiting the support of people to “win.”

The ideals are left aside, the “right answers” discarded for what matters is the feeling of embracing all, the Totality.
When you are all, you cannot cease to be.
But before being all, we need to be nothing.
That may be the journey.


Digging deeply into ideals

Is education truly “education” or it is about “training”?
Is marriage a “sacred institution” or just convenience?
Is God for everyone or just for few, selected ones?

I could go on. Those ideals later become beliefs and those beliefs are mental walls to define ourselves, to make us static entities in a world of constant changes.

Whatever we believe to be, creates our purpose. Observe that ideals are just clouds without consistency, our “invention” created through conditioning.

That is why, to become aware of Life through a different perspective, we may need to dismantle that conditioning, starting from our sacred ideals, what we believe to be “right,” what we vote for, support and use to dress up our “I.”
That is an inner-revolution.

As we can see, Self-realization is not hidden in worshiping or in embracing a religious practice of beliefs. It is not about getting a Ph.D in psychology either.

Nothing to DO, nothing to accomplish. No goals, no purpose, no desire…. But this has no relationship with being a renunciate of the world, no!
It is the complete opposite! It is about inner fulfillment, to harmonize with the Totality, into what is.

We could be “complete” when we are One with everything.
If it sounds “magical” it is because language doesn’t allow me to express that there is no separation, but a mind made rejection separates. That awareness does not depend on something that “I” can DO to change things to fit “my” concept.

That awareness happens when there is no definition of ourselves to ourselves and others. You are comfortable with BEING without defining it.

Empty of “I.”
Another way to describe that “I” is in finding our self-defining words, what we “believe to be.”

Mind, ego, “I,” are intimately related with ideas, ideals, beliefs which in turn will bring emotions which will separate our mind, from our feelings. That is the inner layer of the onion, the core, the seed; from that “seed” other categories of duality are built such as: Body and soul, male and female, black and white, educated and ignorant, young and old, etc. Those separations come from the seed: Mind vs feelings. Ultimately the meaning of words do not separate, but the emotions that come out of it.

Because our mind is controlling our free BEING, we live in continuous imbalance: Ideals, beliefs, taboos, hang ups become “reality” but they are all in the conditioned mind.
Do we see that? 🙂

Society’s ideals

When we were born, an “ideal” was established for us. It didn’t have to be thanks to our parents. Anyone who took care of us, had an ideal for us. With an ideal in mind, the map was built and all they had to do was to “accomplish it” no matter what. It is about their “success” after all. That ideal was part of the “approved” ideals that society had established for many generations.

Some may have had the experience of being subordinates of authority. The “Yes, sir” person was born out of that ideal. Others, may had the opposite experience. The “My way or the highway” was born. Both individuals embracing opposite ideals like to comfortably, follow their scripts.
The problem arrives when Life brings the opposite ideal into their experiences.
That creates a trauma.

Ideals are “black or white.” Even the idealist lawyer who dreams about dismantling crime in a society, is only capable of seeing “one way,” but never the process. Crime will exist as long as obedience exists.

That is duality 101. Opposites go together, except in an idealistic society who is concerned only on “achieving” one part of the equation without considering the other side to balance things out. This type of  useful “math” is not taught at Universities.

Do you want to vote for the candidate who promised to eradicate crime? What about the one promising to bring peace?  Promises are meant to be broken and lies meant to stay.

“That makes sense, so how do we get rid of crime?” Certainly, when obedience is gone.
“That does not make sense. We cannot live as a society like that!”
Certainly. The ideal is to obey the hierarchy represented by laws, moral standards, etc.
Do you see how the creation of a duality brings the phantom problem and the so called “solutions”?

“Yes… but again, we cannot live without rules, regulations, etc.”
Correct. But observe that a society with less regulations invites less crime. Do you see that?
Look, we can go on with “ideas.” The purpose of these writings is not to change society. The purpose is to OBSERVE what is.

When we have observed things as they are, we could live in a society.  Just like a grown up playing dolls with kids, is aware that he is playing a game while the kids are not necessarily so; the same is with a person who is fully aware of the game being played in society.

“I don’t get it…”
You had a kid out of wedlock. What is the stigma? Sex before marriage… What does the religion say? And what about God?
Do you see the potential trauma for you and your kid? Do you see the labeling, the stigma, the sense of guilt, shame, etc.?

That is what I am talking about.
In some societies, to get to God’s altar as virgins, is a big deal. This is just an example. Explore the ideals in your society which has been passed around for generations as the source of “truth, goodness and morality.”

An Aware individual plays the game knowing that it is only a game… and as all games; they finish when you have enough of it.
An AWARE individual may leave the game in an elegant way, with a smile in his face… but for the rest, it may be another struggle, another traumatic experience… 🙂

Freedom from the belief of labeling someone as God or the Devil

Consciousness allows someone to perceive things in a particular way. According to that consciousness, we could have a limited understanding. To see things under a different perspective means to have the openness to accept newness. Honesty means to acknowledge our new perception despite a belief, a teaching, and a dogma.
Fear arrives through dishonesty.

Ahnanda is not concerned about denying or proving the existence of God or the Devil. Ahnanda is only concerned about finding his own beliefs. Rest assured, that this sharing is based on my own experience.

I have searched for God. I have found God. I have forgotten myself.
I found myself, then I found no-self and with that I found that all there is… is God. Although, many labels could be used to name it.

Do you want me to elaborate on that? It is for you to find out. It will be misunderstood for those who have not gone through the full experience.

“God created the Universe.”
Didn’t he create the Devil as well?
“NO. God has given us free will to choose.”
Really? Why is the Devil “wrong” then, isn’t he following his free will?
“Because he is against God.”
Is it “free will” as long as we do not go against God? That is not free will but manipulation. Isn’t that a devilish trait?

God and the Devil depend on each other to survive.
Believers are needed.

“But, I had an experience with God himself. I felt floating in bliss and with such love that it had to be God giving me this experience. It cannot be the Devil.”

The issue is not the experience of something extraordinary in our lives. The issue is the label that we have used to describe that.
“That must be God.”
The concept, the definition is added into that experience and through that a belief.
Let me “rephrase” your consciousness:
“I am unique. God has chosen me. Someone else’s experience is not the “true” one for I know God and they don’t.”

The clothes of Santa Claus do not make the one wearing it, as the “true” Santa. You have to believe in Santa, for that concept to exist. We make that concept alive.
Different people wear the Santa Claus’s clothing. Common agreement makes that clothing “special.”
“Knowing God” is meant to enhance the ego of the one who claims that. In my experience, it truly doesn’t matter if you “know God.”

Know yourself to find no-self. That matters to you and to me. Not to God or the Devil.

“God did not create the Universe. Everything already existed. “
If God did not create the Universe, why do we call him God then?
“Because, he is the Supreme.”

Isn’t that a belief based on the concept that God has to be the supreme? Aren’t we building up concepts upon concepts to make an ideal?
Because we have 2 different explanations of God; Is it possible for God to create the Universe and not to create the Universe at the same time?
“Well… One belief is right and the other is wrong.”
I suppose yours is “right,” correct? At the end, it is about “you.”

Beliefs are neither right nor wrong. They are just beliefs.
Accept a belief and your perception will be in one way.
Do not accept it and your perception will be in a different way.
Acknowledge the belief and let it go, and your perception will be yet in a different way.

What difference does it make to know who created the Universe?
What difference does it make to have intellectual answers to believe in?
Lost in the intellect, the mind, we forget the heart. That heart which is not meant to love “God alone,” but to love without restrictions.

Truly want to know what love is?
It is inversely proportional to the size of the “I.” That is the extent of your love. Love is being it.
How do you like that “definition”? 🙂

“What is your relationship with God?”
Until I find no-self, there cannot possibly be a relationship. I can call God my father, my lover, my everything… Those are just labels, ideals based on “ME.” Find no-self and the perception will be different.

A change in consciousness is not related with beliefs and intellectual answers.
Those things are meant to change behavior only, to make us believe that “we are transforming ourselves.”

The self, the “I” cannot transform itself. Every action or thought directed towards self-transformation will only follow an ideal, a learned belief.
For change to be “real” it has to be natural. Not manipulated in any way through the beliefs of the “I.”

When we step outside the boundaries of a belief system meant to delimit our consciousness and to keep us safe within the limits of our society’s collective beliefs, at that point we can explore, we could observe and be an active participant of Life.

“But… If I step away from my belief of a God; who will save “me” and protect “me” and take care of “me” in this Life of uncertainties, and in “my” next Life in the future… Who will be there for “me”?

That is not the question that a grown up could ask before leaving his parents’ home to move in a place by himself. That is a question that a kid could ask. The kid looks for that certainty, he calls “protection.”

Who will be there for you?
Freedom from a belief, freedom from ideals, freedom to experience life.

To be free was the dream of the slave. The dream of the one who wanted to express but couldn’t, the dream of the one who wanted to live and not just breathe.

For the one who is caught up with beliefs and ideals, for the one who breathes fear in every inhalation and repression in every exhalation, for that one freedom is meaningful, holy and necessary to enjoy life.
Freedom from the known, is for the one who is ready. It is a waste for the one who is not.