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The paradox of Being and Doing

Everything we are looking for is within us.
Only those things which are an illusion, those things which do not exist, could be dissolved.

Ego is an illusion of the mind, thus it can be dissolved.
If it is “real” it cannot be dissolved.
What is lust, greed, attachment, anger?
Manifestations of that ego.

The paradox is that there is nothing we can DO to dissolve ego. You could only realize it, acknowledge it, become aware of it, to be distant… a witness… a detached observer. Ego is not “bad” but a state of being in the pendulum of experiences.

DOING something to get rid of that ego is like trying to scratch the wind. You could do the effort, you could try different methods but the idea of “success” is in fact, ego… and thus, the idea of failure. Duality.

Most individuals believe that to BE happy, is a matter of reaching a goal, an objective. Whether that goal is in this Life, in the “mundane world” or in the “afterlife,” in “Paradise;” there is some DOING which needs to be DONE to get there… Happiness is state of BEING. It is not something that could be “achieved” through DOING.
Want to conquer the world? Want to be the richest person on Earth? Want to be the most famous person? the most popular? the most beautiful? You could reach those goals, but happiness will not be in that. Why?
Because we ARE something else: Boring, emotional, stressed out, hurt, ego-centered. Anything wrong with that?
NO. It is not about “right or wrong.” It is about acknowledgment of that. Because we are AWARE, we could see it, observe it, feel it, not as a thought or as second hand knowledge from someone, but you must feel it in your skin…then, something will happen… 🙂

DOING cannot touch BEING. Ego is the illusion of BEING. DOING is the illusion of that who is already an illusion (ego.)

In fact, “I do” is full of ego. Who is that “I”?
This is not an intellectual question.
Nevertheless in our language, in our relationship with others… we need to use those words, but we don’t need to be trapped in the meaning.

If we define what we ARE, we create a “doer.”
Action-less action, Doing without a Doer is an egoless action.

We cannot “practice” to be ego-less. Life is taking you there, as long as the “I” is not a solid wall standing in between.

Want to destroy the wall? Want to get rid f it?
If you DO. You will make it stronger. That is the paradox.

Leave your ego-centered desires behind, your expectations aside and learn to acknowledge that the wall is there.
Do not run away from that wall, don’t try to change it… because by knowing that the wall is there, you will also know why change cannot BE.
At that point, the wall will OPEN and through that empty space is how change will pass by.
You are that emptiness when there is no wall.
Because you are that… there is no one there to DO… 🙂 Paradox!

Becoming “better.”

comparison twain

In the Spiritual circles, there is an idea about “becoming better” that is, “ascending,” reaching a higher level, etc.

This belief has originated by applying the ways of our human society into something, which is not related with the logic of “pros and cons.”

In fact, we are always becoming. But becoming “better” implies a comparison as if our current state was a finished product.

We cannot compare. That is an illusion.
Spike is not a better dog than Oggy. Neither “I am better now” than before… for that “before” was a necessary component for the one we could be today.
Life is a continuous. It is not dissected into time slots.

In the “real” human world, we believe that we become “better” by acquiring things: A degree, a license, a certificate, a diploma, a house, a plane, etc.

In the reality of consciousness, it is the opposite. As we become empty of “things” in our head and feelings, we could be “clean,” “pristine,” etc.
This obviously does not mean to be “better.” It is just to experience another state of being.

For example, if we watch the moon; Could we say that the moon is “better” when it is a full moon?
No. The different phases of the moon are interrelated and one phase will bring another.
But the human mind has been conditioned to compare. It is that comparison which does not allow our minds to enjoy the “moment” or the experience of being.

There is always something else to “achieve.” 🙂
When we take that mentality into a spiritual path, that conditioning will bring a greater ego.

Don’t you want to go to “Paradise” because it is “better”?
Don’t you want to “achieve” that?
Wouldn’t you like to possess the title of “a chosen one”?


That is why, it is relevant to look at the mind, our conditioning, our beliefs, our ideas.

There cannot be a different consciousness “magically.” We need to be aware for that to happen.

The steps of the spiritual walker are meant to stop in the lonely valley, by the lake of experiences so he can look at himself in that reflection.

The form of that reflection appears in complete solitude.
Looking deeply at “yourself” is not something that everyone is prepared to do. Paradoxically, most will run away from themselves, immediately looking for the comforts of ‘mainstream.’

In life we are learning different things.

Life will give us a time to learn and change. Once that time has elapsed; the Drama of life will move on whether we have changed or not.
If we have not, we will experience the consequences of not flowing with the call of time.

We will suffer.
But that suffering is in itself a way to dissolve the heavy self, so the experience cannot be “bad,” but necessary.

Some may say: “But it is “better” not to suffer…”

Now we could see that “better” is an illusion… a “nice” word… 🙂
There is an experience. Different experiences. All necessary.

Predestination and free will under a different consciousness


When we have the consciousness of being separated from everything else as “individuals” only, then many things appear in a certain way to our understanding and consciousness.

For instance, the belief in “free will” is the support of that individuality. “I do things because I want.”
“God has given me free will.” “I get punished if I do not follow God’s rules,” etc.

Those beliefs are deep in our “normal” psyche.

Here is “I,” here is “God,” and there is “you” and everyone else. Separation.

Predestination is viewed as the denial of that individuality. In other words, “I am a puppet of destiny” rather than the “master of my own destiny.”

See the difference in both beliefs?

Why is that consciousness of individuality ingrained in us, if we could see that there is truly interdependence on everything that exists?

There cannot be a tree just by itself. A tree is interdependent with soil, water, sunshine, wind, birds, humans…
Do we see that life or destiny is “pushing” everything in a “togetherness,” which we fail to realize?

Why are our minds so caught up in defending that individuality at all costs?

That is called consciousness.
When any religion or philosophy manifests its ideas or dogmas through the consciousness of individuality, then; it does not matter how wonderful that ideology is… it cannot be complete… 🙂 Do we see why?

Because the reality of interdependence or Totality is not there.

Under that consciousness of Totality, the words “free will” and “predestination” are useless and meaningless.
Do we see that?
It is not “ME” deciding my mission in life. It is the whole, the Totality and that Totality is not separated from “Me” for “I am” that… 🙂

Even though every human being has a “different mission” externally as individuals, in “reality” all of those differences are interrelated just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make up a greater “reality.”

Therefore, the change in consciousness comes when we are able to integrate into that Totality, that is to be “merged” into that Totality.

Why do we need to merge?
Because we have this consciousness of predominant individuality.

So you are saying that individuality is false, an illusion?
Individuality is just a way to manifest our consciousness. It is not the only way, but for those who can only be conscious of individuality, that is their dogmatic “truth.”

To go beyond the mental grip of “free will” and “predestination” we may need to experience a different consciousness. At that point, we could be “I” but knowing that this “I” is related with “you,” is inclusive of that “you” rather than completely isolated.

Being conscious of our eternal nature, extends our awareness into the Totality, the Drama of life, the Tao, life, Universe etc. It is in that awareness how we can walk the path without being separated from it, that is being “one” with it, being “merged” with it… with God.

That consciousness of being just an individual is limiting an “unlimited” being.


Reality check

reality check

One of the important things that we may want to observe about life, is that “reality” is one but interpreted in different ways by different people.
It is your vision and attitude coming from your own interpretation what truly makes a difference.

Being alone is the time to know yourself.
Having a relationship is the time to know yourself.
Having a disease or being healthy are excellent times to know yourself.
Having a great day at the beach, is a great time to know yourself.

A religion says reality is “this and that.”
Our educational system mentions, “This is our reality.”
Marketing and publicity will make up their own reality.

The world is bad. No, the world is good. The world will be destroyed. No, it will not happen. Life is good. No, it is not that good.

Life is short… No, it is long enough.
I believe in this. You believe in that. My reality is this…. Your reality is that.

We ought to change the world.
There is nothing to change in the world.
We need to change ourselves… Why? What is wrong with me?

Many opinions. Many interpretations.
Who has the “true” truth?
Oh… you mean, what you believe to be God…
No… I know it is God.
Ahh! your reality…your belief… your idea… your opinion… your judgment… your truth… 🙂

No! It is the truth!!!
Ok. Believers need to apply.

The world is an illusion… No! it is “real.”
The opinions go on and on…

As we realize the “game of reality” is a wonderful game!
In this game, we could contemplate how the day changes into the night without our help, automatically; then we could wonder: what could “I” do in life? How can “I” add some meaning to my boring/entertaining life? 🙂
🙂 Any ideas?

I am sure there are many ideas.
Here is mine: Enjoy the moment. Love and appreciate the sunsets of life. The dynamics of love resides in the art of enjoyment. That is all… 🙂


Today: “Your Belief: Medicine which could poison you” 6:30 PM EST

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On tolerance and patience


Ananda was complaining to Mathias, the wise tree; about the visit of a friend; Raysha.

Ananda likes to relax, unwind and take it easy. Raysha on the other hand, likes to be with people all the time, by using her effective “healing skills” she was helping many and having many people around her; but Ananda was not used to such movement.

Ananda told Mathias in a lamenting tone of voice with suffering gestures:
“ I couldn’t sleep well last night…What can I do, friend. I have to tolerate and have patience during her visit.”
Mathias responded to Ananda’s sacrifice and toleration: “ Friend, Mathias is amused at your performance…” 🙂

Ananda thought that he was going to get some sympathy from his friend; after all he was practicing the “virtue” of tolerance and being extremely patient with Raysha.

In the consciousness of “you” and “I,” that is when the child is separated from the Father as well as the other “brothers and sisters,” the word tolerance is “good.” It is called a virtue.

A child can “tolerate” another brother or a sister when things are not going according to his wishes.

A child can have patience with “another” when the response he is getting does not fit his expectations.

A child, who can only see separation, will be tolerating things as a “good thing to do.” It is a “virtue” to tolerate others.

However, in another consciousness, to tolerate means not to accept things as they are. In other words, “I” pretend to go along with whatever is happening to avoid confrontation or a childish tantrum in front of others.

Any sort of “toleration” has a breaking point. Things cannot longer be tolerated and then, the “real” self comes out from the repression of having to tolerate.

Is truly to tolerate a virtue?
When the “savage” child pretends to be “well behaved “ for the sake of all, to tolerate may be called a virtue by some. Nevertheless, it is not a virtue, when that performance is born out of separation and it does not reflect the true feelings of the self.

In oneness, there is only continuity in life changes. If we could observe ourselves and see how we “pretend” to be “nice” with “others” through being “tolerant;” we can see that our vibes and feelings change. Using a nice word such as “toleration” cannot mask those vibes.

In oneness there is emptiness of that “I” which puts a wall on things that are happening. That wall is the product of our own beliefs and comfort zones; that is the construction of a personality. When that personality clashes with “others” or with a circumstance, then we could either “react” or be “tolerant.”

To react is to hit something from the inside to the outside. To tolerate is to hit the self, the inside from the inside…

There is no virtue in self-damage, but in the childish world where there is only “you or me,” as separated beings, a virtue is meant to help others over the self. You need to select between you or someone else.

In Oneness, there is no “other.” Therefore, no need to tolerate or be patient. This is not a concept to be analyzed, it is an experience of life through a different vision.

Virtues cannot appear by being cultivated. We are already complete with all of them; but the illusory vision of separation may need to change, the “illusion” needs to be removed for those virtues to automatically appear.

The support of the “I” through spiritual teachings separating the “you and me,” is a beginner step into the recognition of that “I” but is not meant to be the whole “truth” but just a different view according to consciousness.

As we change our view, our consciousness from that separation into oneness, there is a different perception where patience and toleration are no longer needed.

Others, me and you: The illusion of it


“To the ordinary being, others often require tolerance. To the highly evolved being, there is no such thing as tolerance, because there is no such thing as other. She has given up all ideas of individuality and extended her goodwill without prejudice in every direction. Never hating, never resisting, never contesting, she is simply always learning and being. Loving, hating, having expectations: all these are attachments. Attachment prevents the growth of one’s true being. Therefore the integral being is attached to nothing and can relate to everyone with an unstructured attitude. Because of this, her very existence benefits all things. You see, that which has form is equal to that which is without form, and that which is alive is equal to that which rests. This is the subtle truth, not a religious invention, but only those who are already highly evolved will understand this. “

Hua Hu Ching Ch 15

Spirituality has different levels of consciousness and understanding.
The above text succinctly explains about a different level of consciousness.
Whereas in most religions and philosophies, the existence of the “other” is a fact of life, something that we can experience as a difference between “me” and someone else; in the experience of the inner being such differences do not exist simply because we are in everything else. That is interbeingness. “Me” can only exist in relationship, never by itself. That is an illusion.
Nevertheless, religions and “good intentions” talk about being “good” to one another. To “do good,” to be “tolerant” to another, etc. They are not wrong, for their aim is for a particular kind of consciousness. If you are out of that consciousness, then that teaching is no longer for you.

Some spiritual teachings only strengthens the sense of ego. “I am good.” “I am kind.” “I am helping.” If rather than using “I” we would like to use the word “God,” as in “God is helping him through me,” at that point, ego is still lingering and surviving, because “I” am a special “one.” “God is using me.”

When we get out of this “I-ness” and really look how illusory that idea of individuality is, then we can see further. Just because we have separation through bodies, that does not mean that the energy which makes everything “tick” in the Universe is not in all of us at the same time.

We can call that “soul” but a “soul” is nothing without relationship, without interbeingness. There is consciousness which manifests in different forms through different “individuals” but all of that perceived difference is necessary for the Universe to change, to transform in its eternal game of duality, of going from one side of the horizon of life to the other extreme, just to come back where it was before.

Attachment is not understood until that sense of “I” is left out. When there is “I” there is “mine.” That “mine” we usually call love. That “love” in duality could be “hate” but it has the same root of attachment. To insult or to be insulted, is the same thing when there is no “other.”

The above is not to be understood by the mind, but it is to be experienced.
The growth of a “true being” lays in not giving a form to that which does not have a form, to experience that which is formless and to appreciate that formless “form” 🙂 as the common ground with “everyone.”

That is why an “unstructured attitude” appears, for there is nothing cultivated, nothing planned, nothing which needs to follow a script to be “real,” to be sincere. When we are true to ourselves, “everyone” experiences benefit because we are “everyone.” 🙂

The form and formless are 2 sides of the same coin which has no name. Two manifestations of the same thing. It is the mystery of life.

To be a “highly evolved” being means nothing when there is no “other” to compare to. To make ourselves understood through the duality of words, there is a need to write through comparison. When something is written or spoken, it cannot be the whole truth. 🙂 Thus, we need to find it in ourselves.

Questions – June 20, 2013

Brother, Its been a question that has been plaguing me for a while now. I have heard that mentally-differently enabled people have in their previous births have abused their organs, and this is natures way of doing a balancing act. meaning in this birth their sanskars would emerge.. but the physical organs would not enable them to put it into action. The question i have is that if it is in my family such a soul has taken birth and i observe that it is actually waging a war between its sanskar and its organ’s in-ability to convert to action.. what as a spiritual person we can do to make its life/journey easier

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question.
In a nutshell and out of experience.
1) Good wishes and pure feelings
2) Your words with that person should encourage him/her to find something where this soul could feel happy in his/her present condition. Avoid any situation when possible, where this soul could feel the energy of pity coming from others.
That is what I like to call the “poor thing” syndrome. Many people inadvertently send those vibrations when they feel the hurtful emotion of pity for such a soul rather than encourage him/her with pure feelings.
3) Observe. Learn and become a detached observer.

Dear avyakt7, “ILLUSION” in the ‘worldly relations’…. Is it ‘creation’ of BRAIN function? Whether there is any role for the ‘SOUL’ with regard to the experiences of ILLUSIONS?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
The brain does not “create” anything. It is just a role-playing that illusion (as you pointed out.)
The “game” resides in knowing that some will be able to find the “illusions” and others do not, but believe to be in “reality.” However, everything is needed as it is.
The beauty of the Drama!

Best wishes!

Om shanti, what is the true reality existance of SUKSHMA vatan. Is brahma baba’s light energy body with soul is still there. wheather also al the human being presently on earth also have same another LIGHT ENERGY BODY parallely exits in sukshma vatan or what is the purpose of this sukshma vatan….Seeking for direct enlightment.

Dear soul,
Your question is appreciated but to get direct enlightenment as you would like to, you need to experience yourself this subtle region.
I have mentioned in this blog earlier that I have no experience of the subtle region, therefore; I do not feel comfortable speaking about that. However, if you want “theory,” there is plenty in this blog already about it.

Just use the “search articles with keywords” box and type “subtle region” (The English translation of sukshma vatan)
Below and article as an example.


Also, please bear in mind that all of those question that you are asking now may be in this blog already. I am aware that many souls are coming to this blog from the first time, new BKs who would like further clarifications; thus, I would like to encourage them to use the search facility of this blog.

Best wishes!