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Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings

Balance Heart And Mind

Mathias, the wise tree; was sharing deep things with his friend Ananda. Going to the depth as only Mathias and Ananda know how to do.

Mathias: What makes a being imperishable?
Feel.. an answer from your heart…

Ananda took his time and answered to Mathias.
Ananda: To belong to what is imperishable.

Mathias: To belong gives you permanence?

Ananda: Yes.

Mathias: My friend, to what do you belong to?

Ananda: To everything that exists… and also to that which doesn’t exist…

Mathias: Intellectually speaking we could say : “yes” and “no,” but in reality from your heart, ask yourself: What is that which you belong to?

Wait for the answer. It is something non-intellectual. It is not the answer which everyone believes to be. Observe your own roots before replying.

Ananda: The response that came was “love.”
Mathias: Do you belong to love, then?
Ananda: Yes… crazy answer… 🙂
Mathias: Let me be crazy, then… 🙂
Ananda: A response without reasoning.

Mathias: Are your intentions in your actual existence hand in hand with love?
Ananda: Yes … but not completely.
Mathias: Where do you get love, my friend?
Ananda: It is there.. it is like the drop of water belonging to the Ocean.
Mathias: Do you feel full of love, then?
Ananda: No.
Mathias: What is needed then to experience love?
Ananda: well…that my inner wall goes away…
Mathias: What wall?
Ananda: The internal wall which has been placed there to give me an identity. To make me believe something… what I am.
Mathias: In which moment do you become aware or conscious of that wall?

Ananda: when I wake up.
Mathias: and before that what is in there?
Ananda: Emptiness.
Mathias: and in that emptiness, what do you place?
Ananda: Nothing.
Mathias: Then.. in that emptiness there is a need to place love.
Ananda: Yes, for emptiness makes up a “form” and through that form, I relate.

Mathias: What inspires that love in you… what makes it happen?
Ananda: Beauty.
Mathias: What is beauty?
Ananda: something which inspires….

Mathias: Today I will give you a secret formula, my friend… Are you ready?
Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings. Tell that to everyone.

When you open your heart, when the wall goes away… simply think of this and then feel. People think more than what they feel.. and it is the opposite. More time is needed to feel and less time to think. More gratitude and love comes from that exercise.

Reasoning calculates. Reasoning does not measure based on the common good. Reasoning many times is subjective and it depends on the influence of the surrounding environment; that means that it only knows how to read the limited intentions but not the bottom.

The bottom is like the eye of the hurricane. It is there where the secret resides. All yours. Explore, submerge yourself and then come out bringing the gem in your hands… and then smile, because then, you found the path to your own freedom.