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The inherent issue of “I am a soul.”


Sharings now, may not be easily digestible. They may not be for “general audiences” anymore.
That is the small print.

Every time the words “I am a soul” are mentioned, there is an inherent separation, a rupture which will be experienced by those located in the consciousness of individuality.

When we add in that consciousness words such as: “I am a soul and not a body,” then automatic negation of the body will appear. For some it could even go to the extreme of denial of everything the body represents.

In the path of the “Life walker,” the first thing we may want to be conscious of, is to be honest with ourselves. That is, to stop lying and denying our “true” perceptions.

Some may “know” that they are “souls” but when the body feels ill, they may realize that the theory behind “I am not the body” may need to be checked. If “I am not the shoe” and the shoe is bothering you , just take the shoe off and continue walking barefooted in joy.

That is not the case with the body.

This mentality of dissecting things, to find out who “we are” is clouded by our language, by thinking and intellectual understanding.
The word “soul” is a concept open to interpretation. To live life pretending that “I am experiencing that interpreted concept” is a self-infused lie.

There is an essence that feels in every human being, we could call it “soul” but that essence is void of personality and individuality.

It is the identification with the body what brings individuality along with the consciousness going at a particular point in time, which creates a personality.

The “soul,” the essence; is like a camera. The camera is meant to take pictures. To take pictures is the nature of the camera. To say “I am a camera” without considering the pictures is of no consequence.

In that analogy, the pictures are what the camera is able to do through its sense organs (body) however, there is a need of a “perceiver.” That “perceiver” is brought about by consciousness.

When someone is “unconscious” the “soul” is there but there is no feeling. Lights out.

That is why consciousness is what every sentient being has in common. Without consciousness the “soul” is nothing, but a dormant sleepy beauty… although eternal.

That is how we could explore consciousness without denying the perception of who “we are.”

Consciousness perceives. That perception may change in time. When a sense of individuality has been created, the mind and thoughts come into the picture to support that idea of “I am.” The ego when supporting that idea, contradicts the free flowing changes in consciousness.
Do we see that?

Therefore, wouldn’t make sense to study, to observe that which supports the idea of “self”? Our emotions, traumatic experiences, judgments and thoughts do not allow that universal consciousness to manifest as it should be according to time.

The kid “who decides” to stop playing with dolls in a natural way; could experience a psychosis if a dogma prescribes that “to play with dolls is good” and it must be done for as long as the kid lives for otherwise, there will be punishment.

That is the religious mentality of fear and punishment. Paradoxically, it is not bad; but necessary for the growth of many, to become aware.

Mathias the wise tree; suggested an easy exercise for conscious living to Ananda.
Here it goes:

“Sit down early in the morning with your palms in your lap facing upwards. Breathe in and out feeling your breath as your stomach inflates and deflates, synchronize your thoughts and feelings to be one along with your breathing.
That is consciousness without movement.

The next step is to put everything together while moving. Be conscious of your breath while walking as well as your thoughts and feelings.
That is all.”
It seems so easy… 🙂

Do we recognize our thoughts? Do we recognize our feelings? Do we know what our breathing is?

There are no concepts in that practice to believe in, nothing to lie ourselves about. Simple as a bird flying high in the sky… 🙂

What is there beyond duality?….Non-existence? what EXISTS then?

A question from a reader.

What exists is your perception.

Duality is a perception which rejects by conveniently separating experiences in life. Let me give the classical example:


There is a glass of water. The water fills up the middle of the glass.
Is the glass half full or half empty?

The example above in the traditional consciousness, is full of duality. You are made to choose between two apparently opposite states (fullness and emptiness.)

In life “at the office” this is the type of indoctrination that we go through and we apply the same to everything in our perception of life.

If you perceive the glass “half full,” you get the label of being a “positive thinker.” Otherwise, you are “negative.”

Do you see how duality is still there? (Positive vs. negative.)

Moreover, a workshop in “positive thinking” will be created so our rejection to the other half (negative thinking) is granted. When there is rejection of one side of duality, paradoxically, we will experience that rejected side as well, for our perception of duality is just a perception and life itself is… oneness.
Be aware of your thoughts. Don’t label them or judge them. Be in tune with your feelings and be part of the Totality.

That is why, when someone talks about the law of karma under the perception of duality, by labeling actions as “good” and “bad” that is a very infantile way of looking at things. Actions are neither “good or bad” by themselves. That is why, in the oneness of life our intentions are important, our feelings… for that drives the action. We cannot pretend to “act good” when our feelings are not like that. That is why, to act in accordance with the need of the time, to be in tune with the Universe and Nature is in itself what may need to be done without further labeling.
The common good.
A Human being will not be able to experience that while trapped in the duality of individuality vs. the collective.

That is why, it was mentioned that we need to go beyond that perception of duality.
Basically, there is no need to take sides, to be in favor of something or against. That is duality. Our society may pursue this duality, but a “life walker” should be able to be there without being there…out of duality. 🙂

In the example of the half empty and half full glass of water, someone’s perception could be to observe a glass with water and air. It is neither empty nor full.
That mind will not take sides by labeling empty as “bad” and full as “good.” That is the origin of rejection.
It simply, “is what it is” without any further labeling or judgment.

When we truly understand that we are dealing with perceptions in life and what matters is not what our senses are able to perceive but rather how do we feel about our perception, then our consciousness may start changing.
Do I reject? Do I separate? Do I take sides?
I am caught in duality, if so.

To perceive something and enjoy that perception while it lasts, is to maintain that joy like a little child; who is joyfully riding in a train in Disneyland’s “Magic kingdom:” The scenes will change continuously and the child will just smile throughout the ride… enjoying the experience while it lasts. 🙂

The Common good is yourself


When we discover the paradoxical aspect of life, the Universe, the Cosmos, Nature, etc. We could understand that to use logic and analysis to make sense of life may not be desirable.

On the other hand, beliefs are more suitable for logical “entertainment” of the mind.

Here is one statement that I have discovered to be true to myself, but that could be a belief for “others.”

If your aim or purpose is the common good, “you” will be included in that as well.”You” are the common good. If your “purpose” is “you” then that separation with all will be your own decline.”

Let us change the utilization of the word “purpose.”
It is not about “myself.” It is about the “common good.”
It is not about my group. It is about the “common good.”
It is not about God. It is about the “common good.”

Consciousness is the world. Without enjoying consciousness, perception is not possible.

That consciousness manifests through different beings. The Totality of consciousness fragments itself to be expressed through the diversity of beings.
When we see this, it is impossible to separate “myself” from everything else… unless “I” create a personality.

What are the consequences of perceiving the separation of “me” and everything else?
Rather than seeing that “I” am the whole, I will see that “I” am part of it or separated from it.
In that consciousness, my belief will be that I am a “ spirit, a soul an individual” completely separated from everything else, when consciousness is rather ONE but manifested in different ways.

It is in that separation when “I” cannot grasp the immortality of consciousness. At that point, “I” will be looking for “salvation.”

It is “I” who wishes to be saved. It is “I” who wishes to be “someone” and to remain “alive,” in the “afterlife.” 🙂

Please see the absurdity of that. Consciousness is already eternal.

Thus, my search for meaning could end up in a search for a “creator,” for the “big boss” who can do the miracle of granting me “eternal life.”
Please see that this search is merely a consequence of my own state of consciousness.
Therefore, that journey is very important. It is very “healthy.”

That “true” search will be compensated, (cause and effect) as searching for meaning in life is not something that everyone is conscious of.

God will appear in one way or another. In one experience or another, just as when we were kids and “searched” for Santa. There was always someone who could take that role for us, someone who could dress like him, someone who I can take pictures with.
We are not alone.

That “God” could take the name of Buddha, of Jesus or be a guru or defined as something else. Every religion has its own beliefs.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is the bottom line of that search for meaning.

Please see that this step is necessary for many in their development to experience a different consciousness.

Obviously, some may want to be like “Peter Pan” (he wanted to be a kid forever) and stay in that consciousness, when sooner or later things will change for that is the nature of life itself.

We separate from ourselves just to be ourselves again, just like the phases of the Moon.

This may be the journey and there are many paths for that.
Every path will express that “they are the true path,” but now we could recognize that a “true path” is in intimate relationship with our state of consciousness.

We may just need to learn to trust, for everything has benefit. Every experience has a beneficial unseen motive behind. That is not just for “some” selected ones but for everyone.

We are Consciousness expressed in different levels. None better than another for everything is necessary as it is.

Everything starts when we search for meaning.
Again, the search is not for God, but for meaning. God may be there to fulfill a meaning but everything comes back to us, the “creator” of that search for meaning.

That search starts with a child mentality.

“I don’t think I want to speak with him, because he is too shallow and bad karma could get me.”

A childish view, but everyone starts someplace.

We could grow out of that childhood only when we ourselves, realize that we are no longer little children; otherwise, life will provide for “protectors” that could keep Peter Pan safe from its own mischief.

Beliefs are important in that child like consciousness. Thus, beliefs are not “bad,” they are necessary for the growth of some.
To understand and to embrace the existence of different levels of consciousness is to be mindful of the common good.

When that little child realizes that it is the same consciousness which is keeping us together despite the illusion that we are separated, that is when things start to change because it is no longer about “ME” and my desires, but the common good. The starting point of that common good is not “me” but everything, which includes “me” and paradoxically… is totally “Me.” 🙂

The above does not mean that “I” have to deny myself for the benefit of others first, as religions may teach.

Change does not start when we exhibit a different behavior. That is artificial.
Change starts when our feelings, our attitude have a natural change based on our own realization.
That will come. It will happen. How soon?
That totally depends on us.

There is a level of sensibility to beauty, which could be experienced by being in touch with Nature, life, the Universe. The problem of separation started when we separated. The problem could be solved as we are willing to integrate again.

Place “yourself” last to be in the front.

That is only possible, when there is no “I” and that is how “my goals” are achieved.
Paradoxically, that is why; there is nothing to achieve.
No purpose in mind.

So, enjoy life… 🙂

Soul consciousness


The first time we asserted that “ I am not a body, I am soul” that was the first time that a definition entered our minds to later become a dogma, that is something to give us the impression that we could possess the truth.

From that point, the search was over. A comfortable belief appeared and all we need is to find an adequate definition to follow. What is a soul? The definition is… Then, “I” have to become that definition.

That is “spirituality” for the masses: What is love? It is this. Then, I have to act like that.
Or a guru says: “Love is not this,” then as long as I don’t do what love is not, I am working within the limits of love. 🙂

Spirituality does not work like that.

True, we are not the body but neither the personality we have created.
We could continue on denying everything that “we think” we are not to finally find a label: “soul” without the experience of that concept.

Paradoxically, when we find that emptiness (without label,) the “eye of the hurricane” which is the center of the hurricane, which is made up of nothing; we could only be everything at that time.

This is not logical. This is paradoxical.

Here is when the paradox of believing to be just an individual, becomes the Totality.

That is why it was mentioned in another article that soul consciousness is the experience of Totality.

Everyone of us will need to explore inside our perceived self, so these words are no taken as another concept, another definition, but rather to find our own path, our own experiences and be open to discover something completely different which defies any beliefs or perceptions that we have gathered as “truth.”

It is in the honesty of “doing our own homework” for the sake of finding out without trying to accommodate our findings to fit a belief system, how a different door could open.

It is up to us to open that door or to keep it closed.

“Me” through the door


Spiffy and Spike were inquiring about the meaning of being in life. They decided to use the comparison of being like a door, to keep things simple in their sharing and avoid getting lost in language and ideas.

In Spirituality, to use analogies is a great way to enhance our understanding without giving pointless definitions and concepts.

Spiffy: The door has a purpose. But what is the door? Is it that rectangular shape piece of wood or metal with a knob?
Spike: Yes, of course.

Spiffy: But… isn’t its nature or purpose to “be” and “not to be”? 🙂
That is where the “mission” of that door resides.
Spike: “To be or not to be,” what is the meaning of that?

Spiffy: Those are the lines from Shakespeare. “To be or not to be, that is the question!” 🙂

Spike: The answer is that “we are and we are not” at the same time.

All the teachings in Spirituality are pointing to just that: “To be or not to be.”

When you are a door, you are “something.” When you are “something,” you are separated, a closed door. That door at this point will feel what “others” (other closed doors) could do.

“He insulted me.”
The door was closed.

“30 years ago she lied to me.”
The door never opened in 30 years.

“He will find out who I am. You’ll see”
A very stubborn closed-door.

When we are a closed-door, we are in the consciousness of individuality.

When that door is open, we have entered in the consciousness of Totality.
At that point there is “no door.” There is emptiness, void, space, nothingness, etc.

When the door is open, there is no one to feel insulted. No one to feel that lie of 30 years ago. No one who feels that need to show something to “others.”
When a door is closed, then religions and philosophies who are typically located in the consciousness of individuality, will teach about “virtues.”

When the door is open, there is no one who needs to know about virtues. His life is virtue itself. Naturally.

Tolerance, detachment, love, gentleness, are valued teachings when the door is closed, but those teachings are “pretty words” until the door opens….

When the door is open all those pretty virtuous words are practical. There is no need to “practice” or “work on” anything.

To go into the depth of “To be or not to be” may bring us to the realization on learning to open and to close the door.
Many of us are very good about keeping the door closed… Perhaps it is the time to learn to open it… again.:-)


On Omnipresence


When we truly understand not intellectually, but deep down in our core; that everything is interrelated and this individuality concept is “real” only under a state of consciousness, but it is not truly under another; then we could start seeing that there is not a moment in time when “I” wasn’t.

We can divide the Ocean in drops of water. When that drop acquires a personality, then that drop separates from the Totality of the Ocean. “Hey. I am ME!” 🙂 then, that drop of water could still fragment his personality into many “individuals” that is when “ME, I and MYSELF” direct the show of insanity.

Once the drop of water is not aware of a personality, that drop of water will always exist as the Ocean. Not as “part of the Ocean” but as the Ocean itself.

The same is with us. We will always be. Consciousness is always there, but we manifest that consciousness in different forms and at different times with a different consciousness according to a role.
That is the journey.

There is nothing which lives in isolation. Even our own concept of God is part of that Totality, that Drama, that Universe and that God has manifested under different forms through different times to different individuals who are under a specific state of consciousness.

So is with “you” and “I.”

The issue is the personality. That is the illusion. That is what “individuality” strives to maintain.

Just imagine how a “primitive” non-educated individual could perceive the divine in the part of that Totality. That individual could say: “God is in the tree.”

An educated person residing in the consciousness of individuality will say: “How crazy! He thinks that God is a tree. I know who God is. God is so and so… I should convert that poor primitive fellow to save him.”

As time goes by, other “followers” who have not experienced another consciousness but individuality, will start worshiping a tree. For the tree is “God.” 🙂 while more educated ones, will look for a picture or an image to worship.

That follower has not idea of who God is, but through collective consciousness, the belief becomes the “reality.” It is easier to worship something and call that “divine.” Nevertheless, very few will realize that this same act of worshiping only shows that ego.

Feeling lower than someone is a sign of that ego.

At the same time, we have the “new age” movement stating: “God is everywhere. We are God. We are part of God,” etc.

As long as that “new age” person is residing in that consciousness of individuality, the above will be senseless.
Not because the statement may not be logical or reasonable or even because that may be considered “irrational,” but simply because there is no experience of another state of consciousness, for otherwise; that person will realize that by making a statement defining God, that person is not telling the accurate truth, for words are unable to define the indefinable.

That is how those who speak about a God, those who have a definition of God or a concept of God do not know God.
Moreover, those who have a concept about who they are, those do not know who they are.
Paradoxical, huh? 🙂

Do we see why words cannot convey a paradoxical “reality”?

Nevertheless, the above topic has been the favorite issue to debate and to fight among people who has never had any other consciousness but individuality. That is how religions appeared with a dogmatic “truth” to follow (God is this) as well as a world, which supports that consciousness of individuality at all costs.

“You are German. You are Black. You are Hindu.” Let us make a division. Let us make a container where we could put everyone who looks alike in the same category. “All Jewish are this…” I am different…

In the meantime, some “individuals” could despise the word “omnipresent.” They could despise the craziness of believing that “I am omnipresent and so are you.”

Those individuals have all the right to do that. Their consciousness will not allow them to see something different.
All is good. 🙂

Ananda was riding his bicycle early in the morning to see the sun appear in the horizon. You could smell that freshness in the air, that newness which starts the day… Birds were flying and gliding by the waters of the bay, as the soothing sounds of Nature were filling that day with joy…Nevertheless, people were passing by walking, looking down, serious faces, completely unaware of the beautiful setting around them. That setting could be part of them if they just allowed that to happen… but no!…their personality has acquired such a “reality” that they may need for God to save them.

The diet of separation

Guru separation

In the world of concepts and analysis, we have been taught to separate things. Even the word “things” implies differences, categories. “Many things.”

When we use that perspective to observe the world, obviously the way that we will perceive it is by separation.
“This is a fish. A fish cannot be the Ocean. The Ocean is by itself and fish are different.”

Ananda was looking at the Ocean. He saw a fish jumping up as if it wanted to take a look outside the water, and then dived into the Ocean.
Could a fish live without the Ocean? We could put that fish in a tank of water, but then we will need to change that water often, for otherwise it will stagnate. Eventually the fish may not survive.

Could the Ocean exist without fish? Evidently no. As otherwise, water without anything in it, will stagnate. Fish need Ocean plants. Every being in the Ocean is necessary to maintain freshness of that Ocean. Every being has a “task” to maintain the Totality alive. Every being is necessary.

We observe different forms but many times we do not realize that those “things” are integrated. They share a common “breath” to survive.

From the perspective of the fish, there is no difference between “it” and everything else… unless the fish learns to “think,” which means separation.

A 3 year old child does not have an identity yet. That child does not know about male and female, ugly or beautiful. That child only observes and imitates “others.”
Once that child learns to differentiate “others” from himself, then a personality will appear that will separate “things.” That is, thinking has appeared.

The adult way of seeing things is very limited and seldom integrated with the Totality.

Notice that religious beliefs as well as moral codes and educational values are built up under the perspective of this separation.

Why is it important to reflect on this view of separation?

Because judgments, comparisons, beliefs, critics, expectations, etc. come from this view, this awareness.

That is why it seems very odd when some moralist tells someone: “You must not criticize. It is “bad.” God is going to punish you, if you do. It has “bad” karma.”
When the whole understanding of this person resides in the awareness of separation.

Obviously, We may even create commandments to “shape up” “others” into not criticizing or judging or comparing; but if my consciousness is rigidly situated in the perception of separation, I will only be kidding myself.
“We are all brothers.” But yet we could kill each other…as brothers… 🙂
“ Let us go green. Let us save the planet.” But yet dump garbage at any other place but “my house.”

“Save the manatee” but who cares about the bees.

This is not some religious, end-of –the-world story. Please observe how that consciousness of separation from our common roots is damaging not only “our” planet but is taking away the sanity within human beings.

Let us take a look at this page in Wikipedia about personality disorders.

The common aspects of those personality disorders are the avoidance of “others” (separation: Paranoid, schizoid) through the need for admiration of the self (ego-centered: Narcissism) on the other side. In other words, those diseases are about strengthening the “I” in separation with everything else (others.)

We are unable to integrate into the Totality. Even some may pray to the one God, who is the big boss, separated from us, to save us all, when we are unable to perceive that same God as part of the Totality, Nature, the Universe, etc.

That is why in Spirituality there are many phases of awareness which all depend on how open our consciousness is.

There are some religions preaching “salvation” if we just accept so and so as the savior of all. Other religions imply that only by “belonging to them” you could be saved.

Nevertheless, when our consciousness is no longer restricted to the individual; when we could finally integrate ourselves into that Totality like that 3-year-old kid or the fish in the Ocean, then what is the need for “ME” to be saved? 🙂

To pretend to save that “ME” is merely the continuation of that ego supporting separation.

A sane, conscious individual will be able to be aware that everything is changing and thus, everything is momentarily. Those changes are unavoidable for change in itself is that recycling movement in life.
That is why enjoyment of the moment is all there is. So, enjoy! 🙂

When we realize that, we could observe things from a center which is beyond the expectation, desires of ego… and we could enjoy the scenes in life not as separated from it, but in integration.

That is where the “true” smile appears, just like the one of a 3-year-old kid: spontaneous, sincere, unrehearsed, alive.