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The intelligence of Consciousness


Intelligence is related with Consciousness.
But it is not the intelligence that it is known in the world of “business.”

We cannot define intelligence as the dictionary tells us: “The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills,” for intelligence is not something that could be “acquired” by someone nor “knowledge” is static or dogmatic.
It is evolving with our experiences.

In our society we have the common understanding that someone “intelligent” is someone who has lots of information, able to use language in a sophisticated manner and who can solve “problems” by applying that theoretical “know-how.” 🙂

The above is what a computer can do. That is not intelligence. It is a mechanical use of information.

Intelligence has nothing to do with acquiring information. Someone who is intelligent is someone who is able to see things “out of the box.”

That vision “out of the box” means greater consciousness. “Out of the box” means to go beyond the framework of beliefs, traditions and common understanding. All of those cultural limits are observed but not rejected. Those limits have the potential to move, to open up according to the circumstances.

When there is lack of “openness,” someone who may be able to look at things from a different perspective; may feel affected if he is not understood. His reaction will be to reject other positions. To be “closed” to them.

Timing is a very important variable in intelligence for everything has its “right time.”

When there is no sense of timing, a great idea maybe a “bad” one when the time is not ripe enough. A fruit tastes delicious at a particular time.

Spirituality beyond religious dogmas, opens our intuition and sensibility to “tune in,” to know without keeping “knowledge” in our minds.

That is for sure a non-definable intelligence. Something that could not be taught in our educational system when what is important, is to teach students “how to think.”

Intelligence is beyond thinking. It is “pure” consciousness. In that consciousness there is acceptance of everything without rejection by always seeing possibilities.

For example, we have been told that light exists. We believe that. We say that we “see light” therefore, it exists. There is no need for “proof.”

Scientists use measurements based on the “speed of light.” – “That galaxy is 200 light years from us…” That sounds pretty “intelligent.” 🙂

Light does not exist.
That is a crazy thought!

Our eyes have the ability to “see” light, that is to interpret “something” as light, but that does not mean that light is a “reality.”

Here a couple of links for the explanation of the above.
“Light absolutely does not exist”

“The fundamental nature of light”

Someone who had an “investment” in the idea that “light exists” may reject the above. His consciousness will be closed to any other idea, opinion or view.

His brain/ computer has the “wrong” knowledge!
Wrong input!!
To accept that his “knowledge” was “wrong” becomes an existential issue. A matter of pride rather than amusement.

Now…going into more “spiritual” themes… 😉

Sometimes “smart people” can ask the wrong questions.
“What is the exact mechanism for the working of the law of karma?” 🙂
These individuals believe that life is analysis. Their consciousness believe that the “law of karma” could be divided into “parts” and every “part” dissected like the parts of a watch.
Their consciousness is engaged in the world of logic and analysis.
Nevertheless, something referred to as the “law of karma” does not exist under a different consciousness.

“Karma” as action, just means experiences.
Those experiences are neither “good” nor “bad” for a different consciousness who is able to perceive his own eternity. When our consciousness is limited by prejudices, beliefs and concepts; then it is easy to apply the words “good,” and “bad” to make differences, to accept and to reject.

Many religions talk about a “doomsday” or “destruction.” Their followers may be scared to death by listening to that. The consciousness of those followers is limited by their beliefs and fears. Someone who has experienced his own eternity cannot be scared by those words.
Eternity is not an idea. It is being….

Being in a different consciousness, a different intelligence.

The world of words and concepts are not the real thing, just like a name or label is not the “thing.”
Nevertheless, when we rely heavily in our minds, thoughts and ideas; the world of concepts, definitions and labels become our only “reality.”

That is the illusion.

Question:Dear brother, Experience is what the official language in spirituality, yet we all seem to grasp things through our intellectual understanding, Just an example say we have MR. A who is very thorough about knowledge and have not spent a moment in meditation and also We have MR. B with enough knowledge of the soul, but spent most of his/her time in meditation , feeling the self and stay in soul conscious. At the end “who will have earned the true income”? I know, brother you have written some article “at the end, what matters is the soul conscious”… but yet why does the intellect still try to grasp it through understanding rather than experience? is it not experience that speaks louder than understanding?

Dear soul,
Thank your for your question!

As we know through Gyan, at this point we have forgotten things. We are in the “process” of remembering, awakening, etc.
Intellectual information is just like a map made by “mapquest.” That map could be accurate but our interpretation will vary according to previous experiences in life. However, even when the map is accurate, it could take us to a longer route.( Therefore, “last go fast at this time.”) In order to know “shortcuts,” we need to be familiar with the place, that is we need to experience it and at the same time, we need to learn to trust our “gut feelings,” then, a “shortcut” may be in our destiny.

The “brainwash” is to believe that just information, intellectual information will assure us “knowing.” We say that we have knowledge, because we know that ” we are souls.” In fact, that affirmation has no value at all unless we experience what we talk about.

The “yukties” are roadmaps which we will understand only according to how aware we are and how much experiencewe have. Those “yukties” are interpreted in the light of our consciousness.

To experience requires to go beyond the comfort zone. It is to challenge what we think to be “right.” Not too many will feel comfortable experimenting and thus; really “knowing.”
It is easier to explain the method on how to swim, without having been in the water. We just need to repeat, to copy someone who has written a book about swimming. Experience of that water and our own capabilities are key elements to “know” how to swim. However, that knowing is not applicable to everyone, for our capabilities and experiences are different.This is a key element which we forget.

Nevertheless, we can only know “practically” how to swim, if we have the courage to go into the water…and that means sometimes to have survived the experience of “drowning.” 🙂 That “knowing” cannot be transmitted to another human being.

Best wishes!