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On Godly experiences


Some of us may have had the experience of what we could label as “Godly experience.”
Those experiences come in different shapes and forms all according to our beliefs.

That particular experience was the “bait” needed to start a particular path, to gain a different consciousness.

Please be aware that the keyword is consciousness.

In life, we may want to make sense of it. We may want to find reasons for it and for our existence and the experiences will be there to start our journey. Nevertheless as shared many times, everyone has a different point of reference, a different culture and upbringing, which definitely will influence our “free will” and our ability to interpret things.

Please be aware of the keyword: Interpretation.

In life we are like those blind people, who are trying to make sense of what they can perceive through their sense of touch. It is an elephant , but a blind person touching the tail will believe that an elephant is like a snake. If that person had a “Godly experience” while touching the tail, that is not meant so he can keep his belief in the tail being the elephant, but rather it is the starting point in knowing the elephant. The tail is not the elephant but part of it.
Consciousness changes, it evolves but a hard-core belief, typically restricts that free-flow movement.

Many will decide to touch different paths: The trunk, the tusks, ears, etc. but still they will be left with interpretations. Touching is just one way to partially know something. It is a state of consciousness.

Nevertheless, religions and philosophies many times are preaching a point of view. The tail of the elephant is a path to know the elephant. But it is not the only path.

The “Godly bait” was given to some people so they could begin to fish. The type of fishing pole that someone picks will be according to that person’s circumstances.
What the person is able to fish will be according to his fortune; that is, what that person is supposed to experience at that time.

Fishing a shark or a Tilapia and calling that “the truth” or God is not really the teaching. It is not about what we get, but it is about finding the individual behind the fishing pole.

Blind people could never “see” an elephant. They could only have beliefs about that elephant or hand-me down experiences from others, which are beliefs.

Nevertheless, it is not about the elephant. It is about the realization that what goes outside is a giant mirror always pointing to that “Me.” Hopefully “I” learn to enjoy that experience.
Touch the tail. Enjoy that. Touch the husks. Enjoy that. Be there.

Paradoxically, it is when “you” are not there, that is when the ego starts dissolving, how we could perceive something different. At that point, all there is … is the elephant… and there is “no-one” there who needs to “see” something. No “blind people” around.

Being the elephant itself resides in non-being.

All religions may teach about the sense of “I,” the ego; but many times rather than looking at that which is in “us,” we rather go around the branches of the tree and embrace colorful beliefs and life styles, completely unaware that the big mirror is only reflecting “me” at all times.

The bait of the “Godly experience” wasn’t there to be worshiped or to hang on to it as a dogma.
Guaranteed …or your money back. 🙂