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Transforming violence


Violence is a way of living nowadays. There is violence in actions, in words, in thoughts… Violence comes with a force and whenever there is a “wall” inside us; that self-created personality known as ego, then that force of violence will hit the wall creating some damage. Obviously there is a “reply-back” a reaction when hurt, and that expands violence. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

The issue has always been that “wall.” Someone throws a stone at the wall. That wall will feel the impact when there is enough violence gathered, sufficient force. Nevertheless, that violence will come back to the originator with the same force and with all the violence gathered through the suffering of others in the path, that is when the “walls” of “others” have been damaged.

The beauty of evolved spirituality is to be able to transform that force rather than to feel the impact or to repress a reaction or a feeling in the name of “being good,” “holy,” a “saint.”

Mathias was sharing with his friend Ananda about this topic.

Mathias: Violence requires of something or someone to be made, but when it passes through someone, then that violence is not trapped. That violence will transform into strength. Everything, has utility.

Ananda: But that force is not violence?

Mathias: Strength, not violence. It is the strength that you have when you climb a mountain. Strength is what the little “Bambi” has when he has to stand up on his own legs…

Ananda: But, you say that this comes from violence?

Mathias: You said that the surroundings are violent. That is a nutrient for those who know how to assimilate that nutrient.

Ananda: Is this what is known as transformation or we let that force go through us by becoming “empty”?

Mathias: First, you need to let it go through. That violence shouldn’t find anything inside you. Violence could find an echo in you and then a feeling of guilt will arise, but when there is no “wall” anymore, then the ball goes along without hitting anything…

Ananda: And how that becomes strength then?

Mathias: When it comes back… It is a “little push”… It will get back to the place of origin through the same path that it was sent…

Ananda: And when it comes back, it does it with strength?

Mathias: With great strength, my friend. But for that one who has let that force go through, it becomes a great push… The question is where?
Where you are focused… and if your focus is to enjoy… then… ohhh… Thank you for spitting on me!! Ohh…. Every time that you want I will be here.. ahhh!

Ananda: That is the story of the Buddha who was spat by someone… That is another perception…

Mathias: Isn’t that called pleasure?
Ananda: Who enjoys?
Mathias: That one who was enjoying before; enjoys even more due to that little push…

Ananda: But that does not mean to be “empty” only?

Mathias: Emptiness is only temporary in a world of movement, but emptiness is important… it brings creativity.

Ananda: To experience that enjoyment as the Buddha sounds fantastic, but it is just intellectual understanding. Most will merely do a performance, they will pretend to be “holy” but inside them there will be anger. But how do you get to that experience of enjoyment without pretending?

Mathias: What comes out from you towards life?
Ananda: Now? It is appreciation, gratitude to be here…

Mathias: Even for that one who tries to force you into something?

Ananda: That is an experience that I wouldn’t like to go through…
Mathias: Why my friend?
Ananda: Because someone is forcing me to do something…

Mathias: That means that there is wall …
Ananda: Yes… That is what I meant.. All of these things could be just theory…unless there is something that comes or happens in my conscience.. to take that wall away…

Mathias: It is your decision…
Ananda: Only a decision could make that happen?

Mathias: Totally…
The day will come when you could say to that one forcing you… Thank you for being there, for I realize now that there is no violence in me… and you are the instrument for that.. Thank you!

Take the fear to feel away from you and you would have accomplished that.

Emotional healing: The heart opens up when the mind is open

mind heart

Any spiritual walker has been through many experiences in life. The recognition that spirituality is a number one priority in our lives is the trademark of “experienced” beings.

It does not matter what you believe in. Reincarnation or eternal life or nothing at all; the fact, is that there are some people who are “naturally” attracted to being at ease with life and to find a purpose for being here in peaceful enjoyment and harmonious living in relationship with all.

Usually that “search” appears when the glamour of just being trapped in the values of our materialistic society, comes to an end through “sheer” disappointment. 😦

At that point, there is a “re-birth” for finding inner fulfillment. 🙂

A spiritual walker may find in his path different religious beliefs, which are in tune with him for a certain period of time. That length of time varies among individuals. Please note that to belong to a religion is not the end of that “search” in itself, but to be awaken through conscious living.

As explained yesterday, the main tool to change our vision and attitude in life is done through self observation, that is; by watching the mind: Our thoughts, the way we communicate with others, the type of energy that comes out from our relationship with the world; knowing that those energies will come back to us.

In theory that is known as the law of karma. Practically, if we are sensible enough; we will see the consequences in our own lives.

That is why, anyone who thinks that he has a complete understanding as to how life should be, what to believe; or what is the “right thing to do;” sooner or later will find out that those ideas are not accurate. They are incomplete for “my ideas” are just a part of the totality. Because life is dynamic as Nature is; those rigid patterns will need to change according to time. Everything changes in life.

A rigid mind is a dead mind. In that state there is no openness for “newness,” but only a desire to continue with whatever seems comfortable, desirable and “right” according to our beliefs.

In short, to get out of our own self-centered ideas, however “holy” we think they are, is the first step.

As mentioned in many articles before; once we use a method to arrive at a higher consciousness, we need to abandon that method at one point in time, that is; if we are truly concerned to find out if our perceived “change” is real. That is if honesty is of paramount importance to us. Otherwise, that change of consciousness is not real. It is dependent on a method for that “new” consciousness to be experienced. This is a very important personal call. It is not for everyone to do.

As we “work” on the spider webs of our own minds, openness will arrive, some sort of acceptance of things and people as they are. Appreciation is born and with that the opportunity to heal the heart.

Why is it so important to heal the heart in this process?
Because the mind is like a computer monitor. Once we are conscious that our computer monitor is merely an output device; we can truly go deeper by “erasing” the information stored in the hard drive of the heart. To heal the heart means to “erase” previous information and to place there “newness” instead.

By understanding the mind, we will be conscious of the keyboard and the mouse. Now, we are aware that whatever we input through those devices, will be seen in the monitor. Nevertheless, the computer retrieves previous stored information all the time. If the hard drive is full with information from many experiences, the computer will be “slow,” that is any newness coming from the keyboard and mouse, will not be processed at ease.

Working with the heart and emotions is like erasing that stored data. Little by little.
Formatting the “hard drive” of our life is something that few people can stand. It is dying alive.

Life will bring the right directions when we are ready to work on our heart. The right people will appear. The right circumstance will be unveiled. However, without a previous work in our minds; we will tend to reject the “newness,” and to continue with our “old” ways, our “old” pains.
The security of a known suffering….

As we can see, to go through the above consciously, is a matter of accepting the tools that life brings.
Religions are nothing but tools. Beliefs are nothing but tools. Tools are not meant to be worshiped.

Tools are not meant to create dependency.
Tools are meant to be used, to be respected as ways in our paths to better know our own selves.

Knowing ourselves is the common end of any spiritual walker from any path, from any method.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu.

Spiritual refinement

Vvrisor pic

The path is clear for those who are traveling it. To go from the physical into the subtle.

Many are experienced with the subtle world as far as having “experiences” in it; but the path of knowing is to be it, to become. We may have a glimpse of something but to be is the goal.

In spirituality to know means to be.

In the “normal” world of big egos who are trained to “fight” to survive and to control others as a master does to a servant; any sort of subtleness is equated with weakness.

In the Spiritual world, your level of gentleness will show your degree of spiritual advancement.

To be gentle as water; means to be able to adapt to different settings, different containers, different personalities. Not having a shape of itself, but always transforming. The character of gentleness is an open door to life and the experiences that it may bring.

That openness comes through a reformation of the self.

For example, diet is a very important factor in that reformation process. In fact, our diet will change continuously; it will be more refined to reflect the changes in the self.
From eating meat, to being a vegetarian; there is a difference. Also from eating pungent and spicy food items into natural, raw items; is a change.
From drinking sodas to water is another change.

Our diets will reflect that inner transformation. The manifestation is equal to the source.

Similarly, our sleeping patterns. Early mornings will be cherished. It is the natural way.

One of the most important items to be in tune with subtle energies, is to be in harmony with Nature.
Through Nature, we can remember our true Nature.

The sounds of Nature and to feel its diverse lights and energies are healing and nourishing to enhance our sensibility to natural beauty.

“Technological progress,” has closed our hearts.
Nature will bring feelings to a closed heart. It will make it alive again.

It is in the perception of that beauty from Nature, how we will be in tune with the inside; and find out that our inner side reflects what we see outside.

Inside and outside become in tune, in balance as our sensibility changes.

As we experience the path of spirituality with greater depth, there will come a time where any sort of separation will be unthinkable. There cannot be a “you vs. me;” nor a “my religion is better than…” for as we see things in a broader perspective, with greater openness; the world will be that family and spirituality will be the only religion.

That is how communion could be possible, for going back to unity means to find those things which we have in common, rather than trying to find differences when there is none. We are human beings.

The spiritual path is a way to offer our hands in cooperation to the world; not as a teacher or a student, not as a helper or savior; but just as someone who truly cares.

Thought and Thinker – The thought which creates God as a thought

Above is one of the most lucid “talks” I heard on finding out the contradictions of the “one thinking” and the “thought” created by the thinker. We see it as “separation.” – “I must be this.” That is a thought. The thinker is of the same quality as the thought coming. Therefore, the thinker and the thought are the same not 2 different things.

In this realm of separation, is when we see everything with intellectual understanding. As Krishnamurti explained, in this perception the whole being is not involved so, it becomes a partial knowledge of something only through intellectual understanding and that is why in my view, even though we can “understand” knowledge, there is no inner transformation.

Also, Krishnamurti talks about the thought of God. Which is a creation of thought. The thought is not God. The things that we can speak about God are not God. Those are just thoughts about God. Intellectual, partial understanding. Words, thoughts in time about the Timeless.

On that, I could add that to know God means to experience that which is “like God,” the soul, for in that experience there is no longer separation. “Like the Father.” However, that is a personal experience which cannot be explained through words, and that is why even though spirituality is one, we see different teachers with different words trying to get to the same point. Self transformation.

As we go deeper into Gyan, we could “understand” the paradoxes of “being” and non-being,” that is the self and ego. Going beyond that machinery of thoughts, we can feel the meaning of being “absorbed” in complete attention, to be in the “moment.” Then, we will see that there is no “me” in that experience.

This knowledge will allow us to understand today’s blessing in the Sakar Murli (4-16-13): ( Blessing from avyakt Murli)
Blessing: May you be a great renunciate who renounces the respect and position received from service and
who attains imperishable fortune.

The practical fruit of the elevated actions and service that you children do is to be praised by everyone. A server
receives the seat of elevated praise. You receive a seat of honour and status; you definitely attain this success.
However, this success is a step on the way, it is not the final destination. Therefore, renounce it and claim fortune
through that. This is known as being a great renunciate. The speciality of an incognito renunciate is someone who
renounces even any trace of renunciation.

First, anyone can understand the points on renouncing praise and success. But the depth of that blessing is not in that, but in the last part: “The speciality of an incognito renunciate is someone who renounces even any trace of renunciation.”

The only way that I am aware of to renounce renunciation is when there is no “I” renouncing, that is when ego is gone. Then at that point, there is no effort, no need to renounce.

Points in Depth: Love and more LoVe…

10. On Love, “real” love and the “Beloved.”
“Love is everything.”

To share experiences in the spiritual path has tremendous value to figure out the “ big puzzle.”
We have experiences and knowledge gives us the “map.” Many times we do not follow the map, but we are in agreement with the map after having walked the “destination” of the experience.

This awkward way has benefit, for it supports the validity of spiritual knowledge.

Here we start:

Thanks to the experiences of a friend of mine ( an exquisitely, generous warm heart-ed being of light) had the following realizations.

When we say that God “purify” us through yoga or transform us through a “connection,” we may describe what we perceive however, the actual “happening” may not be correct.

God respects every being. That respect is based on allowing a particular being to be as it is meant to be.
When we say that God is “changing” me, that is inaccurate. God couldn’t do that because that goes against respecting the current state of spiritual development and experience of a being. God business is not to “change” people. That is why we have society for.

God doesn’t knock doors. He is just waiting there, outside. Not only that but, God cannot change someone according to what HE is…that is lack of respect as well.
Then, how that “inner transformation” happens?

God is like a big reflective mirror. God enhances those qualities which we already have. That is Raja Yoga.
When I connect with Baba, what is in my heart, in my being will be enhanced as I receive that energy back in that communication, soul to soul. God is not adding anything to it or subtracting it, putting His “own things.” Those things which are soulful, those virtues, that love is what we ARE. It is just enhanced on the “way back” so we can recognize who we ARE. 🙂

What is the proof of that?

When we had a blissful, fulfilling experience in yoga, we feel happy, elated, we try to remember it, but …. we forget.
On the other hand, have you ever experienced the feeling of “meeting” your soul-mate? I mean, that person who alters all your hormones and make you feel “good,” elated, alive, etc?
This is what is known as “falling in love.”
You really fall. It becomes neediness.

Have you experienced the pain of not being close to that “loved one”? Have you experienced how your heart feels? Have you felt the pain?

Have you ever been able to forget that person? 🙂
Even though we are in pain through “falling in love,” we have not been able to forget that person.

Therefore, How can we forget BABA? How can we forget God if we had such a good yoga experience?
That is because Baba only shows you who you are.
And… we forget who we are…. 😉

Remember me alone, so you can remember yourself.
This is not about being dependent on God and “singing His praise.”
God is showing you who you are. Think about it.

Your “soul-mate” on the other hand; is showing you what you lack, what you need and … is fulfilling that and taking it away from you at any time… That is why, there is suffering and then craving, and then we cannot forget. We remember that which we need to feel complete.

The Drama is good:
Be thankful that someone is showing you what you need. Be determined to “be” that which you found is lacking in you. This is the meaning of learning through an experience in life.

Love to God Transforms. It is “self transformation” through “magnification.” God is complete. Therefore a “mirror.”

Love to others, “regenerate.” It allows us to feel life and feel fulfillment through love. The issue is that many feel that love is a transaction. Love is something to trade, to give but expecting something back, in return. Love is to possess, to expect, to use…. That idea, that attitude kills love. Degenerates it. To avoid consequences on this aspect so we do not “shut our heart down,” there is love to the self, that is “self-respect.”

To know love starts with self respect. Just like to know God, we need to know the self.

Everything starts in the self. Life is just a mirror to show us who we are at every second, at every moment, half a moment, etc. Life is constantly showing us who we are.

You’ve got to love that!