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The inner world and the outer world


When we read any religious book or “new age” writing, or even when we hear our spiritual co-worker, preaching to us about the need to “change the world;” we could observe that separation between “me” the changing agent, and that which needs to be changed; that is “the world,” as something different from “me.”

Then, as we progress in our understanding, we could find out that there is “my inner world,” and then, there is what exists “out there,” the outer world.

In this stage of realization, we can even say something like: “if I change myself, I will change the world;” or even put that with greater wisdom; “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

A slogan such as that one could get plenty of “likes” in Facebook or twitter. Everyone understands those slogans, specially if well-known, respected individuals have uttered those words of wisdom.

There is another level of realization.
My inner world cannot be divided. That is my thoughts, feelings and words have to be in the same direction. Otherwise, I am fragmented.

Let us say that Maria (A Spanish woman) has a son. His name is Andrew.
Andrew is a 40-year-old “kid.” All his life Andrew wanted to live life the “easy way.” He dropped out of college; he dropped out of every job he had and he just got in trouble. One thing after another. However, he knew that he was safe, for he could live in his mother’s house.

Even though Maria understood that Andrew was a grown up man; Maria was very attached to him and would put up with Andrew’s “games,” and regular tantrums and then blame society, blame his “bad friends,” blame his “bad luck,” etc as the main cause of Andrew being out of work and vegetating at home or with other “undesirable” people.

Maria’s thoughts are pulled in one direction. She understands that her son needs to go out and live life for himself. She does not need to put up with Andrew’s childish behavior.

Maria’s heart is being pulled into another direction, for in the Spanish culture it is usual for a grown up son to live in the same household with his parents.

One day, Maria’s words will be supportive of his son; and completely against him, the next day.

Maria wants peace of mind, but she cannot experience that.

This is a little illustration of a fragmented personality. Be aware on how important our “beliefs” are. If Maria wasn’t a traditional Spanish woman, she could probably act in a different way.

This is why, we need to get our traditional beliefs and concepts, our complexes, out of our heads to be able to “see,” for the first time.

Someone like Maria will be unable to “be the change” that she wants to see.
Do you know why?

Because she cannot see. 🙂

Therefore, she cannot change herself.

“Changing yourself,” is not like “doing something” to change our doings,; but just to become acquainted with our “original” nature, that is to have the chance to experience that peace that Maria is looking for.

Maria only wants to experience what she is, She is looking for something that she is.

This experience cannot happen unless Maria has the adequate environment to experience that peace on a regular basis. The environment is important for Maria to “recall,” to “remember” who she is.

This is the importance of practicing “meditation,” so in that experience, we could learn to “see,” again.

However, in my experience, to be alone with Nature has that power to allow us that experience of peace.

For example, go to the beach by yourself. Pick a time when no one is there. Rainy nights are excellent. Sit there and just “absorb the environment.” Let yourself go, let the “outer world” come into the “inner world.” Be nurtured by that wholesome spiritual food… then you will forget about the pettiness of “worldly problems,” when there is the magnificence of life out there.

Then, we could perhaps experience this: When the inner world is in tune with the outer world; there is neither the concept of “inner” nor “outer.” It is just being.

In this experience, we can “see” newness.

“I” don’t change myself to change the world.
“I” become the world and the world becomes “I.”
There is nothing to change and no one changing things.
Therefore, change happens by itself….for that is life itself.