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To integrate rather than reject


Ananda had a task given by Mathias, the wise tree.
The waters of the Ocean are full of emotional energy. Ananda should help to dissolve that energy in a very gentle way.

After this task was completed in the Ocean, Ananda sat by a rock close to the water. The sound of the waves crashing by the shore, the wind blowing a cooling breeze and the sunshine warming up the day, gave that moment a distinct flavor.

Ananda started thinking at that moment but he felt a “thank you” coming from the Ocean.
At that point, Ananda thought: “Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy.”
That was the “aha!” moment for Ananda.

Words without feelings are like a beautiful scenery without eyes to see.

The language of feelings without words is what will connect a human being with everything else.

Feel that gratitude rather than just saying “Thank you.”

Ananda was mesmerized in this realization, while remembering the words of his friend, Mathias:
“ Reasoning kills your feelings,” when all of a sudden, he heard someone calling: “ WILSON, GET OUT OF THERE!!!”
That took Ananda out of his “nice experience.” 🙂
It was a woman screaming her lungs out to her little West Highland White Terrier, Wilson.
The dog didn’t want to obey her.

Ananda failed the “test of integration” at that point. Integration means to accept everything that is.
Ananda rejected that scene.
Ananda thought: “ If I ever have a dog, I will never call it Wilson.”

After a few days Mathias, the wise tree; shared his “secret formula” to Ananda.
“Intensity without feelings does not have the strength to transform. Reasoning is the tool to measure the intensity in the moment of transformation.”

The intensity of a beautiful moment needs to be accompanied with plentiful of feelings.
The intensity of a rejected scene is capable of damaging someone’s well being if there are strong feelings of rejection. The intensity of the moment is measured by our reasoning alone.

As life has it, there was another opportunity for Ananda to test his ability to integrate rather than reject.

Ananda was meditating by the Ocean in a very small strip of sand. Suddenly many dogs appeared from nowhere, splashing water on Ananda and sniffing him while he was sitting in the sand meditating.
Ananda did not think a thing. Because he wasn’t moving, the dogs finished their “playful ways” and decided to leave him alone.

Ananda did not feel rejection towards that scene in the middle of his meditation. He accepted it.
Ananda was able to integrate.

Life will provide with the tools that we need. Every moment is an opportunity to discover things about ourselves for the ones who are aware, conscious.

The chances are plentiful, but only by passing one particular test in life, we could be able to move on to the next… Just like in school.
Life is the greatest school of all. 🙂