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Experience your own immortality


The point of reference is our own immortality.
Until our consciousness is able to perceive that, we will be immersed in the world of fear and beliefs.

Everything in life changes. There is no belief, which could be the “holy truth” for our perception will be tinted by our consciousness at a particular time.

That consciousness will naturally change. That is the tendency, unless we are willing to stop our inner growth by following a dogmatic practice.

Beliefs are not “bad.” They have their timing like anything in life. If a belief is constant, then there is no opportunity to meet life as it is, but rather as we think it should be.

“Intelligence” (as defined in the office world) is merely information gathering combined with analytical, logical thinking. Those skills are useful in the “office world” but when it comes to life, those skills are just rudimentary skills which are not truly useful for a different understanding or consciousness.

If we are aware of our immortality many types of suffering and fears will be automatically dismissed.

“End of the world” beliefs will not matter once we know that everything continues yet in a different form or shape, but consciousness “is” and remains changing.
Matter changes as well. It cannot be destroyed or created. It is “what is.”

Someone who I know (Phil) experienced the death of his mother a few months ago. Yesterday, his fiancée from many years had a massive heart attack.

Phil is devastated.
Phil is a very “intelligent” man. He has answers for everything in the “office world” and he has a sound judgment on things.

When it comes to life beyond the “office,” Phil is helpless.
Even though there is death and dying from a form in a physical way, everything continues on.

We are tourists in life and our attachment to things causes unnecessary suffering.
We don’t want for life to change even though we understand that life is change.
Isn’t that the ultimate in irrationality? 🙂

There is no belief system that will give Phil comfort. There is no connection with God that could give him back what he wants and misses.

If Phil could have a different consciousness, a different way to celebrate the changes in life… then those deaths could have a different meaning.
It is not a “loss” for it was never meant to be a “gain.”

Celebrate the moment, Phil! Accept it and move on with enjoyment of that change.

Hopefully Phil, could recognize someday that enjoyment of “what is” … is not a belief, but a different way of seeing this beautiful life, when many things happen as in a movie, but there is no plot in itself, that is unless I make up one.

My plot will be as “I am.”

The intelligence of Nature


Have you seen ducks flying in V-formation by the beach?
It is one of those wonders of Nature. Their formation is not linear as in a peloton of bicycle riders; the ducks place themselves a bit below the duck in front.

That “V” formation will change slowly but it works in unison. Scientists, who wonder “why” out of everything in life, have “discovered” that this formation preserves the energy of the ducks. It is great aerodynamics! The ducks rotate their positions cyclically with the front duck.

Military flight missions have copied this formation from ducks and geese, in their flight “missions.”

I wonder, how is it possible for “uneducated” ducks to have learned those things? Is there an “Embry Riddle Aeronautical University” for ducks and geese? 🙂

A duck “knows” this.
Flying is not separate from being a duck. In human language that knowing of animals have been simplified with the label: “instinct,” for in that way we could avoid using the term “intelligent” to refer to these animals.
However, that intelligence truly belongs to Nature, which manifests in a particular form such as a “duck” form, which in turn has a “mission” to perform something for the Totality, the common good.

How could we see this intelligence in “action”?
For example, when predators and prey live in the same location, there will be a balance in their population. We call that “instinct” but again it is the intelligence of Nature.

On the other hand, intelligent, highly educated human beings have no clue about the balancing act of living in the Totality.
Overpopulation is the “proof” of that.

How is it possible for a highly intelligent human being who is highly informed through “Wikipedia” and who “invents” cool things to keep us “communicated” in a global environment, to overlook the “basics” in living in balance in our world?

Mr. $$: Listen, Jeeves. I want a house there.
Jeeves: But, Sir… that is a place where many wild animals live.
Mr. $$: I don’t care. I want my house there… I want to build something to show the world who I am. Animals and the wild will not stop me. There is no Tarzan here to do that…

Somehow, at one moment in history; a human being decided not to listen to that “intelligence” coming from Nature. He decided to separate himself from Nature as 2 different things and “created” a different world, which he named “Progress.”

As the human being noticed its own isolation from the Totality, then different ways to “connect” again were “invented.” (Religion, morality, laws, philosophies, dogmas, etc.)

Because that progress wasn’t giving happiness to him.

Have you seen an unhappy bird?
What about “angry birds”? 🙂 Perhaps only in the human imagination.

I have seen birds caged by human beings, just to be put someplace in a home. Humans may say that they “love” birds so they can look at them and hear their morning songs… A jailed innocent bird who would rather fly, free as it was meant to be! That human “love” is obviously neurotic.

That is a human being who is afraid of being in Nature so he can appreciate that bird, untouched in the wild. That is the human being who would rather buy a CD with “Sounds of Nature” in it rather than stepping out of “his home.”
It is that isolation from Nature, which has destroyed our sensibility to appreciate beauty… in turn we have learned to possess it, to “have it” (we call that love) and to dispose of it when it no longer serves our purposes.

That ego-centered way of relating with Nature will have its consequences.
We cannot deny where we belong to. We can believe in something “out of this world” to “spruce up” our ego, but the very basic of living life does not reside in isolation of the human species from everything else.

Too many beliefs. Too much thinking which brings separation. Those things are not allowing us to hear the inner voice of “intelligence,” which has been always there.
That is where we may need to learn to “connect” again.

Fixed in the “truth”…

Life stages

If we were truly aware and conscious we could perceive that we are never the same, thus even though there is a “me,” in another reality there is “none” that “I” could call “me.”

That is how “emptiness” comes into “being.” Someone may affirm, “We are empty.” 🙂

What is the truth?

Are we something, no one, several … 🙂 There must be an answer, the only “true” answer someplace…

Out of that simple inner question, at least 3 religions could be born…if not more… 🙂

Why is this?
Simply because we have our minds fixed that the “truth” is some concept. Something that we could write and worship. Something that we could speak and “convert others.”

We could die believing and fighting for any of those concepts. Our life could be full of fights but none of those concepts can “give us anything.”
Nothing at all.

Nevertheless, the history of the world is full of fights due mostly to ingrained conceptual living. Due to a belief about something that we call “truth” and that we are willing to die for it.
Others may call “my belief” as greed. Others may call it something else.

We may believe that to be firm with our beliefs no matter what, is synonymous with “greatness.” An example for “others” to follow.
My statue will be placed somewhere when I die so people can “remember” me. I am such an example! 🙂

A society will push their ideas and ideals as traditions. In other words, “this is the way we do things around here.” That “way” becomes another “truth” to worship and to praise.

Avyakt7 is not saying that those things are “bad.” Avyakt7 is merely pointing out how something becomes a “truth” to believe in.
Beliefs are not “bad.” They are just beliefs.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Does he truly exist?

Meaningless questions.

Because it just depends in your state of consciousness to “see” something or not. A child is not less intelligent than an adult. He just has a different consciousness.

Have you taken your picture with Santa? Have you received gifts from Santa?
Heck, I was even Santa at one point in my career to cater to my little cousin’s beliefs. Of course, after he saw such as skinny Santa who did not have the traditional deep “Ho, Ho, Ho!” voice who happen to look like his cousin… He may have been a bit disappointed until he saw the gifts I brought… He said to me after I took the Santa apparel off: “You were Santa.”
Then I emphatically said “No!!.”
what do you think, did i lie to him? 🙂
If you understood the first paragraph in the article, rigorously, I did not. In the common mainstream, collective consciousness.. I did lie…and for that I should be “punished.”
However… I saved his belief… 🙂
He had this look in his face that showed some doubt in his assessment…
Uff!! I thought in relief… his belief is intact. He got gifts after all… and that is the main focus of the Santa deal…
However, it is my understanding that this belief vanished from his mind as years went by…

What is so important about this belief?
Ask any parent who have kids in the Santa age group. To receive a gift from your own parents is not big deal. But a gift from a magical figure who is thinking about you and who feels that you are a great kid…That is something!

Do you believe that “Avyakt7” exists? 🙂
Who among you know Avyakt7?
No one. Not even “me.” 🙂
But some may believe that they truly know Avyakt7.
See? 🙂
Now the million dollar question: Is avyakt7 for “real”? 🙂

The intelligence of Consciousness


Intelligence is related with Consciousness.
But it is not the intelligence that it is known in the world of “business.”

We cannot define intelligence as the dictionary tells us: “The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills,” for intelligence is not something that could be “acquired” by someone nor “knowledge” is static or dogmatic.
It is evolving with our experiences.

In our society we have the common understanding that someone “intelligent” is someone who has lots of information, able to use language in a sophisticated manner and who can solve “problems” by applying that theoretical “know-how.” 🙂

The above is what a computer can do. That is not intelligence. It is a mechanical use of information.

Intelligence has nothing to do with acquiring information. Someone who is intelligent is someone who is able to see things “out of the box.”

That vision “out of the box” means greater consciousness. “Out of the box” means to go beyond the framework of beliefs, traditions and common understanding. All of those cultural limits are observed but not rejected. Those limits have the potential to move, to open up according to the circumstances.

When there is lack of “openness,” someone who may be able to look at things from a different perspective; may feel affected if he is not understood. His reaction will be to reject other positions. To be “closed” to them.

Timing is a very important variable in intelligence for everything has its “right time.”

When there is no sense of timing, a great idea maybe a “bad” one when the time is not ripe enough. A fruit tastes delicious at a particular time.

Spirituality beyond religious dogmas, opens our intuition and sensibility to “tune in,” to know without keeping “knowledge” in our minds.

That is for sure a non-definable intelligence. Something that could not be taught in our educational system when what is important, is to teach students “how to think.”

Intelligence is beyond thinking. It is “pure” consciousness. In that consciousness there is acceptance of everything without rejection by always seeing possibilities.

For example, we have been told that light exists. We believe that. We say that we “see light” therefore, it exists. There is no need for “proof.”

Scientists use measurements based on the “speed of light.” – “That galaxy is 200 light years from us…” That sounds pretty “intelligent.” 🙂

Light does not exist.
That is a crazy thought!

Our eyes have the ability to “see” light, that is to interpret “something” as light, but that does not mean that light is a “reality.”

Here a couple of links for the explanation of the above.
“Light absolutely does not exist”

“The fundamental nature of light”

Someone who had an “investment” in the idea that “light exists” may reject the above. His consciousness will be closed to any other idea, opinion or view.

His brain/ computer has the “wrong” knowledge!
Wrong input!!
To accept that his “knowledge” was “wrong” becomes an existential issue. A matter of pride rather than amusement.

Now…going into more “spiritual” themes… 😉

Sometimes “smart people” can ask the wrong questions.
“What is the exact mechanism for the working of the law of karma?” 🙂
These individuals believe that life is analysis. Their consciousness believe that the “law of karma” could be divided into “parts” and every “part” dissected like the parts of a watch.
Their consciousness is engaged in the world of logic and analysis.
Nevertheless, something referred to as the “law of karma” does not exist under a different consciousness.

“Karma” as action, just means experiences.
Those experiences are neither “good” nor “bad” for a different consciousness who is able to perceive his own eternity. When our consciousness is limited by prejudices, beliefs and concepts; then it is easy to apply the words “good,” and “bad” to make differences, to accept and to reject.

Many religions talk about a “doomsday” or “destruction.” Their followers may be scared to death by listening to that. The consciousness of those followers is limited by their beliefs and fears. Someone who has experienced his own eternity cannot be scared by those words.
Eternity is not an idea. It is being….

Being in a different consciousness, a different intelligence.

The world of words and concepts are not the real thing, just like a name or label is not the “thing.”
Nevertheless, when we rely heavily in our minds, thoughts and ideas; the world of concepts, definitions and labels become our only “reality.”

That is the illusion.

Who has the truth?


If someone could explain to you what is the truth about God, our existence on Earth, the “reason” as to why we are here, what happens after we die, where do we go and what we do, etc, etc…etc.

Would you believe that to be the truth? 🙂

Are you sure that you can understand the “truth”?

Certainly, you are a very intelligent human being. Up to date with all the information out there and the latest scientific discoveries… you have the brain of Mr. Spock, capable of reciting the latest accurate data out of logical and reasonable input… Einstein’s insight is equal to a middle school kid compared to yours… 🙂

Please see that our human ways, what we value in our society, what we have been taught to worship such as our intellectual capacity, understanding and reasoning may not be valid “tools” to understand the “truth.”
That is a healthy doubt, ladies and gentlemen.

“Human ways” does not mean that the Universe works under those premises.

In our society we tend to misname the “truth” as “facts.”

“Nothing but the facts, man..” has been interpreted as “truth.”

Spiritually speaking, it does not matter who is speaking the “facts,” unless those words have been experienced in “real” life; there is not a chance to know anything at all but just to hear words to repeat and believe…
“I believe.” 🙂

“After you die, you either go to heaven or hell.
Time does not exist. We are timeless.
Everything repeats identically. Eternal return.
You are not the body. You are a spirit, a soul.
You will be resurrected by God with your body and will live for ever in Paradise.

We know God. God is speaking to us.
We know God. We have in these scriptures, the “words” of God.”

In the plethora of “truths” which are somehow different, what do you believe and why? 🙂

Every religion has a set of beliefs. We believe in this and that.
Is that the truth? Are we concerned only in following beliefs and facts or are we truly concerned in “truth” ? 🙂

Words and mystical stories, well written scriptures can only attempt to give us ‘facts.’ In fact, 🙂 the beliefs of different religions are different because of their own beliefs about those ‘facts.’

Facts are great for a history book. Facts are great for a geography book. Facts are good in mathematics, logic, reasoning…. However, none of those facts from none of those branches of human knowledge can convey truth.

Truth can make a human being truthful. Facts cannot do that change.
When a human being lives his truth, all the “why’s” type of questions are over. They are meaningless.

Do you know “why?” 🙂

Because the search for facts does not feed our hunger for inner fulfillment.

All verbal answers will only bring another set of beliefs to believe in.
Verbal answers could bring facts, but never truth.

When a human being is free from his own baggage, his own hang ups, and when he is mentally and emotionally balanced; the question of certainty of a “tomorrow” in heaven or hell does not arise mentally and verbally; for words cannot answer questions which have not been experienced.

All we have left are just beliefs.
“We believe” will add number of believers, but never truth.

When a human being lives life to the fullest, that is in a balanced, harmonious relationship with all; then this experience is the answer to all questions.

There is no doubt about “tomorrow” when today is a full day. There is no need for beliefs, when our own harmony and balance has certainty of a bright day today and because of that, tomorrow.

The ‘facts’ of different belief systems are just meant to make us see the world and our lives under a particular perspective, so we could discover that which cannot be spoken of, that which cannot be transmitted to another human being; which is our own self realization.

To know ourselves.

Once the belief system, whatever may that be; has been able to produce a human being who is looking at/ understanding his own self, then that belief system has been useful to that person. Otherwise, it is just a source of dependency, a source of more beliefs, a source of ‘facts’ from a limited perspective, which is one sided, incomplete and then misunderstood.

If someone tells you that you will be going to heaven, would that make you “sure” of that?
Wouldn’t you have any doubts, even if “God” told you that? Wouldn’t you be trying to make sure that “your belief in God,” is truly “God,” “The God”? 🙂

How is it possible for that doubt to go away? 🙂

When you discover heaven now, in your own life. Now.
That is the beginning and the end of every belief system.

Caught up in words to explain Spirituality

Nuage de mots - Spiritualité

When explaining Spirituality in words, we may need to be aware of the issues related with language.

In this blog it has been shared 3 different levels of consciousness. The great majority of individuals will “understand” spirituality at the first level; the thought level: The reasonable, analytical, logical level. Most societies in the “modern” world have been trained at this level.

Nevertheless, this first level is the furthest away from the experience of Spiritual “reality.” It relies heavily in language.

A spiritual teachings such as: “There is no-self” cannot be understood rationally when our thoughts are occupied in asking the question of “who am I?”

“Doing nothing doing, you get things done.”
This will baffle a rational, logical mind.

Logic and reason can be “unreasonable” if we are just led by language alone.

Let us say that I don’t know what the word “intelligent” means. I have not experienced “intelligence.” 🙂
Then I hear a “spiritual” belief:
“Man is the intelligent creation of God.”
Without having experienced what “intelligence” is, someone may assume the representation of that word.

Then I hear, “ The Devil is very intelligent. Be careful.”

The word “Intelligence,” still remains a puzzle.

How do we know what “is” intelligence?
Perhaps when we define the word by using more words, such as a looking the word up in the dictionary?

No. Knowing is different than having a concept, a meaning. We “think” we know “intelligence” when there is the experience of comparing ourselves with another based on a belief.

“She is beautiful, but dumb.”
“He is handsome, but stupid.”
The point of reference is “Me” the “Judge” believing things.
There is comparison.

What is the difference between “dumb” and “stupid”?
Depth. 🙂

Still the word “intelligence” is not understood and that is why, its “opposite” is brought to the “rescue.” We think that by denying its opposite, we will know what “intelligence” is.

Nothing could be more delusional than being trapped in words when dealing with Spirituality.

Please see that words are completely empty and just depend on the significance that we may assume based on our own experience and perception.

Now, let us try the same exercise with the word “love.”

“Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, [love] is not pompous, it is not inflated It is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

The above belongs to St. Paul. Notice how he pretends to “define” love by saying “what is not.”
If love is patience and kindness then why not call patience and kindness, love? 🙂

See the problem with language?

The concept of love is not related with what actually love is.

Spirituality is not a concept. A religion is conceptual. It is based on beliefs.

As we peel off all the layers of ideas and words from our minds, there is the chance to know something different, which otherwise will be covered with the lame world of concepts and definitions.

Can you practice love? Can you “make effort” to love?
Then, that is not love. It is just an “idea” of it.

The word “love” cannot be defined, for if we do; we are not covering its totality; its fullness. This is the issue with Spirituality. Words cannot fully express it.
Spirituality is not a study, a subject matter. It is a journey. It is a discovery.

Questions by Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Can you please explain the today’s avyakt vani (15-09-2013)…and I also request you from the bottom of my heart to please explain the every sundays avyakt vani. This is my email xxxxxxxxx.Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Dear reader,
Thank you for submitting your request. Please bear in mind that this blog is no longer about the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about Spirituality in general and for the common good.
The “common good” in your case, could be for you to share the points that you would like additional explanation along with your own realizations, then avyakt7 will share his insight. Avyakt7 does not want to play the role of “authority of Brahma Kumaris Gyan,” for that, there are other people which every religion has a source of elucidation. Avyakt7 is a spiritual walker, but avyakt7 is not the “traditional” spiritual walker. Avyakt7 will not fish for you, but avyakt7 can share his experiences about fishing, so you could make your own. Thus, as long as you send me your points and your own realizations, Avyakt7 will give his personal insights.

That is the deal.. 🙂

Best wishes!

2.dear avyakt7, I am willing to know abt what is cosmic intelligence ? how it works ?

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question.
I have heard that term from Osho, when speaking about consciousness: Individual, collective and cosmic intelligence, I believe. This is just out of what I recall.

Cosmic intelligence is what in Brahma Kumaris is known as the “Drama,” what in Taoism is known as the “Tao,” what in Christianity and monotheistic religions is known as “God’s creation and God’s will.”
Different terms, similar meaning.
How it works?
It is what it is. Because it is “natural” there is no explanation for it, but there are words to describe it. It is the interplay of nothingness and beingness. The interplay of duality which is neither “this nor that,” but both. It is the creation and destruction of itself in time. When you are in that consciousness for you are part of it: individual, but yet interdependent; then you are poetry with all; you are a verse of unity on that poem, you are a “uni-verse.” (cosmos.)

If the above does not make much sense, that is because it is meant to be like that. Only the experience of that unity can be known and then understood. It cannot be understood if it has never been known.

Best wishes!

3. Three fundamental questions. 1.God says ” Remember me and your sins will be absolved- How? 2. You sit down in front of me and tell me your story of this birth I will take 50% of your sins 3. You take power from the father? – Process please- because just by sitting in meditation and taking power from the father and feeling that you are taking power ain’t helping. I have got answers from people but do not seem convincing. Would be nice to hear from you Avyakt7.

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question!
The above is your belief and at the same time you mention that it is not working for you. Then, my questions are: What do you want to accomplish? Why? If it is not working for you, are you willing to change?

Do you want your “sins” to be absolved? Is that what it is? Do you know what specific “sins” you want to be absolved? If not, how would you know when those “sins” have been absolved? 🙂 How do you know if there is something else left?
Please consider those questions seriously and please reply back with your answers.

Best wishes!

4. The below email is from a female BK who had the chance to know a BK male in close proximity. Before she used to deal with him at a distance only. They have been in very good relations ever since.
With her permission, her email is being cut off to protect her privacy and shared for the “common good.”

…But, now I can see that there is a shift happening in our relationship. It is becoming lokik from alokik (worldly from spiritual) in many sense, and that purity is no more in a relationship (I am talking in a thought level). The more I try to resist him in actions, the stronger it persists in thoughts. But, I feel that we both need some space from each other because it is affecting our pursharth..(Spiritual efforts). But how to go about it. If I resist him in any way, the mind persist him in everyway….And if I don’t, then those feelings become stronger. Which way to go? I have many more personal issues in my life and I am not able to concentrate on them because it takes all my attention….its like my mind remains all the time busy with this new feeling…. I feel I am getting away from my self…first, I used to be his friend and now he is my best friend and I feel the need to share everything with him. Being aware of all this, how to control this. Just watching and observing is not of much help!!

Thanks and looking forward for your reply!

Dear reader,
Thank you for allowing me to share your email. As mentioned and for future reference to all, Avyakt7 does not wish to be engaged in giving personal advice to anyone; but if someone is willing to share a situation for the common benefit of all, then; by all means that email will be answered.

You mentioned that “Just watching and observing is not of much help.”
I need to reply that “watching and observing” is all that is needed. for then you will know what to do. If you truly watch and observe yourself, you could perceive that change in feelings. You could perceive your change on thoughts, you could see how your mind is pursuing that person. You could see how those new sensations are taking up your time and energy. Is him the culprit?
NO. It is you on your side of things.

If you have observed yourself, you can see that you have a belief. You call yourself a BK. You try to maintain that “purity” but you are finding out that “purity” by avoidance is not “purity” at all. Once the male energy is in contact with female energy and there is a “click,” then “nature” starts and beliefs fade away.

You can repress and close the door, but I assure that your issues have been postponed only. There will not be “purity” there but just a belief that there is.

That is why Baba comes as the “husband” for all the females. In this way, that feeling of love could overcome that desire. The issue is that many times that love is not true from many, it is not honest. If you haven’t felt a relationship with Baba, then what are you going to love?
An idea. That is the issue.

That is why, “closing doors” has been the best policy, but honesty is a better one.

If you stop pretending, then you will find out what you actually feel. If what you feel is about extinguishing the hormonal passion through an experience with him; then you know that at the end of that experience you will not feel good about it. Once the passionate experience is felt, then “reality” comes. The “dream” vanishes.

Here is avyakt7’s rule of thumb:
If you have been in BK knowledge for at least 10 years and you are in your 40’s and you have not conquered sex lust, then you need to wonder, What have you been doing in all that time? When you reach your 40’s you know better. You are no longer a little kid. The hormones should be realized by then and you should have figure out how they work in you.

This is what observation brings. If you are not 40 yet, then perhaps you should wait if your belief is important for you.
Perhaps something should be expressed to the other person in a mature talk without trying to hide feelings. Just let him know what you feel and what you want in your life. Don’t play tricks with yourself. Be honest in what you want.

If you want to maintain celibacy and you have not conquered sex-lust and the BK male hasn’t done that either (you will find out by just observing him, feeling the vibes or just by asking – Now you see how important observation is?) then you are kidding yourself. Celibacy will not happen.

Your honesty is of paramount importance. Decide what you want in your spiritual life and see where you are.

On the other hand, if sex lust has been conquered, there is no reason to suppress in your life to know someone if you wish to. Experience. However, just know that if the other person expects to indulge in a sexual relationship with you, then you will have to deal with his disappointment, anger and even insults if you decline.

If you are not ready to play with fire. Don’t risk yourself in getting burned.

If your feelings are of outmost care and you are not obsessed through hormonal games and mind trips about that person, then perhaps; you could discover something different, but it takes inner work, it takes OBSERVATION to know when we are ready.

One last item, please be aware that the above is coming from someone who is not experiencing the childhood stage of spirituality anymore, thus; in this stage inner observation is all there is, to be aware of the self is of paramount importance.

Best wishes!