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Same talk coming in. Different consciousness coming out.

It is the same talk with a different perspective and understanding.
Any Spiritual teaching coming from a teacher who has walked the path of a spiritual walker, comes with a perspective given by his own life experiences and circumstances. That background will become the way a teacher communicates his message.

Typically the problem comes with the one listening. Listeners most of the time do not understand that those words can only be pointers to a greater reality which needs to be discovered by experience. Listeners will take those words as “the truth.”

Listeners will interpret things according to their own “reality,” their own consciousness, assuming that it is the same consciousness for all.

For example in the teaching: “…You will receive a number on the basis of your remaining unshakable in the midst of an atmosphere of upheaval over a long time…. You should be able to stabilize your mind wherever you want for as long as you want.”

Robert listened to that teaching and wanted to put it in practice “right away,” to become “perfect.”
“God, my Guru, etc. is telling me that I need to practice being unshakable no matter what.” The next day Robert locks himself out of his car, he becomes distressed. Thoughts come into his mind. He is worried, angry and moody. Robert “forgets” that he needs to be “unshakable.”

The following day, someone insults Robert. This time, Robert takes his time and remembers the teaching. He appeared to remain “unshakeable” during the “test.” Robert thought that he “passed.” Nevertheless, at night he started thinking about the incident, recalling it and thinking “why” that happened. Robert changed the scenario in his mind and thought about the things that he should have said instead. Robert felt distressed.

Because Robert’s idea of change does not correspond with who he “is,” then that change is just fictitious, it is not real. It only works when Robert “remembers,” and only for a short time after that.
Because Robert does not have the experience of serenity and peace within himself, Robert will pretend all his life to be “unshakable.”

With a different consciousness, we could clearly see that feeling serene and peaceful is something that happens once we experience that inner silence and cultivate that in our lives. That is, when we prioritize these experiences so they occur often. Being at peace has many layers, many levels; perhaps at a deeper level when the “built in” personality is disappearing, at that level all fears disappear, because there is the experience of oneness with everything; there is the experience that “I” am in everything that exists. Since peace is truly my “natural” nature as it is recognized and experienced; then there will not be a need to practice anything artificial, no need to “remember” anything.

That is why all truth is in the discovery of our true nature.

This experience of oneness is explained in different ways by different individuals.
For instance, for a Buddhist it will be about “emptiness.” That is emptiness of a personality. Zen Buddhists will talk about “inter-beingness” to represent that everyone is part of that oneness, and thus; the idea of individuality is not “real.”

A Sanyassin will talk about “omnipresence.” To refer to this source of inter-beingness, to be located everywhere, “gluing” all together, they will call that “God.”
Taoist, will refer to this omnipresence, emptiness and inter-beingness as “the Tao.”
In Brahma Kumaris, that inter-beingness, that omnipresence is represented by the word “Drama.” Everything that exists is part of it. Everything. There is no sense of individuality for there is interdependence of all things.

However, when our consciousness is not ready to grasp the above, we need to rely on the sense of individuality. Then everyone is a full individual without any relationship with everything else. God is another individual, separated from everyone else. In this consciousness, there is the “other.”

There is “me,” “I” and “myself.” Three crazy guys trying to grab life for whatever “they” think is worth grabbing for. Spirituality here is about enhancing the awareness of “I” and the ego.

Avyakt7 is stating that according to our consciousness we will be able to understand. Please see that avyakt7 is not saying “mis-understand,” for every level of consciousness has its own truth, what people are able to “see,” and their “reality” is “real” for them… but no for someone else… 🙂

When a “concept” is all that matters, many individuals will get stuck with the word “omnipresence” and “individuality.” These individuals do not realize that all they see is their own physicality extrapolated into something which they are not capable to fully appreciate, and that is the extent of God or the Divine. Here is when differentiation occurs and many religions are born. Paradoxically, those religions will talk about the same experience of “togetherness,” under different perspectives of consciousness.

However, because for most believers, their talk is not consistent with their experience, their consciousness; even though the talk about “brotherhood,” “togetherness,” a “worldly family,” etc. is used; in the practical aspect, it is all a performance.

There is no honesty there.

Mathias: It is the movie of the moving Ocean. The ripple arises believing to be different than the Ocean itself. That is an illusion. That is what we call ego. That ripple will return into the Ocean again. That is death.
A different ripple will be born again. The ripple’s life time will be about enhancing ego driven illusions, that ripple will go back to the Ocean just as the other ripple who spent his lifetime trying to find his “real self.” 🙂
Ananda: Ah! There is no self!! It is an illusion…
Mathias: Self and no-self. Form and form-less. Isn’t that duality? 🙂
Ananda: Yes, that is duality.
Mathias: Words express duality. Understanding is beyond words and ideas.