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Return to your origins – By Mathias

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Raysha was reunited with her friend Mathias, the wise tree.
In their conversation, Raysha was experiencing a problem with a woman. The issue was related with loyalty and distrust.

Raysha : Why is it said that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman?

Mathias : When a woman has mistrust, pain or internal voids , then it is difficult for her to be loyal to another woman.
However, that pain can become the key to a ¨rebirth¨ because it stimulates the participant to deepen inside and evacuate all fears, inoculated through mental or physical words.

Raysha thought about the answer and then asked:
Is that internal void equal to what is known as being empty or emptiness?

Mathias: No

Raysha: What is Emptiness?

Mathias replied:
Emptiness is the most delightful experience because it develops the female part, that is creativity in the art of ¨decorating ¨ the new. For something to be ¨new, ¨ it has to be empty. When the self is empty is has space for new decorations with that which comes in our life as newness.

The skill to match ¨colors¨ depends on your self-assurance and desire to risk when conscious that everything from the past is already lost.

Raysha : What do you call distrust ?

Mathias : Distrust allows you to ¨learn to bail .¨ (rhyme in Spanish ¨desconfianza¨= distrust and ¨fianza¨= to bail.) This means that despite the error, you might be free again.

The time which has been experienced as a ¨prison¨ was just a moment to stop in the race of ¨obsession.¨
Distrust also brings new reasons for caution.

Thanks to this, there is development of harmonic movement, which carries a natural connection with the atmosphere; that is the connection with the environment, with Nature.