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Question: Ambitions and being introverted in life

“brother, if a person is introvert not being social much…is limited in his student life. he has a bigger ambition, bigger dream as he not shows up in general. then suddenly one day he is introduced to gyan…getting advice and order to remain introvert. in the process his force of ambition which has become a much big plant as he didnt used it earlier…is much higher than the normal. to be more clear suppose one was spiritual from the beginning, so he got the vibes from others that “tech” is not for you. he soon felt the vibes of yes something lacking…now he want to go even ahead of normal..but what sould be the ambition? aim? why he should do it now? (as gyan explains truth does not need to be proved) …but still the “tech” part of him is not the truth. what should be his approach to make it truth not in terms of proving but to fill the space.”

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question!

Will try to follow your question the best I can. There are some things which may need to be clarified.

Being “introverted” in Spirituality does not have the same meaning as being “introverted” in life; that is being “shy.” Spiritual “introversion” means to clear the mind from emitting “noise.” That inner chatter. Those multiple personalities talking to “us,” so we can listen the “heart” rather than just others.

As mentioned before, “doing” is not the main goal for a spiritual awake person. It is “being.” In that sense many will “do” according to their level of awareness. Many times we are happy to listen to others, but we seldom listen to ourselves. Knowing is in that, once the inner “noise” is gone.

An ambition is a desire. Some may have this ambition to be “someone.” You can take the time and resources that life has given you to pursue that. Many find that once they reach those “goals” they are ready for something else, so their lives are a constant “hop” from goal to goal. They may say that their satisfaction is to go from goal to goal, that is jumping from one place into another.

For others, that is meaningless, for at the spiritual level we realize the importance of this time and to be awaken.

Therefore, that is the decision that this person in your example will need to make.

Our primary purpose usually is to find meaning in life. That can happen at the highest level once self realization is experienced. Our secondary purpose is the “doing,” the job, the work, etc. Once we understand this priority, things will fall into place by themselves.

Best wishes!

Question: Staying alone by yourself gives you immense opportunities to go more closer to yourself, can be challenging too at times. I have realized that when I am in company of others, or taking up something to “do” a service, a retreat, an office project, out for a vacation with friends or family, like whenever on with something new or busy with something or someone, there is a natural sense of zeal, enthusiasm and happiness, but as soon as I came back to my place on my own, I feel the inner temperature of soul going down, doing the mundane things like getting ready for work, cooking for self, eating alone doesn’t give me the same happiness and fulfillment. This is so deep, that I am myself amazed that being an extrovert and able to adjust and enjoy company of everyone, even the most difficult people, I am not enjoying my own company. With others, I feel a sense of sharing, belongingness and expression of self, and probably that’s what I miss being alone. How to make the journey of self more enjoyable and how to sustain the same zeal and enthusiasm for our daily activities? Any suggestions.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Living alone is the opportunity to look at the self. It is the opportunity to find out our emotions and how they direct our lives. Living alone is the opportunity to practice awareness of our own thoughts, our own feelings and to feel that “center,” the soul, that which is in itself what we are looking for but that we do not realize by being distracted by the outside world.

Without an understanding of the reason why we are living alone, there will not be an “objective.” We do not live alone just because we cannot find a BK center to take us or because we don’t want to live with the same gender companion.

When the objective is clear, then to eat is an opportunity to observe where my thoughts are going, what do I feel, if I eat with anxiety or anguish; that is the way of becoming aware, conscious, so those sanskaras go away permanently. “Remember me alone” starts with an awaken consciousness. It starts with the self. When you use every opportunity to do something worthwhile to discover the self, you will see that time is actually enjoyable, for there are times when you will have experiences with the self which will allow you to continue looking for more.

For instance, for me as soon as it starts becoming dark, I will shutdown the computer, the cellphone and that night is to eat and enjoy that in awareness and to walk by Nature afterwards and get recharged. A “thought-less” (no thinking) walk is healing. At that time when the “objective” is clear and you truly want to experiment with the self; time to be with yourself is valuable time.

Therefore, a clear objective is first.

Spirituality requires your utmost energy to be conscious, aware. Therefore, eat well, sleep good and learn to discern those activities which are superfluous in your life. Your time becomes precious. Until that hasn’t been experienced, you will be “in between.” You will be longing for company and people around you, just like a “normal” person.

However, this practice of “being alone” is not meant to be “alone” for all time but to be around people. That is the paradox.
That is how you will do “service” automatically, for that introversion will be noticeable, that strength of being awake will be noticeable and your interactions with others will be necessary, but not to “take” their company but to “give” your awareness.

The practice of living alone takes time. Once you have mastered it, life will give you different avenues. When opportunity knocks at your door, be ready to open it.

Best wishes!