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Question: s the pole shift &mayan philosophy says destruction happened just 2500 years back.Did it happened at end of silver age?did deity souls recieve any idea about it like we are getting now.how can they be part of that when they were in karmateet/life- liberated stage with negligible karmic accounts.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

It appears that being a BK soul and enjoying “21 births of happiness” comes with the price of “enjoying” 2 “destructions:” The one at the end of the confluence age between the Iron age and the Golden age along with other souls… and the one at the end of the Silver age, which is just for BK souls to “experience.” 🙂

Those destructions happen when “duality” starts and when “duality” finishes. Duality starts when body consciousness starts and it finishes when soul consciousness starts.

Best wishes!

Question: dear soul i am very happy to be able to read what all is written in this blog , i thank u and i thank baba.i came to gyan 4 years ago.i am muslim , a mother and married,and my marriage is a sucsse. i love my spiritual birth .murli is a food for the soul.my question ,:beeing in this confluence age, what does baba really mean by “stay in ur household , fullfill ur responsabilities, and remain pure” how can a wife remaine pur in baba’s eyes, and fulfil her reponsability ,toword her husband of the iron age? knowing that no one is right or wrong , it ‘s drama which is always perfect! i feel its a matter of consciousness, but still i want to be sur it’s not man mat!! thank u againe in baba’s love

Dear soul,

Thank you for your good question!

I feel that knowledge of this gyan is meant so we can trust our respective roles in life. We have been accepting advice from everyone else. Even we have been taught to listen to our “calculative” mind and its thoughts of “good and bad.”

This Gyan is practical. Dear soul, listen to your heart. The role is waiting to be heard. Not everyone is called in this life to do the same things. As you understand the concept of “numberwise,” just learn to listen to that inner voice of the heart, learn to develop it, learn to align with it. That is all.

Trying to follow words without knowing the spirit of those words, is like being stuck in a traffic light for hours, just because it shows the “red” color and because the “law” says that you never go across a “red light.” 🙂

Your responsibilities in life are according to your role and according to your circumstances. There is “timing” for everything. The fruit is ripe at a certain time and not when we want. We need to learn to wait, enjoy life as it is “right now” and follow our heart.

God would like you to be happy. God loves you “unconditionally.”
That is the God I know.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, you have said that we should not lead this Brahmin life out of repression. But then you lay great importance on the ‘Codes of Conduct’ in Brahmin life and say that we shouldn’t compromise on that at any cost if we want to continue with the Brahmin life. So, in order to do that, first we have to follow them by compulsion initially unless it becomes natural, right ? And beside this we have to continue increasing the experiences of soul consciousness, right ? Please also explain the word “accuracy” in following the maryadas. Thanks.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

Please do not take me literally. Experience things for yourself. I am just sharing my own experience with the issues that language brings in a generalized “black or white” world of understanding.. Yes, it is true that I mentioned about the need to follow the code of conduct to be “in the game.” As I mentioned before, that will keep our consciousness /awareness out of the “normal” consciousness of the Iron age. As you know, we are all numberwise, so what is accurate for you may not be for me. See? My circumstances, my experience with the maryadas, my belief in them, my health, etc, etc. all of that make your situation different than mine. Adjust accordingly, that is “accuracy” according to time and circumstances and capacity and not according to something written on a piece of paper.

For a Brahmin soul, the Maryadas should not be a “compulsory” thing. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t for me except for “amrit vela” (took some training) the other codes I was able to understand without compulsion.
Therefore, from my experience, there is compulsion only where understanding is lacking. As I mentioned before, “understanding” is not an intellectual exercise, but it is aligning words, thoughts/feelings and deeds on the same direction. For example if you say: “Celibacy is great,” if your thoughts/feelings are something like: ” i don’t think so,” then you actions will be “mixed,” and the stronger sanskaras will eventually take “leadership.” At that point, you are following celibacy out of compulsion. See?

At the end, you will not need to follow the Maryadas anymore… when they are part of you, in a “natural” way.

Best wishes!

There is a time for everything. Time to party and time to sleep…


As Brahmin souls, we typically go to bed at 10 PM and wake up at 3:30 AM. Typically. There are exceptions as we know, for it is numberwise.

Let us say that Carlos is a “nice guy.” A “Kali yug” soul who likes to “enjoy life.”
Carlos has a friend. His name is Anil. He is a Brahmin soul.

From Carlos’ perspective, Anil “bhai” is a good person. Very honest. Someone who Carlos can count on for anything he may need, especially; his “wise” advice on things, when Carlos gets in trouble.

Carlos is concerned about his friend Anil, though. For Anil does not have any fun at all. From Carlos’s view, Anil just meditates all day and talks about his invisible friend “Baba” and his knowledge.

Here is a typical dialogue between the 2 friends:
Carlos: “ Anil, there is a nice party tonight. I want you to come with me. It will be lots of fun… I mean…It will be a good opportunity for you to do “service.”…Come on, bud!”
Anil:” Thank you bro. You know that I cannot stay like you do, all night. I can only go with you for a couple of hours, then I need to go back home.”
Carlos: “ A couple of hours???… This is a party and not a funeral viewing…You are going to have fun. You’ll come home straight for your morning meditation. I promise, you will not miss it.!!!” 🙂
Anil: “Thank you, Bro. But maybe some other time. “
Carlos: “ But Anil… You live only once. Have some fun.!! For God’s sake… You are going to miss so much while you are playing the sleeping beauty, “part.” I am going to be dancing, talking, meeting new people and watching the beautiful sun appear in the horizon in the early morning.. then .. I will crash and have a good sleep…

Is Carlos right? Or is Anil right?

Anil will be a “golden age deity,” and be “awake” for most of the cycle. Carlos will not. Carlos will be playing “sleeping beauty” most of the “time” and then wake up towards the end to have “some fun.”
Is Carlos missing something or is Anil missing something in life?

I hear, “But Carlos will be sleeping for 4500 years until a prince kisses him and he will “wake up” then.”
🙂 There is no experience of time for a soul. Besides, Carlos will be “home.” Isn’t this the time to go “home”? Well, Carlos will be there taking a “long” nap and just as when we wake up after a good night sleep and it seems that rather than 5 hours of sleep, we slept for 30 minutes; similarly Carlos will feel the same. He will have all the energy to conquer the world, while a Brahmin soul will be in his “stage of retirement” when Carlos wakes up.

It is a matter of timing and perspective. It is relative.

Anil didn’t miss the party if he truly didn’t feel like going. His sleep was important for him.
Similarly in the Drama. No one loses anything. The perfection of this Drama is that we will go and “wake up” where we need to.

“The Golden and Silver age party” of 2500 years is not appealing for all; but just for Brahmin souls.
Take away the “nice labels” such as Golden age or Paradise or heaven… Call it just “Spring,” you will see that there is no more fights about who “truly goes to heaven.”

However, for Anil bhai; this is the time to “accumulate.”