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Question:: Dear Brother, My question is related to dealing with situations in life. I was staying with one girl for last 1 year with house agreement on both names (Me and her) and i should add that before this period, I supported her with the set up at my apartment. For the whole time, she was very good with me as a roommate and the time came when I had to shift to another city to complete my studies and for this I had to stay for one more month but the house agreement was renewed on her name. Suddenly, She says me that Within 2 days, you have to shift from this house on the basis of authority that the house agreement is on her name. My trust was broken and I have decided to pack my stuff the very next day and stayed at my friend’s house. But Now, everybody is blaming me that I should not have done like that and I have acted as a fool while I have done it because I didn’t want any quarrel and wanted to settle the karmic account if any remaining by forgiving that soul and I moved silently. Was this a right decision according to gyan?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, according to “pure gyan” what you have done is the “right thing,” because it is already done, over.

There is no going back and hopefully, you have truly forgotten that soul. Now, if the Drama brings a situation similar to that one in your life, perhaps the Drama is letting you know that something else may need to be done.

Life is not something that we can “pick right or wrong answers.” Life is not a “straight forward path” where we can discard everything that comes in our way because I have a written paragraph which I call “truth,” which I need to follow to the “dot.” One of the lessons that I have learned in life is that 2 similar situations may not have the same answer; for answers vary according to time (situation, circumstances.)

Many people love to take sides and by doing that, showing you that you are right or wrong and act like they know better. As soon as you share something where you put yourself in a “weak position,” you will find people jumping at you telling you what you need to do. This is the typical Guru style.

There are a couple of American idioms which expresses that: “Kick a dog while it’s down,” and “to be a Monday morning quarterback” (Typically, American Football is played on Sundays, and everyone becomes a “quarterback” -a player- who knows exactly what to do on a Monday morning, when the game is over.) 🙂

Finally, there is another saying: “Learn to choose your battles.” This “battle” may not have been worthwhile for you to fight. Others may tell you that you should have done it. But, “they are not you.” As long as you have that clear, you should be alright.

Best wishes!