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The leaf floating down the river of life


Living deals with the quality of our feelings.
In human history, a thought, an idea of “what should be” was the ingredient to repress feelings and with that, the mind entered in all affairs of human beings.

Religions, morality, governments and authorities came into existence as a way to point out the “way” for a society. That way was created through a thought, through the mind.

Tell someone not to do something and automatically, the drive to do it with greater force will appear.

Tell someone that cigarettes are what is needed to become rich and if commonly accepted, that idea; that mental concept will become the rule and the reality.

Tell someone that pleasure is “bad” and the urge to pursue pleasure will be inculcated.

Systems, organizations, societies are ruled by regulations which become dogmatic and unyielding… known as the “proper way” for people to survive as a society. Add the concept, that those rules are “the words of God,” and automatically a devilish way will appear… It will be hidden and will manifest in the shadows of our consciousness, it will linger and come out in the spare moments when the mind goes away…

Many individuals have realized the above for ages, but their realization led them into a reaction, that is a movement in the opposite direction, where chaos and “do what feels good,” came into existence; whatever “your mind thinks” is a go… Don’t you worry about a thing… 🙂

Obviously, in that reaction there is a hidden repression, there is a hidden opposition and rejection to what is.

Very few will realize that it is the mind putting yet another idea, another thought, another philosophy which merely represents a small fraction of the totality of life. Nevertheless, that “piece of the pie” could be named with the holiest names to allow for followers…

Any true change does not start as a “mass driven reaction,” a revolution, an “ism.” The change is not about rejecting our perception of what is there to embrace the opposite, or something else. That perceived change only deals with the mind, the thoughts, ideas and for that, they will always be limited and they cannot go along dynamically with the changes of time.

A human being needs to let the mind free to go, to freed himself from the rigidity of thought patterns and to embrace the spontaneity of feelings of appreciation and acceptance to all; that is enjoyment. It is in that space of emptiness when something new appears.

That newness cannot be put in words. It cannot be put into a dogma or a religious teaching, for the leaf floating down the river of life, does not have a rigid pattern or view of when or where it needs to be. It just flows, and to learn to flow in life means to trust, it means to let go of all beliefs and self-created stories.

When the leaf learns to be part of that totality; when the leaf does not look upon the river as something different than its own nature, when the leaf learns to relax, unwind and appreciate the path as a traveler of its own destiny; then at that moment; the unspoken, sacred newness will be born.

That leaf, will be born again.

Spirituality and beliefs

belief and think

Why are you a Christian? Why are you a Muslim?
Why are you a BK? Why are you a Buddhist?
If you take a look deeply at this simple question, you will discover a lot about yourself.

If your “ism” is only about beliefs to keep you together with “others” or if it is based on a particular experience; you may need to consider if those beliefs are there to teach you about yourself, that is the work of your own mind.

Why do you label yourself to fit into a “something” and separating yourself from everything else?
We mirror each other, we are inter-related.

“I want to help my heart by eating less fatty foods.” Do you think that the above phrase is correct? 🙂

You are not helping “your heart,” you are helping yourself for without your healthy heart; you wouldn’t exist.

True spirituality is not related with a belief system.

“They believe in this, and we believe in that” that phrase separates at the mental level. The same thing happens when we use other labels which imply separation.

“My buddies will do everything for me to help me while in war….” The “others” you are fighting against are not your buddies: They do not feel like you, they do not breathe like you, they do not have hopes like you. Only their minds have different ideas….

Please see the illusion of mental separation.

In true spirituality, unless we have not looked at our minds closely; we have not done anything to change our behaviors, attitudes and prejudices.

To consciously look at our own minds does not require a religious view or perspective, it does not require “help” from “up above” until we have given the first step of courage to see all of our own dogmas, rigid values, prejudices, traditions and ideas … until we realize that those ideas are making our own hell on Earth, until then; we will be separating things and people.

Anyone could believe in anything. Anyone could have a practice of anything; but the main goal of any discipline related with Spirituality is meant to look at all the lies inside our own heads; those thoughts that we believe in, those ideas, which make up the way we relate with humanity and the world.

Do you think that life is “logical”? Do you believe that God “thinks logically”? 🙂

Maybe, maybe not. You don’t know neither do I.

Why deal with beliefs then? Isn’t it more constructive to look at what we think and the way we think?

In true spirituality, the mind is first. We can know all the theory about “how it works.” We could describe the mind and its components. We can analyze that data and come up with wonderful theories about the mind. We can obtain prizes due to our original research… 🙂

All of that is of no value for the Spiritual being.

Take a look at yourself. Observe the movie within yourself. Do not believe in that movie. It is not real.

Just because it is only in your head. There are other missing items.

Life is not the movie that we carry with us in our minds.
See that all our own hang-ups, beliefs, ideas and prejudices are secluding us from the wonderful, thoughtless experience of life.

Do not deny your mind, just observe it. Be conscious about the things that are going on there without judging.
Just become aware that it is happening.

Being aware that is happening without believing in it, is the easiest way to move on from that trap of beliefs.

To become free from the rigidity of our own minds is the first step of courage, the first “real” work within ourselves.

Once that step is taken, to heal the emotions of the heart will be next. In this way, our vision will change totally without the opportunity of going back.

We will become a “new” human being.