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God, the Benefactor, is about to transform this world into a Land of Happiness. Want to know HOW? BY: BK. T.D Joseph

Article by: BK. T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

As the world situation is worsening day by day, it is natural to feel: How long will be this decline? For a person who is a sincere follower of Brahma Kumaris’ teachings, this question does not arise as he believes that the world would soon be transformed in to a place of happiness and peace.

Let us see how this is possible:
The BKs [Brahma Kumaris] are told to always carry, with them, a symbolic trident—consciousness of God, Soul and Drama. (Murli 26.12.1979) Living in remembrance of these three realities means living with correct perspective with regard to them, not distorted by the dusty/faulty mirror of the world or of our own minds. It involves the following:

1) One is ALWAYS CONSCIOUS that God, the Supreme Soul, is his Father, and he experiences His love and protection.

2) One is ALWAYS CONSCIOUS that he is His child, a soul, (not body); and is the exact representation of His Father’s very being. He enjoys an ever-increasing intimacy with Him, without being affected by anything that happens around him.

3) One is ALWAYS CONSCIOUS that every one is acting out his role in the Drama. [Drama essentially—not in the literal sense—means we are all actors in this eternal world drama acting out our roles based on each one’s unique sanskar or personality traits] This enables one to view himself as an impassionate, impartial and detached observer of the scenes around him, not an object of other’s actions. This means he never feels that he/she did this to me, and never feels like asking how and why they behave this way! Instead he develops the virtue and power to love and accommodate others unconditionally.

Everyone is inevitably faced with two situations in life—situation we can change, and situation we can not change. There is no point in worrying about things we can change—we simply need to change them. Again, there is no point in worrying about things we can not change—we simply need to accept them! Yet BKs are in an advantaged situation as they know that even the situation we can not change is also going to be soon changed by someone else! For example, world situation is deteriorating day by day in all its aspects. Unrighteousness and irreligiousness have assumed a monstrous form everywhere with even more and more leaders becoming scam-ridden. Yet an eternal decline is logically not possible as there exists a hedge, the very basic nature of God. At some point, God will intervene which is implied in the very name of God.

There is something common between well-known names such as Jesus, Jehova, and Shiva. These historical names contain a profound truth: an awareness of the world’s cycle of decline and the eventual reversal! Catholic Encyclopedia says “The word Jesus is the Latin form of the Greek Iesous, which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew Jeshua, or Joshua, or again Jehoshua, meaning “Jehovah is salvation.” Jesus himself testifies: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing.” (John 5:19) He was simply imitating his Heavenly Father. He copied his Father’s zeal, and using a whip violently removed the hypocrites and exploiters from temple repeatedly, which is symbolic of what God Himself will do in the future globally.—John 2:13-17; Mathew 21:12; compare Daniel 2:44 and 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 11:18.

When God, in connection with a planned deliverance, appeared to Moses in a flame of light, He Himself explained the meaning of His name, Jehova, as “I am that I am.” (Exodus 3:13) This is very simple to understand! Let us use a contrast now. When defrauded by someone, we say “he is not what he was,” meaning a change has now occurred in his character. But if we know someone as always faithful, we say “he is what he is, we can trust him.” Hence when God defined His name as “I am that I am” it has to do with His very basic character that will ALWAYS be there. What is He basically? And what is in Him that will NEVER change? Interestingly, Bible itself answers: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17) Thus He is the source of all goodness, The Supreme Benefactor, who will NEVER change.—Compare also Bhagavat Gita 11:32, 33; 14:27.

Therefore, God’s name means He is one who ALWAYS does good (JEHOVA in Hebrew, and SHIVA in Sanskrit). He is also called “Supreme Ruler of the Universe,” “the Father, Well-Wisher and the Friend of all beings” stressing further the basic character behind His illustrious name. (Bhagavat Gita 5:29; 9:17; 10:1). Being the Supreme Benefactor inherently carries also the idea of being “the guardian of eternal dharma [righteousness and religiousness].” (Gita 11:18) Hence God’s name presupposes that there can not be an eternal decline in the affairs of the world, but He WILL intervene at the right time.

This is the time God descends to teach, train, and guide His children. Irrespective of the innumerable religions that we have and the number of names that we have attributed to Him, He is just one: He is the Father of all the people on earth.

How fortunate we are as we are the generation that is going to see the switch-over to the Land of Peace and Happiness! Let us become alert and wise; let us follow the most elevated teachings of God and become His invaluable instruments in creating “Heaven on earth.”