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Oneness: The “new” consciousness


Every individual will have different experiences in Life.
Experiences are not meant to be “interpreted” they are meant to be “experienced.” Out of the internal assimilation of those experiences, a new consciousness will emerge. Not through understanding of words.

For example; we hear that “judgments” are “bad” or “good.”
The word “judgment” is interpreted in many ways according to the person’s experience.
“To judge is good, because it is to discern. By judging a person I can discern if the person is good or bad according to standard human moral values. Because I have judgment, I am liable for my actions.”

“To judge a person is “bad” because with that label we are defining his destiny in our minds.”
“You know, that Carl is a bad person…”
That judgment does not give the opportunity for Carl to change in our minds.

“God is the ultimate judge. We shouldn’t judge anyone. We are brothers and sisters of the same Father.”

Every single “reason” above is merely an interpretation of the word “Judgment.” Lost in thinking we could be open for many useless intellectual debates. Why useless? Because we are only lost in words and meanings of those words. We are lost in thinking …and thinking means automatic separation.
Is separation “bad”?
NO. It will just give us a state of consciousness.

Thinking is not “bad.” It has its place. If we want to enjoy Life and the different scenes, we may not want to use our “thinking” for that. We need to feel. Become intuitive.
When we live in the moment for instance, I may not feel right being close to a dog nearby. I may go away. End of report. The issue is when I “think”: “That dog is bad. I better go away.”
That judgment is through thinking. That thinking conveys labeling and separation. Once a label is placed, it is a very sticky one 🙂

Let me put this in another way.
When we are lost in the consciousness of “I,” then the separation is already there. “I am different than anyone else.”
If already my consciousness perceives that separation as a “fact,” how is it possible to live together as One or to love each other as religions try to teach?

In the consciousness of “I,” a higher moral figure is needed. A God.
“God is the father and we are brothers and sisters.”

This set up works marvelously in the consciousness of “I.”
“I” am still an individual but at the same time, “I” can relate to the idea of brotherhood, because for most individuals that is part of their Life experience. “I” can interpret that experience in a Godly setting.

God being the “father” means to obey him. The world is a family. “We are the world, we are the children.” How can I judge my brother? How can I judge my sister? God is the only one who can do that accurately.

Nice talk.

From that point on, every experience will be interpreted under that paradigm.

In another consciousness, we could perceive that thinking has brought that separation. We could perceive that a single individual is a partial fact for that individual exists in relationship with everything else, just as a tree exists because there is sun and water and sky and air, etc. The thinking mind however, has made that separation of individuality.

If we continue on with our inquiry, we may perceive that this “I” is part of everything there is, just like a drop of water is in the Ocean. The perception and awareness of being just the drop brings further separation from everything else.

Perhaps at one point, we could perceive Oneness.

Then, all the other concepts and words that separate items could be perceived as an illusion of language for that “new” consciousness, but yet understood as a “reality” for those still dwelling in thoughts and separation. The “I” consciousness.

In Oneness, there is no need to add the word God, to make the “I” separated from “him.” It is not a matter of a concept or a belief. In oneness we perceive oneness.
The “movie of life” is one movie. We cannot separate from it.

It is in that consciousness how the word “judgment” is meaningless.
Am I judging myself in Oneness? Isn’t that schizophrenic?

Therefore “moral values” such as “to judge is bad or good” are unnecessary.
Change through fear is unnecessary: “God will punish you if you judge your little brother.”
Comparisons are illusions of the “I.”
“I” am better. “We” are better.
– Everyone is as they are.

“We should be better.”
– Change is already built is this movie of Life.

“but we could change to become “worse”…”
– Suffering is a great teacher. You may learn not to reject it. It is a sure way to change consciousness without using the “training wheels” of beliefs.

“but this is the only time that we have to be better…”
– This is the only time we have to enjoy “what is.”

The thing is not to “become better” (that is to compare) but through enjoyment of “what is,” through appreciation of “what is,” through being thankful of “what is” …. what could happen?

Being “better?” 🙂

May you be “better” without looking to be “better.”

Until March 16th. Enjoy, appreciate and be thankful! That is to be ONE with the common good.

Cyber morality


Mitch bought a pair of tires for his bicycle on-line.
They were a good deal!
A week later an email confirmed that Mitch had already received the tires.

Mitch did not get anything. Mitch called the company a day later after going through their “black and white” system of questions on-line.
“Where is my stuff?” was the right selection to get the company to call Mitch within 5 minutes…

Ms. Bianca explained to Mitch that it was the policy of the company to wait for a week before sending a replacement order, for the tires could be with a neighbor! Nevertheless, she was going to send a replacement order immediately…Ms. Bianca emphasized that it would be appreciated if Mitch completed a survey about his experience on resolving this issue, which he should have in his email inbox in no time… 🙂

Mitch was happy. Mitch assured Ms. Bianca that he was going to complete the survey. Mitch was going to receive the tires exactly in a week!

Three days later, a neighbor showed up into Mitch’s place with the tires…

Mitch went to the website to stop the shipment of the replacement tires. He was able to find the “I don’t need the items” option in the system.
But… the items needed to arrive first before they were sent back AND because to return “something that Mitch didn’t need anymore” wasn’t the company’s “fault,” Mitch needed to pay the shipment back to them.

The moral/ethical question, ladies and gentleman is:
Should Mitch return the tires or not? 🙂

If a poll is open, we will have many “Yes” and many “No.”
Shall the “right” answer be “Yes and No”? 🙂
Certainly that cannot be the case.

Someone has to be “immoral” and the other side “moral.” 🙂

That is exactly how we label someone in any “big moral issue.” We judge. We think we are right.
Our belief is supported by some religious idea or some philosophy that we made up and labeled as “reason and logic.”

To be called “right or wrong” is of no consequence in living life, when we understand that every action has a return. Our human labeling has no consequence but to inflate or deflate someone’s ego.

Our morality based on “black or white” teachings that we have learned, could assure us that “we are right.”
Life however, could demonstrate otherwise… but we will not realize that or just overlook what is happening.

All we care about is to get the label: “ You are right, Mac!”

A week later, Mitch received a coupon to save money in his over due car oil change. The week after that, the passenger power window in his car wouldn’t open. Mitch drove the car to the dealer twice before it was fixed…however, his car was under warranty, and so he did not pay anything and got a free car wash… 🙂

Cause and effect in action… but humans are so caught up into being morally “right or wrong.”

By the way, what was Mitch’s decision?

That is a huge mystery to this day… 🙂

Question: Dear brother, Bkgyan and non-bkgyan advocates witness consciousness. Bkgyan also stresses on virtues, and 8 powers. How can we integrate the power of discrimination and judgement which focuses on judging good and bad which is contradictory to be witness consciousness. I am confused! Can you throw some light?


Thank you for your very good question!

Dear soul,

Discrimination and judgment appear to be contradictory of witness consciousness or being a “detached observer” but… they are not! Both of those “powers” are already included in witness consciousness in a more sophisticated way.

Let me elaborate and take the opportunity that your question brings to clarify some aspects from “my perspective.”

First, Spirituality is One. The division between BKgyan and non-BKgyan is artificial.
All souls will reach their most elevated stage. That is spirituality. That most elevated stage is not the same for everyone, that is; it is numberwise. Very important point to remember which only this knowledge has among any other spiritual knowledge.

The aim and objective of BK life is to go to the Golden age by fulfilling its “requisites.” Other souls do not have those requisites.

Do you think that Emperor Narayan will say in the Golden age: “Today I will use my power to tolerate.?” 🙂

Not a chance. The power to tolerate does not exist there. Neither the power to judge nor to discern.

Therefore, in a way the aim of having knowledge of those powers is to forget about them by being them. As we become more soul conscious through the experience of the soul, we will not need to be aware of any sort of “powers.” Those are mental constructs. Mental ideas for body conscious individuals to know something mentally for otherwise they wouldn’t have a clue on how to act spiritually.

For instance: A little girl hits a little boy. The little boy will hit that girl in return.
A moralizing parent will come and say to the little boy: ” Boys never hit a girl.” Then a concept has been “invented.” Let us call that Chivalry. Let us think the highest about it. Let us worship it. After a few days, that same girl hits the same boy. The boy will not do anything this time.

What is the boy doing? Tolerating. Even though the label he learned is called Chivalry, the boy is tolerating. Moreover, when that boy learns about religion, that boy will learn that to tolerate is “good,” so he ought to “practice it.”

See how the label appeared? The issue is that the boy gave pain in exchange of pain. Because that boy does not have the capacity to understand about the law of karma, and he hasn’t experienced soul consciousness nor mercy nor he has learned polite ways to respond with kindness; that boy needs something easy to understand. That in essence is the power to tolerate.

Isn’t that funny that something as the “power to cooperate” exists? I thought that to cooperate is “natural” and “normal.” Apparently, it is not for some human beings. They still need to be told to “cooperate.”

What about discrimination and judgment?
It is simply to learn to listen to your heart at the spiritual level.

That is it. Be honest and learn to listen to your heart. Without knowing how to “listen” without using the filter of our own vices; then we will need something else to keep us “safe.” That is, we need commandments, scriptures, steps to follow. That is usually what is known as “discrimination,” and “judgment.” We basically use our mental abilities, our thoughts to discriminate based on a written law.

The law says: Be celibate. Don’t indulge in sex lust. Therefore, anything that will lead us into that is “bad.” That is, we are discriminating, judging, etc. That is, we are saving ourselves from “sin.” (another keyword.)

On the other hand, once there is the inner understanding of how sex lust works and how duality works and at the same time, we are in tune with that inner self through higher feelings from the heart; we do not need those “moralizing” codes anymore. You could be near “temptations” but you will not give into them, for there is nothing tempting you. Nothing tempting you… 🙂 Either because that is not a temptation anymore or better yet, because there is no “you” to be tempted… 🙂 See?

As you can see, we started our journey with a need to recognize a power and then we finished without needing that power anymore.

That is when “witness consciousnesses” comes for at that point, we are beyond duality even though we understand it. When we are beyond duality, we do not need any of the 8 powers anymore.

When we are dealing with recognizing the 8 powers, we are going to a necessary step in Spiritual awareness, that is to understand the right behavior. However, we get stuck in following the behavior without knowing what was the reason for it.

What is the definition of the virtue called love?
Let me make a list of “virtues” and memorize their definitions so I can “practice” them.
At this level I am still using my mental abilities: “I should act this way or that way if I want to be loving based on my definition of love.” All thoughts, no heart; no feelings, no inner recognition but all is mental stuff, dead words.

I cannot know love that way. It is impossible.
But I will be happy on following my definition.

Dear soul, There are different levels of understanding spirituality. That understanding is not mental/intellectual but experiential.

To tolerate is good, but to love is better.
To cooperate is good but to be part of the solution is better.
To discriminate and judge is good but to learn to follow your heart is better.

The former (powers) will keep you safe from making costly mistakes, but the later (love, solutions, follow the heart) will allow you to fly. Addition comes first, before multiplication.

Best wishes!