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Question: OM SHANTI: I am BK Kushal from Nairobi,Kenya. I wanted to say that I want full details of the Seed, Kalpa Tree and the Eternal World Drama Cycle because I want to become a spinner of the discus of self-realization.

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

You can do a search on those terms in the blog. Many articles have been written already on your questions.

Here is one on “spinning the discus”

As far as the knowledge of the “seed and the kalpa tree,” it is very simple. From One,(seed) it goes to many (tree) just to become One again. From one way of doing things, it goes into many ways (variety) so it can go back into one way again.
From one religion, it goes into many so it can become one again. From One language, it goes into many languages so it can become one language again…. Do you get the idea? 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and my greetings to all BKs in Kenya!

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Question: Great site, thank you What is meant by the term – ‘variety form image’


Thank you for your kind words and question.

Dear soul,

As you can see in the picture (Note the bands of colors with a respective body part) It is a figure represented in the path of devotion, but used in BK knowledge as well to depict a human being and its different body parts belonging to a particular stage in the cycle of time. For instance, the head represents Gold, whereas the feet, represents Iron, and Silver with Copper in between.

In this way, we could explain how consciousness descends from the Golden age (head) towards the feet (Iron age.)

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Question: In murli it says every kalpa is 5000 years, and the same act repeats in the next kalpa also, and we are just actors repeating the same act, since the act is fixed , why should we put effort for changing the act?, since we know that we cannot change the role or act. pl unfold this mystery

Thank you for your very good question!

I have been doing some reading about “quantum physics,” and found there the “key” to spiritual understanding of gyan through a purely intellectual level. For those who just want to know spiritual things intellectually, without “making effort.”

Here is my response:
Watch this short video about the “uncertainty principle” of Quantum mechanics. This principle is explained using the popular example known as “The Schrodinger’s cat.” ( named after Erwin Schrodinger, Austrian Physicist)

While watching this video think of the cat as being you. Think of the scientist looking at the scene as Baba speaking gyan to you. Now, you can wait for the 50-50 probability inside the box or…. you can get out of the box! – If it is in your role to understand gyan 🙂

This is the paradox of doing and not doing. Even though we will do what we have done before, we have the chance to “choose” now what we have done before… 🙂

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Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, I’m new to this knowledge. My question is does each soul has 84 births or not? I think that those who live more than 100 years in the present time are left with 1-2 births. Is it correct or not?

Thank you for your question! and welcome to Gyan… 🙂
Visualize a circle. In that circle different souls come down at different “times” before completing the full circle. If you keep in mind that a human being could live up to 150 years as a maximum span, then you will realize that there are some souls who will take fewer births than 84.

Also, keep in mind that at every birth, we have different roles which call for different life spans. For instance in one of my 84 births, I may have only lived for 1 day. The next one 120 years, etc.

Therefore, according to gyan, the maximum number of births in a period of 5000 years which is a cycle is 84 births. Some souls may take less births to a minimum of 1 birth. Thus, every soul except God, takes at least 1 birth.

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Question:Dear Brother, As often stated once we have received this knowledge as ” this is our last birth in the cycle” before taking a new birth in golden age, how does this work for souls who are in Gyan and shed their body before settling their karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!

First, according to “pure gyan,” everything is beneficial in the Drama. Then, we have the knowledge of being “numberwise,” and also the knowledge of roles being performed until the “end of the kalpa,” before those roles start repeating again.

Therefore, being numberwise means that not every soul will be able to “settle all of their karmic accounts” while in the physical realm. But, at the same time, if a soul “leaves his body” now; we know that that soul still can take rebirth and settle more karmic accounts in their next birth. As we know, we can “settle” karmic accounts through suffering and that could happen in this life or the next one.

The phrase “this is our last birth in the cycle,” was spoken when at the time it was thought that destruction was very close according to the circumstances of the time. However, it was the last birth for Brahma Baba, as we know.

BapDada likes to play with this concept of “this is it, no more time left.Hurry up now.” This is a good way of making someone “make effort” rather than to “sleep in carelessness,” for everyday, “should be our last day….” and as we know, we should be “ever ready,” with “attention and no tension.” 🙂

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Reader’s input: “Why this drama was created? And why 5000 yr repetition?”

From this article.

“Drama- is eternal- timeless, ageless,pre-ordained, precise, repetitive and very very meaningful.Souls are also ageless,timeless, eternal, indestructible.So is God or Supreme Soul.
Creation – Destruction and once again creation is an active process. Naturally it is very interesting. It adds spice to the life of we souls on the planet earth.When we are in soul-conscious Deity like status, we are unaware that we are souls.We are very happy, healthy, peaceful, joyful and prosperous.That is why we are called Royal idiots in Sat-yug and Treta-yug.We do not even remember our Supreme Father.We don’t have the trikaal-darshi knowledge.Body-consciousness gets the pure souls to pursue the path of Preyas- i.e the path of pursuing materialistic gains and sensual pleasure.Brahmin stage brings knowledge of the past , present and future; the knowledge about our Supreme Father, about the futility of path of preyas and short-term gains, about the pranik energy depletion by this path,and about the ultimate gains of becoming soul-conscious.The whole time-cycle is full of varied experiences.

If we remain in soul-conscious state eternally,we would not realize what is meant by expectation, hope, pain,suffering and thus we would never realize what a happy state we are in when we are soul-conscious. In fact,THIS SHALL BE MONOTONOUS AND BORING.

The pleasure always lies having an active part in the games or the drama as actors.There are millions in audience or spectators.We would prefer to be Sachin Tendulkar hitting century after centuries rather than a non-descript person cheering amidst the crowd.

Cycle of 5000 years- In USA, in Central Park an unique tree is existing whose life-span is always 5000. At present, the tree is nearing the end of it’s life-span.So this may be the proof for the kalpa being of 5000 years only.

Only 5000 years, kali-yug only 1250 years,instead of 40 million years, should be a news for great joy.Already, millions of suffering souls are feeling “Enough is enough.No more of Kali-yug.”Secondly, our life-span is just 100 years.So why bother what happens before it or after it. Making the best out of the present under Shiv Baba’s Shrimat.”

Avyakt7 responds:

1. “When we are in soul-conscious Deity like status, we are unaware that we are souls… That is why we are called Royal idiots.”

According to Baba’s gyan, being soul conscious means to be aware that we are souls. In the golden age we are aware that we are souls. The term “Royal idiots” as you say does not translate into the English word “idiot” which means: A stupid person, a mentally handicapped person. Certainly, it has to be a translation error, for Deities are far from that. The best word that I could find is “innocent.”

2. “We do not even remember our Supreme Father.”

There is no need for that. In the Drama everything works according to need of the time. A deity is no less because they do not “remember our Supreme Father.” “They” are US, in another time.

3. “Cycle of 5000 years- In USA, in Central Park an unique tree is existing whose life-span is always 5000. At present, the tree is nearing the end of it’s life-span.So this may be the proof for the kalpa being of 5000 years only.”

Here is a link of the oldest recorded trees. Let us remember that “The Americas” (USA included) was a “picnic place” which emerged from the Ocean later on. Thus, it is not possible for any tree to be close to 5000 years unless it is found in Bharat, because as we know, everything else was under water.

4. “If we remain in soul-conscious state eternally,we would not realize what is meant by expectation, hope, pain,suffering and thus we would never realize what a happy state we are in when we are soul-conscious. In fact,THIS SHALL BE MONOTONOUS AND BORING.”

🙂 Being in bliss is not “monotonous neither boring.” Those are expressions (monotonous and boring) which only exist in body consciousness. The Drama is about experiencing duality and expressing duality as well. For Brahmin souls, that duality is between soul consciousness and body consciousness. One more item: There is no “happiness” in soul consciousness. Happiness is only known when we experience suffering. In the Golden age we do not experience suffering, therefore; we cannot experience happiness. The right word is Spiritual Bliss, which is a “natural” expression of a soul.

Best wishes.

Question:The kalpa (cycle) repeats after every 5000 yrs exactly. What is way to remember the act we performed 5000 yrs back so it will be helpful for me to solve today’s problems?

🙂 Great question. Thank you very much.

What we have done before, is what we will do again.
In that sense, past and future..are all the same!
(it even rhymes! 🙂 )

Even though we know that we are going to “die,” (leave the body) there is nothing that we could do to stop that. It has to be experienced.
Similarly with the so called “problems.” We need to go through them if it is in the Drama of life. One of the greatest point in knowledge is that:“The Drama is beneficial for all.”

Whatever happens to you now, has benefit because will allow you to be “you” again…in 5000 years. 🙂 We will learn some lessons, we will move in time with different experiences, but the bottom line is that every experience will take you to “now” again and again. Every “now” is eternal.

Therefore, “enjoy the problems.” They will go away to come back. Once we are aware of that through knowledge, we see the futility of worrying about the future. What matters is NOW.

Gyan gives us the tools to clear our minds from all perceptions and enjoy a worry-free mind. Last, “we do not solve problems.” Problems solve themselves.

To answer your question right to the point; you do not need to remember what happened 5000 years ago. You do not need to solve anything. You just “need” to enjoy the ride, because if you do that NOW, it is guaranteed that you will do that again! It will be eternal. 🙂

Best wishes and thank you again!