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Question: How does the stage of a detached observer cut off our sin?

Thank you for your very good question!
Dear soul,

I will give a bit of explanation to your thoughtful question.

First, let us erase that word “sin” from our vocabulary. In the understanding of the “unlimited,” we can see that there is a movie going and actions will be performed which have a consequence. Without those activities, we wouldn’t be able to experience duality and thus, go back to non-duality. It is best to refer to “sin” as “body conscious” activities; for these actions are performed in that consciousness.

In that way, we can erase the idea of “bad” that comes with the word “sin;” for after all; we will experience the fruit of those activities; which as we know; are part of the “eternally repetitive” Drama of life.

A “sin” is the experience of suffering as a consequence of a previous deed. “Vikarma.”

That stage of a “detached observer” also known as “witnessing,” or a “trustee,” or being “karanhar” and letting “karankaravnahar” work through us; we could go through the movie of life without being affected by it. Just observing and enjoying the “show,” the movie.

Therefore, there is no such a thing as “cutting off” sins; for the law of karma will do its work regardless but this time, we will not be affected by it. That is how the “crucifx will change into the experience of being pricked by a thorn.”

Now, here the important point: As we settle our karmic accounts, we will be experiencing that stage automatically, for less things will be able to affect us. BUT, if we practice that stage ( I rather say, experience that stage) then, we will be able to “accelerate” the stage of not experiencing those “karmic accounts” with the same intensity until there is no longer the experience of that karmic account, (it doesn’t affect us) so we are free from it.

Thus, greater experience of the stage of a detached observer, less experiences of karmic bondages. That is the meaning of “cutting off sins.

In Sakar Murlis, that stage of being a “detached observer” is known as “karmateet.” Brahma Baba mentioned that this stage will be reached at the “end.” However, in avyakt Murlis, that stage of being “karmateet” or a “detached observer” was updated to “living now,” and not just at the end. In this way, we could be experiencing those karmic bondages but feeling them as a “thorn pricking our little finger.”

Best wishes!

Points in Depth: The magical “Karankaravanhar.”

14. Baba is karankaravanhar, the one who does through others…

Many times a concept understood in devotion could be used to explain different things which overwrite a more logical, thought out way of looking at things.
As we understand spiritual knowledge as highly paradoxical for it respects the view of different individuals (for that view represents their own reality) rather than finding a “true” reality, we realize that there are many ways to get to the same place. There is not just “the only way.”

In Christianity or even Hinduism, God is a person. God has a personality. God is watching you. God is part of your life.
This is a nice relationship with the Divine perhaps, for a more intellectual approach; but at the same time it could be thrown out into a “mystical experience” or a “trip to magic land” rather than a matter of fact.

In gyan (Knowledge) we know that God does not interfere with human affairs. There is no need. It is already a movie playing which will be re-played again.
Looking at Gyan from a purely intellectual perspective then, all relationships are over. It is just “business.” A dry, impersonal, work related item. An atheist may be able to enjoy this.
Everyone has a particular task to play and once it is done… they can go home! 🙂

Maria prays to God, day and night for the health of her daughter. One good day, she sees Christ touching the head of her daughter. The message she “received” from that vision, is that her daughter will be well soon. In fact, that happens few days later…. Miracle! God did it!!

Too bad He does not do the same trick for Maria’s son neighbor as well… 😦

When we understand the law of “cause and effect” we could realize that absolutely everything that happens has a cause which will manifest at some point in time. The magic is that we cannot pinpoint to a particular cause. The web of the Drama is deeply entrenched with many layers which are not seeing by the human mind.

Maria had a “positive” karmic account by caring for her daughter. Her daughter was settling her “negative” karmic account of illness. The Miracle resides in seeing the vision at the right time.
Did God “do it” or it was part of Maria’s role to come up and see that vision? We can analyze this episode to death, just like a “normal” scientist does, robbing away the magic of the moment; the experience of the Divine who is able to increase faith in something that our mind is not ready to understand. That particular episode is capable of changing lives.

Perhaps was fixed in the Drama? 🙂
– Enjoy the experience.
But… Why is God working on Maria’s daughter and not in mine?
– Because….. Fill in the blank. Any reason will do.

Thinking is not way to know about life. As a matter of fact, in my experience; it is the easiest way to get lost and to lose the moment. Thinking is good to get a job, to perform that task, to analyze data, etc. But thinking is not good to live. Living and thinking are like oil and water.

Enjoy the experience. It is magical. It is “karankaravanhar.”

Sometimes being a child is necessary to experience a magical experience in life.
Thinking is not allowed.