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Question: Om Shanti. Dear brother, Do the human souls have karmic accounts with other animal souls and Nature ( 5 elements)? Many a times we see the misuse of natural resources. Human souls played a role in which they killed many other animals knowingly or unknowingly. If there is a karmic account with nature, does it will be cleared through nature itself or through other human souls?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Certainly, we are related with everything and everything has a purpose. If you get a disease, that is a karmic account which could arise through our previous dealings with Nature, for the body is composed of the same elements as Nature, as you mentioned the “5 elements.”

Rather than being worry about “karmic accounts,” I would suggest to work on the self, to become egoless. Then, our karmic accounts will be settled, because they will no longer affect us. When something does not affect us, the account is over. Also, our activity will be “natural” and flowing with the Drama, rather than what “we think” is right.

We may need to recognize that whatever we do to “others,” we do it to ourselves ultimately.That is why the distinction between “I” and “others” is artificial.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, When I see two people argue, or in conflict while I am there, I tend to not get involved between these two as there might be some karmic accounts for those two are in conflict to settle, unless I have been asked to help or mediate. Is that the right way to do as I don’t want to inherit more accounts ?

Thank you for your good question!
Dear soul,

In life there are no recipes. Moral codes and scriptures; usually are good about giving “recipes.”
It depends on the circumstances and depends in what the role is calling in you at that point. That role will act according to your stage.

Whether we “try to help” or not is not the issue. To “try to help” is another way on displaying our hidden “ego.” We want to become “saviors.”
On the other hand, to mediate out of concern for the well being of those involved, is a different matter.

Righteousness is dictated by your inner feelings first. If they are right, then your mediation and behavior will be right as well. Otherwise, you will witness that your mediation will bring further conflict.

Likewise, if you decide “not to act.” It could be sheer indifference masked in the nice label of being a “detached observer” or sheer egotistical “I don’t want more karmic accounts” or it could be the way to bring a good resolution of the issue, when they work out by themselves without further intervention.

“Be” right and the doing will come accordingly. No recipes allowed.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti It is said ‘Dhanam moolam idam jagat’ ie ‘Money forms the root of this world’. When I do ‘manthan’ on this, I get an answer that the term called ‘MONEY’ is nothing but the balance available in a SOUL’s A/C. At any given point of time the ACCUMULATED balance in the BANK A/C of our KARMIC ACTIVITIES (fair or unfair and the resultant) is available, and is open, and always susceptible for increase or decrease, depending on the nature of our present KARMIC activities (MATERIALISTIC or SPIRITUAL) we do every day in the present world. Kindly enlighten me on the subject

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

It is nice to be thought of as a “source of enlightenment,” but I am not. I am just sharing my views with you.

Money, intelligence, health, fame, etc are karmic accounts or as you call them “balance.” In this life I may have more money than before, or I had lots of money and then I lost it ( We call that “BAD KARMA,” but it could be “GOOD KARMA” if this experience has spirituality. It is a good “ego buster” for some or a source of suicide for others.

As you mentioned, life could bring that “increase” or “decrease” of funds at any time. There are no guarantees, but for spiritual individuals; anything the Drama brings, (which is our own karma) is for the better. Therefore, the need to “stick” with spirituality and to understand spiritual teachings at the practical level. Once we see the “impermanence of things” our clinging for “security” will be forgotten.

Some renounce money, thinking it is a source of “evil,” others become attached to it developing a greedy personality. Extremes without a balance.

Money comes, money goes. We just need to learn about the value of money. To use that energy “in a worthwhile way.” That is the balance.

In the process there are karmic accounts developing out of those “choices” that we take in life.

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti In murli it is mentioned Karmic account can be sattled only either by BHOG or by YOG whereas Sister Sivani in TV states that one bad action has done/-ve energy out it will come back to you as people, situations etc and you cant escape from it even GOD cant help you out but by YOG/Gyan pain will not be their. Now a days you will find so many gurus are showing path for past life karmic account sattlement. Plz. enlighten me on it. ( One suggestion about look of this site: the font size are too bigger for Question part . i think quetion may be posted in colour with less font size.)

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

First, thank you for your input on the look of the site. I have asked souls asking questions, to please reduce the size of their fonts. That should solve some issues. Thank you for your feedback.

On your question, When we talk about settlement of karmic accounts, that basically means that something which used to bother you, to alter you, to make you suffer; will not be there anymore OR you will not be that conscious of it even though that thing is happening.

Therefore, when the Murli says about “absolving sins through yoga,” the best word would be to “settle” karmic accounts. Nothing gets “absolved.” (as in being forgiven.) Karma will work as it has to happen. There is no “free lunch.” What sister Shivani appears to be mentioning, is a simplified version of karma for the general audience; that is “what goes around comes around. Not even God can stop that from happening.” See? πŸ™‚

Those karmic accounts could be “settled” by suffering. ( Experiencing the consequences) or by Yoga.
The difference with yoga, is that the experience of the karmic account will not be felt with the same force as if we didn’t’ have any yoga. In other words, our consciousness will change and so the experience of the karmic account. Usually, it is a combination of both (yoga/suffering.)

“karmic accounts” is a word used by many now without the depth that BK gyan gives. Basically, if something does not allow you to feel happiness now, complete, “karmateet” is because of karmic accounts. We could just suffer whatever comes in our way, so settlement happens through suffering, or we can change our consciousness, so we will feel the “crucifix like the prick of a thorn.”

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, It is amazing that how a test in life can show you how much faith you have in god and drama, my experience in last week, with the initial test of high blood pressure and possibility of high cholesterol made me go through the test of attachment to the body, family and put the power to pack up in work. The mind which created fearful thoughts were finally overcome by being in a solid remembrance and soul conscious, the end test result of my blood work showed it was not a big thing after all, how ever, the realization I had with this test was, in a difficult situations, nothing will help other than the remembrance of baba and the ability to be in soul conscious as I understand karmic accounts are being settled. Nothing is new as we all have to settle our account one way or another. The question for you brother is how far does our account go in terms of settlement? many births or couple of births? Does it mean that brahmin soul will have lots to settle as we would have taken many births in a numberwise manner?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your great experience!

Dear soul,
Karmic accounts started for a Brahmin soul towards the confluence of the Silver and Copper age. From that point on, we have accumulated many karmic accounts. This does not mean necessarily “sinful” accounts but accounts with just a return as well, like getting a good education, good health, etc. The issue for Brahmin souls that no other soul experiences is that when you signed up to be a BK, you signed up to settle karmic accounts in order to become “karmateet.” We cannot think in “numbers” as in life we have done many things, but we can get an idea by the “theme” of accounts; for instance for some souls most of their karmic bondages are related with health issues, for others, relationships; for others a combination, but once you overcome those accounts through suffering and yoga, you may have “greater” tests or perhaps those accounts are over. We never know. All we know is that we have the capacity to settle those accounts, which will be done in a numberwise manner.

It is important to realize that “numbers” are not as important as the INTENSITY of those accounts. A very intense suffering means the settlement of a “big account.” That goes according to the capacity of a Brahmin soul to settle accounts, which is pre-ordained in the Drama.

Best wishes!

Question: When in the company of some BKs, I feel palpitation even if there is a distance between us (not face to face). Sometimes it feels like anxiety, sometimes vibes which are draining & dull to mention a few experience. Am I picking up the negative vibes sent by them? Is it a severe settling of karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: If you are a BK and you are around certain BKs, you will feel different things. Remember that we have known each other for many other births in different roles.
I have felt feelings that I have never felt before around certain BKs. karmic accounts? For sure; specially if those feelings are the cause for experiencing sorrow or even “extreme” elation.
Never assume that the other soul(s) feel the same way. It may be just you.

If you have to see those souls on a regular basis; there you will have a “test paper,” which i wish you will “pass with honors.” There is no “escaping” for what you need to settle will happen through different “instrument souls,” until those episodes do not affect you anymore. How to do that? Lots of yoga and pure feelings with good wishes from the heart…Let time do its own work, so patience is required as well.

Best Wishes!

Question: Is there any differeence between “Test” and “Settling karmic account” ?

Thank you for your question!

A “test paper” is the opportunity to settle a “karmic account.” You can “pass” or not. Your “tests” will be based on your weaknesses, your karmic accounts.

You may have to pass many “tests” before you settle a karmic account or just one… The issue is that when that “test” does not affect you anymore, then the karmic account has been settled. πŸ™‚

Best wishes!