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Reader remark: End of year summary experience

“First of all thank Avyakt7 for this wonderful experience in my journey….I just wanted to share some of my own understanding from a year-end summary perspective.

° Oneness- When I wrote about the Dandiya Nite experience- the subtle suggestion “that next time around observe your internal chatter of the mind”- I did that and it was a beautiful experience to observe how easily we can become like puppies who have that biscuit- going deeper I found that was only scratch of the surface.

° Knowing God- God Knowing you is great… but how much do I know myself- mantra- Observe- Observe and Observe yourself.

° Don’t Label- even putting it on Karma is an easy escape- I used to think that was acceptance lol-

Oh yeah another gem- How do I know that I am now becoming a young adult in spirituality- When I stop needing the Father’s hand in this journey- He is there has given me enough tools- thank you father- its time to test those tools for myself and observe how it works for me-

Happy Holidays to all- Enjoy all the Tolis whichever you can lay your hands on.

Wish everyone a blissful and great end of the year.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your new understanding.
Happy to know that there are some “points” to remember and to consider… That is the task of a “good intellect…”

The task of a “good heart,” is to feel those things continually without remembering what is in the mind. That means that those points are part of you when truly assimilated, and they will change, evolve and fit your own life experience.

The mind will show us only our individuality. The things that we can understand to share with language. The heart and feelings, will express our oneness, our unity in the “movie” of life.

Nevertheless, when the mind and the heart are united, in harmony, then we can appreciate life from the perspective of that unity. That is, we could appreciate the different shades of colors in life. Today is this, tomorrow is that. He is like this; She is like that. All is great as part of the movie. When we separate a particular movie shot and make a still picture, and remember that picture over everything and lose the perspective of a continuous movie, then suffering sets in along with the sense of separation. The mind keeps the picture and our feelings (which when healthy allow us to feel unity with all,) become trapped in our own experience, that is called self absorption.


No matter what we do. No matter what we believe in. No matter who we know.

My deepest appreciation to all readers and supporters of this blog. Wish everyone of you, depth and beauty in your life. Depth of understanding and beauty in your heart.

Depth is beautiful…but beauty touches deeply…

Til next year…

God is the truth


God is the truth, is a statement that we hear all the time from different sources.
Let us inquire into this.

We know as “truth” as “that which is in accordance with a fact or reality.”
Throughout these writings we have been able to observe that only perceptions are all we could ever obtain, because there are different roles performed by different actors in this Drama of life, which have different stages of consciousness.
Human beings do not perceive things in the same way.
As we progress in our knowledge of the world and the universe, what we call as “fact” is merely a perception. That is why to “know that we don’t know” is to be “real.” 🙂

When we approach God, we have religions and philosophies dealing with him in several ways as something “outside” us. That becomes a source of debate about “who has the truth. Who has God.”
It is important to note that we could only get perceptions of that experience which we may call God. Some may say, that God is this or that. Perceptions.

Every religion has its own procedures to deal with the perception by extending the experience of one individual as the “way” of knowing God. That becomes a belief. Something to have faith on.

That is why, some will extend the meaning of “knowing God” as knowing “the word of God,” that is someone knows God when that one hears “his words” and follows those words literally.
Those words accordingly are written in some sort of scripture, some sort of book or booklet, where we could “get the truth.”
Nevertheless, as shared many times in this blog; there is no way that words could reflect truth, specially spiritual truth.

Because any ordinary language can only express duality, and the depth of spirituality resides in understanding that duality exists, but also to go beyond it.

That “going beyond,” is not in the realm of words.

That is why to connect with feelings of the heart has been used by religions to connect with the “truth,” with God. Nevertheless, the outcome of that connection has to be shown in our own actions; otherwise those feelings become mere sentimental, emotional outlets, a source for devotional upliftment for the heart, but without the force to express itself in our own activity.

It has been said that: “The highest truth cannot be put into words. Therefore, the greatest teacher has nothing to say. He simply gives himself in service, and never worries.” (Hua Hu Ching )
Activity over words and language. Don’t talk, for, it could be misunderstood. Just do the walk and let everyone see.

For example, some scriptures could express that marriage is “bad.” Others that celibacy is “good,” etc.
Please note that this “all or nothing” approach is not reflecting truth but is reflecting a teaching according to time and to certain individuals according to traditions and levels of understanding.

If marriage was “bad,” then societies wouldn’t be able to survive. For a society depends on a couple as the building block to survive.
Likewise, celibacy is not for everyone. As we know, “actors” need to come on to this “stage” of the Drama of life and that happens through reproduction.

Similarly if we go to an extreme, like in killing, we could observe that life may offer “tests” when
killing may be necessary as a last resort as in self-defense or even when euthanasia is considered.
We also know that there is “no killing” in the unlimited, for, we are eternal beings, but there is “cause and effect,” thus, what we do will come back to us.

A commandment such as “you shall not murder” could be extended to murder of animals for some, while for others that is not the “true” meaning of that commandment.

Note that religious teachings have been given according to the consciousness of those being taught.

Note that “black or white” statements are meant to reform personalities, their ways of living. They are meant for a particular type of people at a particular time. That is why, the “word of God,” cannot be put into words as the “ultimate truth,” but rather as a reference for behavioral change.

Therefore, the only thing that I could truly attempt to know in its fullest extent is the self, for no one can know more about myself than myself.

Below some quotes to spark the need for self-knowledge:

* Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.
Proverbs 21:2
(Actions are in itself neutral. Our hearts, our intentions, our consciousness make those activities “good or bad.”)

* When asked what was the most difficult thing, Thales replied, “To know thyself.”
When asked what was easiest, he replied, “To give advice.”

* Katha Upanishad: The Self lies beyond the senses and can only be understood by him who knows It is.

* Ramayana: Enquiry into the truth of the Self is knowledge.

* Koran: And Do thou, Oh Muhammad, remember thy Lord within thyself.

* Tao Te Ching: Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering
others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

A spiritual seeker, perhaps will start looking for the truth. He will start looking for anything outside him including the idea that he has about God. However, that search sooner or later will go back to the inner self, that is the only truth we could ever get close to in a world ruled by perceptions where our perception about ourselves is our own reality.
Spirituality then is meant to change that perception to the highest one of ourselves.

That truth cannot be put into words.

On God and finding God


Perhaps one of the most important aspect of any religion is their focus on finding God, knowing God. That brings religions into a different realm.

For instance, Christians believe in having found God through the teachings of Christ. Many Christians have super natural experiences which they relate with God. Similarly, Muslims and likewise, other monotheistic religions, that is every “belief” has its own version of knowing God.

Followers then, will be happy to know that they “found God.” Followers had an “experience with God,” Now they feel to have the “truth,” they are “special,” the rest are in darkness and the “special” ones need to give the “good news” to the other ones. Let us talk about “Salvation.”
That is when “conversion” comes in handy.

Every religion has that theme. Every religion has their own “systems” to maintain their “belief.”

In the world of “beliefs” we have Science, with the opposite “belief.” They like to call that “fact.” There is no God, because there is no “tangible” proof of God. What Science does not “understand” is that you cannot find dolphins by searching in the city suburbs. The “fact” is that this becomes another religion with Ph.D priesthood followed by MDs. Different worshiping, same paraphernalia.

Then we have the religion of the ones in between, the ones who “don’t know” but will go either way. The ones who will go wherever the “wind blows” as long as they get a piece of the “pie.” That is “belief” by convenience.

Wars, fights, and “World History” has been made through “beliefs.”
Here is the “credo: ”This is my belief, for that reason it is the truth, and for that reason, I need to “save” you by changing you; even though it may be by force, or emotional “games”.. But don’t worry, at the end; you will appreciate what I am doing for you.”

So, we found God.

Then we humanize God and create the structure, the “method” to know God. We create a corporation, with rules and regulations. We create another way to “spread the message.”
Then some questions arise:
Shall we worship Him? Shall we “follow His desires”? Shall we “fall in love with Him”? 🙂

Somehow, we believe that God “thinks like us.” That “thinking” God may have a huge ego, then. He comes so we can worship Him…

On all of this, we see our own perceptions and ego trips to be the “special ones.” The point of this article is that it seems like every religion is missing the point on knowing God.

What is that point?

It is called self transformation. Dying alive. Perfection. End of report.

Without that transformation on the self into a self realized human being, nothing that we can “do or become” has any meaning, for everything else is transitory. Death will take it away and with that your belief will be gone, but your fears in your death bed, will be there with you alongside your “beliefs.”

Self transformation is a reality made in you, where “being” something is no longer in relationship with a belief, but you are the living proof of that.

Self transformation is very important for it becomes the way beyond suffering. That is to be happy, “now” not in the “bright future” but now.

That self realization is what has been forgotten by all religions, creeds and philosophies.
A “belief” has taken its place.

God as a wonderful experience is important. It allow us to see that we are not “alone.” Nevertheless, let us not forget that the “true” purpose of knowing God is “truly” self transformation.

The opportunity to reach our highest is within us. It is not about worshiping. It is not in “falling in love,” it is not in devotional practices.

If you have experienced God, if you have met God, that is wonderful. Now is time to work… That is, to be “like Him.”

Question: Dear brother, It is often the expectation that once we join the divine family (bk) that things will improve quickly, on a personal level, we will become pure quickly , we will be virtuous quickly, we will reach the karmateet stage quickly, but as you have mentioned many times, it is not easy as going to your aunt’s house. Everything takes time… there is no instant result , my question is that once the BK honey moon time is over, some of us tend to get tired and start having questions such as what is happening … why there is not a change as expected?, are these questions due to our ego or does it mean we still need to experience the real spirituality?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul.

In a nutshell; those are expectations from the “I.” The spiritual path is meant to make that same “I” disappear. 🙂 That is how those expectations will be gone, for there is no one to “expect” anything anymore.

We do not get there by simply “joining,” we get there by knowing that which is beyond that “I.” To experience that, is what the spiritual path is meant.

That is why, it is very important to recognize what is an “accessory,” what “looks nice and spiritual,” and what spirituality actually is. Once we realize that the spiritual path is not about “knowing God,” but about getting rid of all those layers of ego protecting the real self, (thanks to this Divine, Godly knowledge ) then it is for very few to have the courage to remove those layers. The “tests” will come thanks to following the “Code of conduct,” and then you will show to yourself; what you are made of.

In my experience, if you understand/conquer anger and lust; you are on your way for “true spirituality,” until then; we are just “playing with dolls,” which is a necessary first step for many.

Best wishes!

Recognizing Devotion in Spirituality

In my spiritual quest to experience the self, there has been many “landmarks.” Born in a Christian faith; I didn’t begin to really concentrate into Christian teachings until I left High school. It was convenient to believe what everyone believed. It was convenient to continue with that “tradition” for otherwise; I could be considered an “outcast,” a “devil,” etc.

It takes guts to follow your heart. It takes guts to be willing to learn through an experience and to move on following your own path and not through someone else’s. However, the phrase above could be misinterpreted (as it is typically the case) by many and pretty soon everyone will be following their own paths and thus, we will be in the same place as we are right now. 🙂

In order to follow our path, we need to reform the self. Without that “reformation,” there is no path to follow. If there is no recognition of our current state; there is no way to improve unless we recognize that which we need to improve, to heal, to nurture.

Brahma Kumaris appeared in my life as that source of knowing God in a different light. There was an experience but at the same time, there was a “body of knowledge,” which explained logically; what I was looking for.

That experience of the “Divine,” comes through many ways: a vision, feeling blissful energy, having “out of the world” experiences, etc. At that point there is the feeling of wanting to “belong” to God; to be close to Him; for those experiences mean that there is someone “up there” caring for us. That is when a Brahmin child is usually born or any believer of God in any other religion.

As time goes by, this admiration grows. It is about “singing His Praise.” It is about “doing what He wants me to do.” It is about “belonging to Him,” as if God was looking for followers, for someone to caress His “ego.” We do not realize that the “spiritual bait” has been thrown at us according to the Drama so we can reform the self, and that we have been “selected”… However, we misinterpret that opportunity to “die alive,” into sheer admiration for God, we become like artist’s “fans” rather than an artist itself. We begin to live through others.

That “high” in life of being a “fan” starts to move into higher “entropy” little by little. That “high” diminishes… then there is a need to add something to keep us going; that something has been historically the ingredients of “guilt and fear” rather than the environment or the knowledge to experience the self, to be “spiritual.”

Bhakti, devotion makes us oblivious of the true reason of spirituality; the “Know thyself.”
Perhaps that is what we need to ask ourselves.

Many claim to “know God.” Many claim to “know the truth,” or that they have the “truth.”
However, if someone tells you that they are “self- realized,” … it will be extremely easy to perceive the reality of that. Devotion is just emotional talk and doing things with that conviction. True spirituality is practical; it is BEING that which we know exists in us. In this we cannot fool others, but perhaps our own self.

Question: Question: Dear Brother, Can you clarify as Baba always says to know Him ‘as He is’ “yatharath”. To know tha Baba is a point of light, He is Supreme, so He has no Father, He is Father of all, He is Teacher of all, He resides in Supreme aborde “Paramdham”, Father takes only one birth, He dose not take rebirths. So knowing all this does mean we know Baba “Yatharath” ? If not, then what more is to be known about Him?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul. I would ask you to look at all of those descriptive words under the glass of “pure gyan.” Also I would like to ask you the following: If I gave you my birth date, the place I was born, my current job, even a current picture. Would you say that you know me? 🙂

When would you say that you know me?
and if you knew me personally, would any of the previous information about me, be helpful in knowing me? Moreover, if you knew me personally 5 years ago, would you say that I am still the same?

That is why, for me God, is an experience. Just like the experience that you would have if you knew me personally. However, your experience is not “Me,” but a perspective you would have about me.
Just like many people have different perspectives about God according to their experiences.

That is why it is easier to “describe” someone as we do with God, but in that description; there is no knowing but a description.

Best wishes,

Do we know God?

Today the Sakar Murli (7-4-12) mentioned that “others talk about God, but they do not know Him.”
That reminded me of an episode that I witnessed in class sometime ago.

In Murli class someone asked: ” Souls reside in Parandham. Souls are “sleeping” there. ShivBaba resides in Parandham. Is ShivBaba also “sleeping” ? 🙂
…and then, another “eye opener;”
ShivBaba does not have eyes, how can He “see” what is happening here?

Oh.. language little language, see how many evil omens your definitions and logic bring to simple mortals… who by the way, are immortal… 😉

I was so happy to hear that question… and my happiness had no limits once the “instrument” conducting Murli, calmly said: “Good question. I don’t know the answer.”
I was happy because that is “improvement.” That is an ego-less honest answer. It could have been easier to say the popular lines: “will get back to you after I ask the Senior sister.” That plain acknowledgement that not knowing is OK, was gggggreat!! 🙂

So.. If we know God, do we know the answer to those “little devilish” questions?

Here some “points” to remember:
The word “God” has been used and misused in different religions and scenarios. Lots of believers, philosophies and religions, due to their traditions are still influenced by “child concepts,” in their perceptions of God (most deal with God as a concept even though, “He” is an experience, In my opinion.)

Knowing has nothing to do with information about something. That is borrowed info, “book/ DVD/CD information only” coming from some perceived authority. To know is to experience. There is a huge difference between knowing by reading something (the popular : have you read this book? ) and experiencing something in your life.

Most religions in their infancy believe that “God” has activities and believe that God thinks like a human being (anthropomorphic concept of God.) Thus, God punishes, God watches everyone, knows everything, has favorites (if you obey His orders) and can do everything from destroying the whole universe in a second to getting someone a job…As a matter of fact, we “must love God” for He “is doing” so much for us, despite that He created Satan, (for He creates everything) just so we can have some fun… and He could punish us as well 🙂 …the “almighty bondage of the Drama.”
Here some words that religious people will call God: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, omniscient, Maybe Omnivorous…??
(I know, this a bit too far, sorry…)
Om–shanti 🙂

Through gyan we know that God is a point of light. A soul just like us.
we know that God does not punish anyone. God does not reward anyone as well.
God does not interfere with human affairs. God resides in Parandham.
God does not experience duality. God is beyond experiences.
God has a “part” within the Drama. He acts through others.

As a soul God cannot experience suffering, neither happiness. He is in a state of bliss.
so far so good… anything else?
yes.. God is love… God is the truth. God is the ocean of knowledge…

Even though, we know this.. then we talk about human characteristics of God. We make Him human…Thus, Bhakti/devotion.

All of the sudden God is able to “come and go” in and out as he wishes. He can “enter” anyone at any time. He can “change things” around. God can “grant wishes, visions, etc.” God, knows and watches everything. He can make things “right.” He is working “hard” to make us satopradhan… God does not like traitors. God task is to change the world… God “wakes up” at the confluence age to “save His children” from the claws of “Maya.”

Paradoxical, huh? That is the truth…a paradox.
Do we know God? Better yet, have you experienced God?

Food for thought. Drink for feelings.