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Reader remark: End of year summary experience

“First of all thank Avyakt7 for this wonderful experience in my journey….I just wanted to share some of my own understanding from a year-end summary perspective.

° Oneness- When I wrote about the Dandiya Nite experience- the subtle suggestion “that next time around observe your internal chatter of the mind”- I did that and it was a beautiful experience to observe how easily we can become like puppies who have that biscuit- going deeper I found that was only scratch of the surface.

° Knowing God- God Knowing you is great… but how much do I know myself- mantra- Observe- Observe and Observe yourself.

° Don’t Label- even putting it on Karma is an easy escape- I used to think that was acceptance lol-

Oh yeah another gem- How do I know that I am now becoming a young adult in spirituality- When I stop needing the Father’s hand in this journey- He is there has given me enough tools- thank you father- its time to test those tools for myself and observe how it works for me-

Happy Holidays to all- Enjoy all the Tolis whichever you can lay your hands on.

Wish everyone a blissful and great end of the year.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your new understanding.
Happy to know that there are some “points” to remember and to consider… That is the task of a “good intellect…”

The task of a “good heart,” is to feel those things continually without remembering what is in the mind. That means that those points are part of you when truly assimilated, and they will change, evolve and fit your own life experience.

The mind will show us only our individuality. The things that we can understand to share with language. The heart and feelings, will express our oneness, our unity in the “movie” of life.

Nevertheless, when the mind and the heart are united, in harmony, then we can appreciate life from the perspective of that unity. That is, we could appreciate the different shades of colors in life. Today is this, tomorrow is that. He is like this; She is like that. All is great as part of the movie. When we separate a particular movie shot and make a still picture, and remember that picture over everything and lose the perspective of a continuous movie, then suffering sets in along with the sense of separation. The mind keeps the picture and our feelings (which when healthy allow us to feel unity with all,) become trapped in our own experience, that is called self absorption.


No matter what we do. No matter what we believe in. No matter who we know.

My deepest appreciation to all readers and supporters of this blog. Wish everyone of you, depth and beauty in your life. Depth of understanding and beauty in your heart.

Depth is beautiful…but beauty touches deeply…

Til next year…

Knowing the self

Knowing yourself

When the words, to “know the self” are uttered; immediately there is an interpretation of those words according to our consciousness.

For some, it will be about looking at the mirror to see our latest freckles or to discover that little mole that just popped up from “nowhere” by our left ankle. 😉

For others, it will be about “looking at our thoughts and desires.” Yet for others, that little phrase means nothing.

In Spirituality, the key element is to realize something by looking at it in ourselves.
That is, read whatever scripture, holy book or Guru’s words of wisdom; see those words in yourself to find their truth.

For example, a Guru just spoke about “lust.” Then there is a “pretty” girl walking by, someone may stop and look at her. Another may say something to her, yet someone else may not say anything and pretend that he didn’t watch a thing.

Let us say that we want to “judge” who is exhibiting the “vice” of lust in the above scenario according to the Guru’s teaching…for whatever those teachings may have been 🙂

Any takers?

There is no way to tell by just looking at their actions. To look at someone is not lustful. To say some words to someone is not lustful either. To pretend not to see, is deceitful but no lustful either.

We have to go beyond the outside “movie film” and observe/feel what a person feels. What is in his heart? Usually, we could observe that in their faces but not always. Many good actors out there! 🙂

Only I can know with certainty what I feel and how I feel. It is not about someone else, but about me.

This is the first realization in the spiritual path.

To observe “me” there is a need to be in a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. Slow down, relax and watch the show in front of your eyes… 🙂

Someone who is engaged in “knowing himself,” needs plenty of time, plenty of solitude. A busy schedule will not do. To be surrounded by everyone and your funny cat; may not work. Those are distractions in the beginning. Please note the word “beginning,” for a life away from everyone is not what life is all about.

It is in that serenity and amplitude of “doing nothing” throughout the day, where we could catch our emotions, our anxiety for action, our cravings for emotional support, company, need to be someone in life, etc.

All of that inner noise is not allowing us to see with clarity, and our minds will be in continuous turbulence, trying to find a way on how to fulfill those recurrent desires… Isn’t that so?

The mask of being “good” or acting “good” or putting up a “façade” with others is our own deceitful way to deal with this turbulence in our minds.

Basically, “I” cannot deal or understand myself but “I” can pretend that “I” do.
Pretending sooner or later will show the real naked picture of ourselves to ourselves.

When we see that picture and not before, is when a “true” spiritual walker has been born.

At that point, any beliefs are of no consequence. What matters is to return to that tranquility, to that serenity in our day to day living.

It is when we reach this understanding, that we finally make choices in life to support that tranquility, that serenity. Before that, is just lip service and internal chaos.

We say that we want to be peaceful but we act in the opposite way. We say that we are “good,” but there is no goodness coming from a clouded mind… there is just a “script” to do, something that someone has told me to do, so I could be qualified as “good,” “honorable,” “worth of being God’s child,” etc.

When we are not watching ourselves, we make “mistakes.” Those mistakes are not “financial” issues necessarily; but mistakes in treating another human being without care and concern by using our words in a very sloppy way.

Those mistakes are very costly for they will come back to hunt us down. You can call that “karma” or “God is punishing you,” Avyakt7 just like to call that “oneness.”

What I do to “my hand,” I do it to myself… not just “my hand,” but “myself.”

When we go away from Nature and only take a hike into tech “progress,” we lose sensibility to beauty. When beauty is lost in our lives, all we have left is a “lie,” that is the “ugliness” that we see only in “others;” but the one that we fail to see in ourselves.

That beauty beyond duality in knowing ourselves, is the one which does not know about ugliness.