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Clarification by Brahma Kumaris reader from India

The reason why I post this message is to show the issues that may come due to language barriers, understandings and preconceptions.

Just to clarify: Avyakt7 welcomes questions. Avyakt7 learns from them and can share them. If Avyakt7 does not know, Avyakt7 will say so. It has been mentioned that this blog was about “Spiritual knowledge” for all.
Please keep that in mind when asking questions.

Dear reader,
I am glad to know that you are able to grasp some of the sharings here. Very happy in fact. 🙂
Thank you! Your current understanding about self transformation is all that matters. In fact, to know the self by experiencing its different facets, is all there is for in that, we will know everything else.

I appreciate your input and your willingness to read this blog despite the language barrier. Please send my heartfelt thank you to the person translating for you. Not a small thing…. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

When there is that true willingness to learn, the information comes. When there is a willingness to maintain “status quo,” nothing happens…New things can only enter through the doors of our heart and mind, when the doors are open…
🙂 To keep the doors open is the “effort.”

Best wishes and my profuse gratefulness to you! 🙂

Related to post [Who is God? (from SM 3-16-12)] I asked you that question because most of the time I think by my heart. You can say that I am highly Emotional and Sensitive person. I am not saying that this is my special quality but I am like this, I have never done any work by seeing the logic behind it. I did it because my heart said so. That why I thing many times, hey man why does not my mind work or thinks like this. See them how they calculate , estimate, how intelligent they are , so good is their thinking process. Any work that I have done be it professional one, I have done it like a mother who raises and take care of her own child, by doing so one doesn’t need brain or use it. Since I have come in the ‘Gyan’ the thinking process has increased. I have also read your articles but I would like to state that even I have my fears and confusion what we call it in Hindu philosophy ‘sanskar’ or what you call upbringing. Decision making not good, self confidence was not that much which I have now however still there is an entry for fear. n not expressive also…inferiority complex. etc etc etc 🙂 You can say that I am a fool 🙂 but becoming more Budha (enlightened) day by day. 🙂 That’s why when I understand something properly like your 1st article (realms of consciousness) I commented that I am understand what u r trying to say….I get surprised on my own self that I can even think to this level. (Not this particular one article) That’s why when I read something new which is beyond my grasp, more quickly doubt, fear and confusion come to me. No doubt there is lot of difference between your conscious and mine. Hence when I read this article I got confused. Before asking this question in between I was giving myself this answer that in whatever way God has given this ‘Knowledge’…. my work is to do self transformation.. to know thy self..and experience it. It’s been only a year since I have come in this ‘Gyan’ and whatever I have understood is because of your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes. No one makes you understand this knowledge here at the local level centre like what you write. This is my perception. I understand all you sayings but they have not come in my experience as of yet. From your articles and Sister Shivani’s Programmes the fear which I had regarding GOD has gone and has been substituted with love towards Almighty. But sometimes the element of fear does creeps in. In the local center here they don’t make you understand things much , they make you understand like in Sakar Murli. I don’t say that this is wrong but when there is something more to understand than this what an individual can do. In these circumstances I got your blog. I understood a lot though my experience which you wrote about is yet to come. Things that I understand whether little or more, if any experience happens I comment on it ( awesome, wonderful , like that etc etc). I am not able to write as I don’t have a very good English and a quick one. Hence my comments are short otherwise I have so much to say to you. But what i’ll do the person who translates will get annoyed with me :-). Thus I ask only very important question. I know that I have to work maximum on my fear, confusion as they dislodge me from the understanding of true knowledge. That’s why I asked you as it was creating doubts in me. I could not understand this paragraph(God is needed at this time. That is why, He becomes known through this knowledge. I cannot even say “His” knowledge but this knowledge which we have forgotten about and which is already in us, because we have experienced “before.” Things happen according to the Drama. God’s “entrance” or awareness in this Drama happens when needed in the Drama, however, there has been always some “remembrance of Him,” except in the Golden and Silver ages. We didn’t need God there. You wonder where is that “love for God” and how come that sanskara hasn’t appeared in the Golden age.) And in my mind this also came that their was a difference between the level of your consciousness during that time and in the current present time. Than even I asked you the question I am sorry for that. 🙂 Thanks for your reply. 🙂 Hope with time I understand or I get some experience. Om Shanti

Question on Brahma Kumaris beliefs

“SCIENCE VERSUS 5000 YEARS OF TIME CYCLE ! following are my questions.. 1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny? 2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break! 3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your questions!
I am afraid your questions came a bit late… This blog changed its path a couple of months ago from Brahma Kumaris knowledge to Spiritual knowledge in general and for all.

However, i will use this opportunity to give additional explanation and then answer your questions.. so bear with me! 🙂

Beliefs are out. Experience is in. A couple of days ago, it was shared that once the realization about our own eternity is experienced, then beliefs are useless.

Beliefs are “good,” when someone experiences protection and support through a religious system. It is the time for reformation.
Beliefs are “bad,” when they “box you,” and seclude your experience of life and make you part of the “cookie cutter” machinery.

Therefore, beliefs are neither “good, nor bad,” but useful according to someone’s timing in life.

In my experience, out of all the beliefs systems that I have been exposed to (Many, I need to say) Brahma Kumaris knowledge is the most complete, the most reasonable, intellectually speaking. This blog has plenty of articles about that.

The issue has been the way it was interpreted.

Here a little example:
So you know about an eternal, repetitive cycle. Then, why make so much fuss about “destruction,” when we can realize about our own eternity? Think about that.

So you know about an eternal, predestined movie; therefore, what you think you do out of your free will, is part of that movie. Your free will is predestination and predestination is your experience of free will. 🙂
This is just an intellectual concept, but there is the experience which is most important.

When you realize about your own eternity, then the movie of “doing things,” should not matter, when “being” is the most important thing. As it is “being” then “doing” aligns. This is what this blog has emphasized.

When the “little child” needs reformation, the “scary” thought of “destruction is just ahead,” makes you do something to earn your “paradise..” Do you see that? Death by itself is not scary enough, for everyone will die some day… But to be “saved” from destruction, makes it special… There is no death, but we die. I hope you could grasp this.. I know you will 🙂 There is “destruction” but we are eternal? I hope this is not hard to understand… 🙂

In my experience, the whole “experience” in Brahma Kumaris was to “reform myself.” Celibacy is the main ingredient that Brahma Kumaris uses for that. This does not mean that celibacy is “good” or “bad.” It is the “tool” used for reformation.
Even though it is one of the toughest “tools” for reformation, celibacy will allow you to experience a different consciousness when we are not repressing ourselves. This is the challenge. This is not only physical repression, but also emotional and how you approach life despite your unusual practice, will dictate your degree of “advancement.” Once you have experienced that consciousness, then you know better.

That is my experience in a “nutshell.” I would have not been able to go through it, if I did not have divine help. Here is where your “karma” comes into the picture. This “spiritual bug” comes from many past lives not just this one.

OK.. now into your questions 🙂

1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny?

Your karmic account is your own movie included in the “big movie.” The Drama. Your role is what you will experience as “doing.” In reality, you do not do anything… 🙂 but because you believe you do; then you do. 🙂

You “create” your destiny when you believe that you have “free will.” You do not create your destiny when you believe that everything is “predestined.” If you do not have “beliefs,” then everything moves as it should.

2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break!

Please see how many “beliefs” you are introducing in your question. Your belief of Nuclear warfare, is not completely accurate if you studied the Brahma Kumaris daily scriptures. In that belief system, there is a mention of natural disasters, famine, drought, diseases… Things that you did not account for in your belief. Also, It is mentioned in the Brahma Kumaris belief system, that there will not be a nuclear issue in Bharat and the rest of the continents will go under the oceans. Scary movie… huh? 🙂
Thus, your belief of Nuclear disaster surrounding the whole planet and making the Earth poisonous to live… is just another belief. 🙂

3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader, “confirmed by science,” is meaningless when we are talking about life. Your belief in science as the holder of “truth,” is just a belief.
Life is more than the physical realm which is what science deals with. here is your definition of science:
“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”
In spirituality we can experience that there are many realms beyond the physicality of life, which are integrated. The proof is your own experience.

Quantum mechanics is getting closer to that “reality,” which makes “randomness” and “probabilities” scientific terms to use, when they only denote lack of scientific certainty.

Now, dear reader, I will ask you to please read the tab titled “scientific tales” for a through and convincing ride into the realm of tales for grown ups…

There all your questions about the 5000 year belief deal, the dinosaur belief deal and all such beliefs, are answered there. Otherwise, you could type the keyword “dinosaur” in the blog, and you will find articles related with that topic.

Dear reader, It has been a pleasure to reply to your questions, but let me inform you that avyakt7 has “retired” from intellectual debates and logical thinking when related with spirituality and the experience of life. At work I may need to use those skills, but then after those hours of earning my “paycheck” have gone away… those skills are “submerged.” 🙂

However, avyakt7 had his time in that “realm” and articles are available in this blog for those who would like to spend time on such things…

Best wishes!

Reader comment about the blog

“Brother, thanking you immensely for everything. I would like to share my experience to express my gratitude. An example of what you are stating about knowing your truth, embracing change and experiencing it. Not being a writer it’s a bit hard to express and also being a very private person who has never shared such things it has taken a lot of courage but somehow felt now is the right time to share this with you especially with the changes that you have made with the blog I felt that you too took a courageous step and not that you need any encouragement but this is a token of appreciation of how you are benefiting this soul. What I am experiencing would certainly not be unique and must be many others experience as well. Your explanations have had a profound impact for which I am ever grateful.

Coming from a Science/inquiring background and seeing the path of my life and how chance encounters, people and messages were leading me, I had been documenting the same without much thought. It’s only now when I re-read it I realize I have always had an innate need to know ‘Who I am’ and how Choice and Chance create Destiny from a very early age. I did feel different and a misfit but did not know why and it had never bothered me. I had had some realizations but somehow got lost in between. I had succumbed to your blog earlier as well but somehow since I did not understand the BK language, I did not attempt to explore any further.

I had always wanted to study ancient scriptures at a university but never got around it but that’s how I found out about the BKWSU but never pursued it. I have never been a devotional religious person but having lived in a country where religion is deep rooted and certain rituals being followed in every family (mine included) I have never disrespected others beliefs and participated in them but had too many questions which were disturbing me and have never been a true follower. A few months back, challenging circumstances and some questions led me to visit the BKWSU website and write a mail; a BK soul emailed me the correspondence course in Raj Yoga Meditation and some doubts led me to discover your blog again.

Simultaneously, the same question of Choice and Chance led me to attend a BK event in my city, which I knew would not be able to answer my question; however, that very same day someone else had asked a similar question on your blog. So it led me to explore your explanations in depth along with following certain practices which had been evolving gradually over the past few years. What I felt getting to know what you describe as pure gyan is indescribable, for the first time in my life I felt I could understand myself better. Obviously, I am too new and taking baby steps, even after ‘getting it’ intellectually, I still had my doubts; however, they are being resolved. I am a contented, hopeful work in progress.

You have an instrumental role in it and I am ever so grateful for that. Strangely, even just thinking of something you seem to answer it for someone else or write about it. If I shall write down the instances, it may come as a surprise to you or maybe not. The first initial times it was way unreal for me. Just as an example, I shall write a few instances. I had come across the ‘Dr Quantum’ video on YouTube however; I could not comprehend what exactly was meant by the observer that they had shown – i.e. what was making the particle behave like matter and was sincerely contemplating on it, the very next day you wrote about it and my doubts were clarified. My aunt visited and was talking nonstop about Akshavatra Geeta and asked my brother to get a Hindi version for her and an English version for me to read. The English version was not available that didn’t matter much to me but I had the assurance that I would read it if and when I am meant to. A day later you posted a readers link to the same, to be honest not that I understood the whole thing but got the gist that you explained. Too many occurrences and changes I have been observing happening in my life for a while and since yesterday, I have been contemplating about intuition and you wrote about it. I would probably not be able to grasp these ideas had it not been for your crisp explanation. So have no ways to thank you and all the higher energies and influences enabling you to do the service that you are doing.

Another instance that I would like to share, coming back to the pure gyan and the 5000 year question. Since, the gyan and the blog were truly helping me in a manner for which I shall always be grateful. I never questioned the ‘5000 year’ time frame but sincerely asked for a concrete sign for me to know that it is the truth for me and I wasn’t going crazy (I am being honest).

What happened is an AHA moment for me. I happened to watch the video on your blog which talks about planetary alignments and the details of the Pyramids in Egypt, found it super interesting as I love astronomy, ancient architecture; however it confused me as well. I immediately asked a question pertaining that to you. After writing it down, I went to check on my brother, who had met with an accident and was resting at home. He was watching a movie; I normally do not watch movies during the day more so, mid way. Since, he was watching a movie with one of my favorite actors ‘Angelina Jolie’, and the movie was also about talking about some planetary movements I decided to sit for a bit. Within a few minutes of it, a scene came where Angeline Jolie mentions to the protagonist that he must give her a missing triangle piece so that she could solve the puzzle, else they would have to wait for 5000 years for the same planetary alignment and things to repeat. For me, that was my sign of the truth. The movie I am talking about is Tomb Raiders, it released in early 2000’s, is pure fiction, they could have said any number of years. However, I end up watching it in April 2013 and immediately after having asked the question.

Moreover, I would not have understood what she was talking about had I not watched the video on Pyramids which you had linked.
So this entire write up is just to thank you ever so much for being one of the agents of profound change in my life. Wishing you the best today and always!

Also a request, like I mentioned the pure gyan has truly helped me however being new to reading about such concepts and applying them in my life, find it hard to understand ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as is, I enjoy your explanations to the ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as that’s what this soul currently understands. I believe a new season of Avyakt Murlis would begin. If it is possible would you please do the churnings for those ‘Avyakt Murlis’ maybe as a separate blog? I understand the change in direction that the blog has taken and truly respect your decision and whatever you may take.

Also, if you would feel appropriate to share what is the story behind choosing the name ‘Avyakt7’. Many thanks.”

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear reader,
I am very grateful to you as it is good to hear such feedback once in a while.. 🙂
I thank you for letting me post your personal note.

As we can see there is a “plan,” in life. Some may call it, “Godly plan,” others “Divine plan,” yet others, “Drama,” “Tao,” or simply life. Choose the name you like, but please do not become trapped in it. Otherwise that will become another concept to defend and to make divisions among human beings.

I had a similar beginning than you. Many things started to “synchronize,” as far as getting answers to questions. For me the truth was everything.

Just like yourself, the knowledge that I learned through the Brahma Kumaris was understood by me in a way that it is not typical.

The real practical aspect of this knowledge nevertheless, is appreciated when we recognize the importance of “NOW.” When we come to appreciate life as it is and people for what they are. When we behave and deeply understand that things are as they have to be…and all is “good.” This understanding will bring the need to change “NOW.”
If I am not happy… the time to be happy is “NOW,” not tomorrow in the Golden age, but “NOW.”

Interestingly enough this is the teaching of philosophies and religions where God is not considered as a “pivotal” view such as Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. All of them go into the “NOW,” and offer different tools to help us change our current state of consciousness. Because self transformation is not about worshiping the messenger, but to understand the message of the need of time… and Be it! (Not do it 🙂 ) that is how we can see that every religious path, has something to teach us and our own spiritual path will move us into something else when the teaching has been learned. Nothing is static. Everything moves like a leaf moving on top of the river of destiny, and everyone has different timing to grow.

We just need to respect that.

The role of avyakt7 is about the common good. Avyakt7 is not interested in defending a religion or a philosophy, neither interested in debating about ideas or opinions anymore. Avyakt7 is interested in the common benefit, the common good. That is all.

The name avyakt7 came to me early in my path when I started with the Brahma Kumaris. I cannot tell you what it means, other than it felt “alright” to use it as a “pen” name in the internet.

As you requested, this role may comment on avyakt murlis of the season as part of sharing spiritual knowledge to all, but this role will not be caught up in a “box” of “duties,” for the goal is for you, dear reader; to be able to understand spiritual teachings out of your own experience. Please do not become dependent on anything, even on this blog.

Finally, all of this is happening with a purpose which is beyond my thoughts. Divine help has been there in my spiritual upbringing. I am very thankful of that; but at the same time there is the sense of responsibility towards myself which means, the world… the common good.

Avyakt7 will not forget that; and readers like you only remind me of that.

Best wishes!

Trapped in Concepts


Have you ever wondered if the USA, India or Peru really exists? 🙂
Those names are man-made concepts. There are no “real” geographical boundaries between countries. As a matter of fact, there are no countries. Man has “created” that separation.

Those divisions are fictitious, but yet so “real” in our minds.

That concept of a country has many implications. A passport to show where we “belong,” a flag to show our alliance, etc, etc. This is an artificial division among human beings.

We truly believe that those concepts are real.

A couple of days ago, while I was flying on a plane, there was a message from the cabin: “please consider donating your left over monies for some XYZ organization. Last year we collected 1 million dollars. That money made a difference in the life of a child. We accept all sorts of currency.”

The message was that money is able to solve problems. However, what is money?
Paper. Neat paper with the figure of someone “important” in it. Preferably someone who is dead to avoid further fights. 🙂
The “power to buy” is a conceptual idea which works only because we believe in that idea.

Please see the type of indolence! If someone sees a child in need of shelter or food or love… money will solve the issue.
Here is my check. Here .. my left overs… BUT, make me feel good… I am a “good guy.” I am donating…

Concepts over concepts will make us slaves of our own ideas.

Still don’t believe about the power of concepts?
What is predestination or free will? Concepts.
What is hell or heaven? Concepts.
What is life and death? More concepts.
What is “you and I”? Without a doubt… concepts.

Those concepts have definitions, boundaries. Those concepts are a jail for living life to the fullest.

Part of learning spirituality is to free ourselves from all concepts. Free from the busy mind.

We need to learn to unlearn.

The Tao Te Ching, expressed this beautifully:

“Learning consists of filling;
following the Tao consists of emptying.

So the sage does less and less
Until nothing is done.
When things are doing themselves,
Nothing is left undone.

To live harmoniously
in the world,
Let the world do itself.
(Lao Tzu – Chapter 48 – Translated by Ray Grigg)

Part of egolessness is to be free from the attachment to ideas and concepts. The mind has to be free from conceptual living.

As the Hua Hu Ching expressed in Chapter 35.

“Intellectual knowledge exists in and of the brain.
Because the brain is part of the body, which must one day expire, this collection of facts, however large and impressive, will expire as well.

Insight, however, is a function of the spirit. Because your spirit follows you through cycle after cycle of life, death and rebirth, you have the opportunity of cultivating insight in an ongoing fashion.

Refined over time, insight becomes pure, constant and unwavering.
This is the beginning of immortality.”

To be trapped in traditions and mental frameworks is conceptual. Through that mental trap, love cannot flow. Please be aware of this by yourself. Observe how so many of your own “hang ups,” complexes and what nots are coming from your past. They were learned behaviors to adapt to your perception of your world at that time.

Until we identify these conceptual frameworks; love will not flow and all we will have left with is intellectual information.

BapDada expressed this succinctly in the Avyakt Murli of January 6, 1988
“Knowledge is accurate only when it is filled with love – dry knowledge does not give experience – it is love that gives the experience of all relationships from the heart. If there is only intellectual remembrance – remembrance with the head and not the heart – there will be labour in yoga, in service, in inculcation – the intellect will battle even with knowledge – constant questions – many waste thoughts – battle with the self. When there is love there is no battle, because the soul is lost in love, merged in love.

If there is knowledge, but remembrance is like labour, and there is no experience of bliss, power, or peace, it is because love is still lacking – knowledge has reached the head, but it is intellectual only – it has not become merged with the heart. The heart is the symbol of love. Knowledge is the seed, and love is the water – a seed without water will not bear fruit…

…So what is the essence? Do not just have dry, intellectual knowledge, but let there be knowledge within the heart. Have love, and don’t lose any to subservience.”

The mind filled with concepts, ideas, theories, analysis, comparisons, contrasts, divisions, can only bring fear, for any sort of separation, any sort of “I-ness” is in conflict with the “rest.”

That mind is incapable of experiencing love, for love and fear cannot live together.

Empty the mind and fill the heart with the experience of your own truth, then concepts will be seen just as concepts and never as part of life. In that freedom, there could be love.

Love is knowledge. Concepts are not.

Questions for May 31, 2013

Dear avyakt7, thanks for answering my yesterday question. You have nicely place the question to second part of my question Great!!!!!!!. When I thought over it, It has created some different question:A) Whether Shivbaba have role from copper age onwards i.e in Bhati, “Sakshatkar” etc. or B) it is due to the experience of sangamyug that the bhakti sanskar emerges?If the question A) is true then baba must have consciousness atleast from the begining of copper age?.Hope, I am not wasting my and your time as you mentioned many times “Ego Trip” or too inteletual. Thanks and Best wishes.

Thank you for your good questions!

Dear soul,
The role of God or Godly knowledge is just to make us remember what we have forgotten. What have we forgotten?

Please let us not spend our time personalizing God once we know that He is a soul residing in the soul world.

That is all we need to know. Everything else is in the Drama. Once we are aware of that through the knowledge that we have “churned”/realized and have gone deeper into it, we could see that the rest is about self-transformation.

To go into more details as what Shivbaba does? Or as the Sakar Murlis mention: He works hard for us…or anything of that nature, from my perspective is useless. However, I understand that there may be souls who would like to know those details, so I invite them to search for those answers in this blog, for I was one of “those individuals” at one time and this blog has plenty of that sort of information.

The “bhakti” or devotional sanskara is a sense of awe in comparing ourselves with what we perceive as a higher power. We do that with BapDada all the time. Rather than using our energy to self transform through the experience of the knowledge, most are happy asking for things to Him, becoming afraid of not having His favors and singing His praise as if that was the reason why BapDada is here among us.

He teaches to be like Him. Equal to Him.

In your question: “is true then baba must have consciousness at least from the beginning of copper age?”
I believe that I responded that in your previous question yesterday, by using another open question.

Let us be mindful of the diversity of readers.

Dear soul, I can see that you can realize many things about Gyan, you have a sharp mind; that is great! Let me just share that not everyone will be able to agree with you, but at the same time see that what you know and realize should help you in your inner transformation, otherwise, it just becomes more information, more concepts to think about.
It is good to check ourselves when spiritual knowledge becomes just another concept, another logical premise to blindly defend. We need to check that against our own experience on self transformation.
Gyan is referential; but it is not needed to self transform once we have a clear awareness of our own vices. That is why the most important item is awareness. To be awake.

A sharp mind could become our worst enemy as well, once we become engaged in trying to understand concepts which cannot be grasped by a dualistic mind. That sort of mind makes a good mind for debates and ego trips, but definitely lacks the experience of something which cannot be described through words and logic. That which is beyond a thinking mind.

Best wishes!

Om Shanti. If the whole drama is based on TO REMEMBER & TO FORGET ( Smruti & Vismruti). What is the role of God?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
Answer: To make us remember what we have forgotten, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!

The Depth of Spiritual knowledge


Ananda was sitting under the shadow of a kind tree, looking at the pristine waters of a lake.

Ananda saw the water in movement with very small ripples, but then as the waters became still, Ananda was able to see the blue sky and some clouds reflecting on that lake.

Ananda thought: “Without the knowledge of what is a reflection, I would have thought that I saw the sky in the water… silly me. ”

Moreover, without knowledge of the sky, Ananda would have called that perception an “out of the world” experience.

There are individuals who are trained to perceive the “hard facts,” a lake is water (H2O)moving because of the effect of the wind and the rotation of the Earth. That definition is called “knowledge.”
That definition does not leave room for the mysterious for the magical. It is like observing something and describing it based on previous findings.

Then we have individuals who are mesmerized by the forms that they are able to see in the water. Figures and forms, which become alive according to their own creativity and imagination. Seeing the sky in the stillness of the water has a magical meaning, for then they will dare to come closer to the water…. And then, the “miracle” will happen…they will see themselves.

That experience of seeing the sky will change into finding their own image.

Not everyone will dare to leave his or her comfortable spot under the shadow of the tree to look closer, to look deeper.

From this perspective, a “hard-core” definition is meaningless; but as we can see both perspectives are right and true, according to the level of awareness and consciousness of the viewers.

Moreover, there will be a very small number of people who will dare to come even closer and look at the waters of the lake from yet a different perspective; the one that will allow them to see the depth of the lake; the one that will allow them to see its bottom.

For those who have not experienced the “bottom of the lake,” any description that they may hear about that will be labeled as just nonsense. “Imagination.”

Nevertheless, the perspective on depth of seeing that lake will change among those who dared to take a look deeper. That is how religions and “isms;” will be created. Followers are needed. Some may see fish, others just dark waters; and yet others crystal clear waters with plants and rocks underneath.
It is just about perspectives. Referential points of view.

There is more than water in a lake. At the same time, there is just water.

Still, fewer, selected ones will dare to take a dip at the lake and experience the water with all their senses: tasting it, touching it, hearing it, and smelling it… Not just seeing it and describing it. The experience is not just with the eyes.

Selected ones are able to do that, for that means to totally abandon any previous ideas or beliefs about the waters of the lake: fears must be dismissed, and a sense of profound enjoyment and curiosity about the unknown, will need to appear.

Even at this level, knowledge is not absolute.

Even the experience of warmth or coldness of the waters will change according to the time and circumstances.

Life is movement and to be present in that movement, we experience and then move on; we forget and let newness come. Comparisons are out of reality, for timing and knowledge is different at different times.

Ananda realized that acknowledging someone’s definition of a lake and their truth was as important as acknowledging the experience of those who took a dip at the waters of that lake.

Different perspectives and experiences.

The only way to know the lake is to be the lake.

Feeling deeply is that experience which will allow us to merge into something which we may experience with our limited senses as not being us, separated from us; so it becomes one with us.

Deep feelings bring together that which has been separated; the knower and that which is to be known. Because in feelings we give away ourselves, our being. Feel deeply until “you” are gone.

That is the basis of meditation, the basis of living life “alive,” and the basis of knowing God.

Spiritual refinement

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The path is clear for those who are traveling it. To go from the physical into the subtle.

Many are experienced with the subtle world as far as having “experiences” in it; but the path of knowing is to be it, to become. We may have a glimpse of something but to be is the goal.

In spirituality to know means to be.

In the “normal” world of big egos who are trained to “fight” to survive and to control others as a master does to a servant; any sort of subtleness is equated with weakness.

In the Spiritual world, your level of gentleness will show your degree of spiritual advancement.

To be gentle as water; means to be able to adapt to different settings, different containers, different personalities. Not having a shape of itself, but always transforming. The character of gentleness is an open door to life and the experiences that it may bring.

That openness comes through a reformation of the self.

For example, diet is a very important factor in that reformation process. In fact, our diet will change continuously; it will be more refined to reflect the changes in the self.
From eating meat, to being a vegetarian; there is a difference. Also from eating pungent and spicy food items into natural, raw items; is a change.
From drinking sodas to water is another change.

Our diets will reflect that inner transformation. The manifestation is equal to the source.

Similarly, our sleeping patterns. Early mornings will be cherished. It is the natural way.

One of the most important items to be in tune with subtle energies, is to be in harmony with Nature.
Through Nature, we can remember our true Nature.

The sounds of Nature and to feel its diverse lights and energies are healing and nourishing to enhance our sensibility to natural beauty.

“Technological progress,” has closed our hearts.
Nature will bring feelings to a closed heart. It will make it alive again.

It is in the perception of that beauty from Nature, how we will be in tune with the inside; and find out that our inner side reflects what we see outside.

Inside and outside become in tune, in balance as our sensibility changes.

As we experience the path of spirituality with greater depth, there will come a time where any sort of separation will be unthinkable. There cannot be a “you vs. me;” nor a “my religion is better than…” for as we see things in a broader perspective, with greater openness; the world will be that family and spirituality will be the only religion.

That is how communion could be possible, for going back to unity means to find those things which we have in common, rather than trying to find differences when there is none. We are human beings.

The spiritual path is a way to offer our hands in cooperation to the world; not as a teacher or a student, not as a helper or savior; but just as someone who truly cares.