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Question: om shanti….what is ‘kundlini shakti’….? does self transformation through gyan leads to activation of ‘chakras’ …? how ?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

The words “kundalini shakti,” have been used to express many things. From transforming sexual energy (Tantra yoga) to transmuting physical energies and to experience bliss, into being self-realized; etc, etc.

The answer will depend on what you refer to. My own little meaning of that is transformation of the self from a “normal,” “average guy” into a self realized/complete being; not in the Golden age; but now.

I have shared many articles here and in “Healthy Celibacy,” about the Chakras as a point of reference of spiritual transformation.
Basically it is the change from physicality into subtleness. The expression of wants and desires into feelings from the heart and the expression of the self in a pleasant and understanding way (“compassionate” for Buddhists, “sweet” in SM, “merciful” in Avyakt BapDada’s language) in my experience, so far.

At the subtle level that change will be observed in your aura. At the inner level, you will experience the transformation of sex lust into feelings of acknowledgement, wonder, appreciation and thankfulness (to describe that) BapDada will call that “good wishes and pure feelings.” From that is the expression in words and communication with others, then comes self knowledge as an experience and finally, self- realization or being “One with God” or “like the Father,” or in “union with the Beloved.”

The above is not totally my experience. I feel that I am perhaps in the “communication” stage. The other levels have been described by different traditions, sages, Gurus and specially in Hinduism. Those stages correlate with a particular Chakra as our main means of expression. I am not keen in trying to follow the steps that someone has outlined, but I let life shape my own journey. I am “recipe free.” 🙂

Now on your question of the “How.” That is what you will find out for yourself in your own path. No recipes.

In my experience, by being honest that self transformation is your goal in life. It is what you really, really want more than anything else. Then life, will be placing the “tests” and environment with experiences that you will need to grow. For that we need to learn to “accept” rather than “reject.” Let the actors act and then to know when is our turn to act. Also, in my experience; to make time for solitude, to be with yourself alone is necessary. For that we will need to learn to discern those things which are not necessary in our life. That is what is commonly known as “renunciation.” This has to come with understanding. Not intellectual understanding but by being in tune with your inner self. Everything changes little by little, but “quickly” at this time; thus; we need to be aware of the special moment of the confluence age and make the appropriate environment around us and in us to allow the changes to appear.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is the law.

Best wishes!