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The truth in the observer’s mind

Do you know what color is the sun? I thought and I was told it was yellow. Bright yellow. All the pictures in my books indicated that. As I looked up at the sky, I saw the sun and called that color “yellow.” That was my “truth.”

As I painted and drew different landscapes in my kiddy years, there the sun was as a big yellow ball radiating yellow rays. However, that yellow wasn’t the same color I experienced warming up my face, but when you are a kid you do not think about those technicalities… that is a grown up business.

I had the chance to visit Jodhpur, India. This city is known as the “sun city.” While I was there, I’ve never saw a single cloud in the sky. Just the sun, the sky and I.
One day in the afternoon, I looked up and saw this beautiful big red ball in the sky. It was the sun. The sun was red. Not yellow.

What about if the truth is like that changing color sun? 🙂

Early in the morning at dawn, as I had the chance to see how the night changes into day, I saw the sun coming in red color. It was red… then all of a sudden little by little, it turned into yellow, bright yellow. The word beautiful does not come closer to that experience.
As I was seeing the sun, I remembered the “sun of knowledge” and how soothing, nourishing and fulfilling those rays are. How it appeared at the confluence of the night and day time, and because it was red and not yellow, it wasn’t recognized properly.

It is hard to recognize someone as he is, when our mind is expecting something else.

All my previous ideas about “yellow” had to be given up… but then as the night completely disappeared, voila! A bright yellow sun appeared to wake everyone up.

I realize that my understanding will be according to my previous experiences and intellectual capacity. None of them I have control of. My interpretation of it is a valid as anyone else’s; however, I cannot call that interpretation the truth, if I have some sense in me.
It is just “my truth.”

Perhaps out of this experience, the most important point for me to recognize is that this “truth” must change in time. Just as the red sun, changed into yellow; my understanding will evolve as I place my attention and awareness in the sun. I will be able to see red into yellow, perhaps never pinpoint the exact moment of change, but I will be aware of the change. Thus, my knowledge must evolve. My ideas must change. That is the way of Nature. Change.

The truth is one, but my understanding of it will be continuously evolving… unless I become a dogmatic, hard-nosed, inflexible individual, then there will not be any room for me to change, to transform. Perhaps I need to remember that when a hurricane of life comes, the tree that survives is the one who is flexible and gentle. A tree does not abandon its quality of being a tree at any moment but hard, inflexible things perish. That is the way of Nature.

Therefore, “my truth” is never better or more accomplished than anyone else’s. Because we have different timings. The sun in the summer is hot and perhaps unbearable for someone who is experiencing summer time in his life. Whereas, if I am experiencing winter time in my life, the warmth of the sun is desirable.
Different vision, different understanding, different capacities, different timings.

As I observe the sun, sometimes, I ask the question: What color is the sun? and then I realize that a better question would be: “what color is the sun for me today, right now?” The experience has the answer, but it does not come in human language.

A different type of intelligence is needed to understand this.