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When the mind is, BEING is not.

If someone has the desire to become “better” in spirituality, that person will only feed himself with greed.
If a person wants to become “good” by reading books, taking classes or joining a religion; that person will only be full of concepts, ideas, about being “good.”
If a person wants to “make effort” to go to “heaven”; certainly he will make his current Life, full of hell.

The above does not follow the conditioning of the “office world.” I am not saying not to DO the above. By all means DO it. Have the experience of it, so the words above have a new meaning, for the above will not be another belief, another concept.

In the “office world” if someone wants to be “better”, that one needs to take classes, certifications, read books, gather concepts, ideas to talk the talk. It is about gathering information.
That does not work in “spirituality” or better yet, living Life with joy.

DOING things to become someone else is not the answer. Joy is not in becoming someone in the future, but in BEING now.

The word BEING may be one of the most difficult “concepts” to grasp. It is not a concept. It is an experience.
When the mind is; BEING is not.

BEING is not defined by actions. Actions are defined by moral standards, laws, commandments, etc. Those laws are not standards for “goodness,” they are just agreements to live by as a society.

Every cause has an effect. This is not human law or morality. This is the way Life moves, changes. Most of the time humans are concerned in pursuing their wishes, desires, wants, etc. Nothing wrong with that. However, also be courageous enough to take the consequences as well.

“Many times I do not know what could happen out of an action, but whatever happens, I will be there.” That may be labeled as maturity.

This level of natural commitment does not arrive when making “thoughtful decisions,” for we will be hunted by our moral conditioning.
This is good, that is bad. This is wrong… That is right.

If in our core, we act based on morality alone, repression is unavoidable. Our society loves people who “sacrifices for others,” you may get a prize; but deep inside you, there will be dissatisfaction.

That is why it is of great importance to observe who I AM, at that moment. If I am not willing to take consequences, for whatever they are; then I need to understand that my wishes, wants, desires, etc. are not deep enough. They are just mental thorns, torturing for lack of awareness.

“Spirituality” is busy trying to cover BEING with DOING.
If I am with a group of people, and I AM uncomfortable with someone in the group, typically, I could blame that to the other person. I can add mental reasons to explain my feelings. That is to sleep while being awake.
Understand that a button inside you have been pushed. If we are AWARE of that, then there is opportunity for that sensation to continue its path. If it arrives, it must go.

If I am not aware, then I will cover that with some spiritual practice such as: “I should be good, gentle with everyone.”
By covering who I am for the sake of following some moral standard, I have started to build inner dishonesty.

I am not saying not to be nice although I am feeling uncomfortable. I am saying to be AWARE that the issue is with me and I need to identify that. This is how we become our own spiritual guru.
This could be a deceiving “practice,” or it could be a source for inner honesty.

The opposites have the same Nature

Our upbringing and moral standards have taught us to choose and prefer one side of duality and to reject the other side. That teaching is far from the experience that Life gives, thus; artificial, unnatural… An illusion.

We have been taught to build a personality based on “choice.” Nevertheless, for an unaware human being there cannot be choice, but simply cause and effect.

If John believes that he has chosen his profession or that he likes vanilla ice cream better than chocolate, he could be happy with those “choices.” Nevertheless, John has never questioned the reason why he likes vanilla more than chocolate, or why he has chosen a particular profession over another. That lack of “depth,” will prompt him to believe that “he is making more choices.”

As we gain further awareness, we could see that through that cause and effect, who we “are” right now is only the product of the past.

Through further “education,” we have been taught that we could change that “reality,” by “making choices.”

“Choose good over bad.” “Choose right over wrong.” “Choose spiritual over material.”

Doesn’t that sound marvelous?
Actually it is completely artificial and unrealistic.
Do we choose “good” by fighting “evil”? Do we choose “good” by rejecting “evil”?
Oh! We choose “good” by not DOING “evil”?
Actually, we DO what we ARE. BEING is the important key element to acknowledge, to observe. Observation is the DOING, for when we are aware… the shift will start.

The duality of “good and evil” share the same nature. Only the degrees will change. A what point heat becomes cold? A what point good becomes evil? Is there a “line” separating that duality?

It is just a subjective matter. Yes, right or wrong is a matter of subjective agreement.

John could be in jail for stealing. If John becomes “Robin Hood,” he could still go to jail, but now that stealing has lesser of an impact, less degrees of it.

Because of the above, God and the Devil share the same exact nature.
Because they are opposite of each other. Two opposite extremes of the same nature, just like cold and heat.

Am I trying to cause a revolution of ideals and moral standards?
No. I am not trying to “DO” anything. I am just sharing a bit of depth perhaps for some, and stupidity for others.

By all means respect the law, moral standards, the religious dogmas, the beliefs and opinions of others… be mindful that we are living in a society…but deep inside know that there is not an inch of absolute righteousness or absolute truth in all of them. It is a mixture of subjective agreements.

That is why as the “Life walker” becomes more aware, more conscious, he will realize that by observing and following the principles that Nature displays, Life will be more “Natural.”
The Natural laws are there waiting to be recognized and observed.

If you raise yourself, you will fall. Why do you fall?
To learn how to pick yourself up! That is just an answer, but not “the answer.”
If you didn’t have self, you wouldn’t fall… but neither raise up.
Self creates the duality, the choice, and with that… the “black and white” laws.

Truth and moral standards


When I read that quote, a sense of elation invaded me.
Great insight!
That quote is not coming from thinking, that is by conditioning.
For mainstream, there is “good and bad.” For mainstream, morality is about choosing “good” over “bad.”

Let me pretty up that word “morality,” so it has a “good” reception in our mind: To be “ethical.” 🙂

I don’t know who the author of that quote is or what he does. It doesn’t matter.
Nevertheless, let me add another spin on that “insight.”

There cannot be “the only truth” as we are dealing with perceptions. That is why, there is no “good or evil.” That is known as duality. Duality is another perception.

However, there is cause and effect. Every action will bring its own effect which will be experienced by the originator of that action.

Isn’t “cause and effect” another perception? 🙂
Yes and No. 🙂
Test it for yourself. Anything we “do” has a consequence. Anything “we” think may not…( A thought came to me, rather than “I” thought a thought… “I thought I saw a pussy cat”… 🙂 )

That is “karma 101” explained by religious groups and philosophies.
That is how for some religions there are “good actions” and “bad actions.”
Nevertheless, actions are neutral without intentions.


The consequences will happen based on our intention.

If my intention has an ulterior motive, if my intention is to separate, to segregate, to bring antagonism, to “rob” from the Totality, the consequences will be suffering for the “doer.”

Some individuals do not realize that their intention behind the action drives the consequence. That is why, we need to check our feelings. If I feel angry, my intentions will come out with that anger which means separation.

In “Religion 101” we were stuck with actions only as “good or bad.”

“Sex is bad.” “Marriage is good.” “Divorce is bad.”

The above is very easy to label and to promote for followers to follow.
It is very difficult to check the intentions, for the only person that could know is the one acting.

“But, I gave her a box with chocolates… I wanted to be “good” with her… and she turned them down.”
The perception of the intention could be heard by some accurately and misunderstood by others.
That is how it is easier to stick with actions as “good and bad.” It is safe, simple but not complete.

When the great Tao is forgotten,
Kindness and morality arise.
When wisdom and intelligence are born,
The great pretense begins.” ( Tao te Ching – Ch 18)

Another good insight! If we think about it, if we try to rationalize it, we will not understand.
Insight comes from knowing, from being able to recognize something without thought. It is intuitive.

The game of changing behavior to pretend a different consciousness


Have you experienced the traffic in the city at around 5 PM on a weekday?

Most probably it will be slow. Everyone wants to go home after an “arduous” day at work.

This experience is called “Rush hour.”
Everyone wants to go somewhere, thus “rushing” but reality is that… there is nowhere to go…

The other day, I was observing how the behavior of drivers totally change when a police car is nearby.

All of the sudden, all drivers around slow down their speed even though they are under the speed limit. If someone is ahead of the police car, then that person will try to move to the next lane to be “polite, “ right? And if you are behind the police car, then you should maintain a “safe” distance 🙂

Have you ever been in front of a police car and then heard the siren accompanied by the colorful red and blue lights? 🙂
What did you think a that moment?
Probably something like: “What have I done now!!! It wasn’t me!!” Just to find out that the police car moved to the next lane to take care of some traffic issue.

The above is the perfect example of changing behavior through fear.

This is the way we as humans have been taught to react as if we were one of Pavlov’s dogs.
We salivate like a Pavlov’s dog when there is fear of punishment.

Then the police car goes away… Everything goes back to “normal.” 🙂

Let me use my horn without mercy, to speed up the car in front of me. Let me change my personality to the one of “Speed racer,” and find out how much dexterity I got behind the wheel!
Let me push the limits of the “law” because every law has its loophole…

The above is called consciousness. It is an ego-centered consciousness.

“I’ve got to get to my place now. Everything else can wait.”
No reason to enjoy the driving experience, when “I got to get out of here….” “I got to beat everyone… for I am Speed racer, the king of the streets.”

“Honey… “I” found a way to get home faster….The others are still stuck in traffic”

Meaning: “Don’t you see how smart I am? Congratulate me! Reward me- Look, I am salivating…”

That is consciousness.

Then a religious moral code comes in our mind: “ You must not think that you are smarter than anyone else. For that is ego…. And ego my brother, will take you to hell and not to heaven.”

In that case “Speed racer” will pretend. He will play now the “I am a humble boy” song. Even though, I know that I am “great,” I must not say that to anyone… They will recognize my greatness for sure someday!

That is consciousness.

When we observe the futility of changing behavior by using fear, we could discover that our own consciousness needs to move to a different place.

A place where it is free from beliefs and cultural learned behaviors. A place where I could realize the “game” that I have been playing all along for so many years. A game where I convinced myself that “I am a good guy” or a “bad guy” based on my own beliefs, my own digested “food for thought” from many years of “learning.”

That is why, adopting a religious belief or a new philosophy or view about life or reading a new book, will not do a thing to move our consciousness from its individualistic world.
You may gain information, something to talk about and look “smarter” and pump up your own ego, but nothing else…

If we are conscious, if we take the time to “smell the roses,” then perhaps we could see that we are missing the other aspect of being, that is of being part of all.

When we start living in that consciousness, we cannot be the same again.

It comes down to your intentions


In a world made up by our thinking minds, rules exist in a society, when that ability to flow with the totality of life is lost.

Commandments are made, beliefs, taboos and dogmas established which will create an opinionated mind which is not free to experience life without labeling, but is always looking for a “reason” for an explanation to fit his own pre-established limits… that type of mind cannot experience the fullness of life because that mind needs to be convinced with “thoughtful” explanations to fit his own “picture” of life.
Yeah… I believe as long as it fits me right… 🙂 that is as long as it fits what “I” believe to be right.

The thinking mind thinks: “Killing is bad.” Therefore, here is the law: “You shall not kill.”

That is “good”! 🙂

Obviously the exceptions are: … Go ahead and name those… war, self-defense, hunger, etc. Every rule has an exception and if it doesn’t at this time, it will appear at some point in time. In the meantime, a thinking mind thrives in absolutes, that is: It is either black or it is white. Certainly it cannot be both, neither something in between. Although life repeatedly will show us that there is no such a thing as “black or white,” we still rather lie to ourselves just to comply with a belief.
Things get complicated when there is another belief mentioning that “we are eternal,” then you wonder if there could be “killing” for an eternal being? But let us not complicate things with deep stuff… 🙂

The issue is that our minds catalog an action as “good or bad” without looking at the finer side of it: Our intentions.

If your loved one is in the hospital dying and is hooked up to different machines to give her an artificial life, then should you pull the plug or not? Would you be following your commandment or not?
Tough decision. huh? 🙂

The problem is when it comes to a thinking decision. If we were to connect with our feelings with that person experiencing her last moments in life, we will know and we will feel at ease; but because we cannot do that because we have lost that ability thanks to “too much thinking;” then we need to carefully consider the “side effects” of our activities. 🙂

It is a matter of weighing the “pros” against the “cons.” Thus, many times we forget about the dying person just to look “honorable” in other “living” people’s views. That is the thinking mind.

Behind every action there is an intention, a feeling (These are not just words to express intentions, because that is thinking) and that is what the totality of life, the “Drama” of life will shape itself accordingly.

It does not matter how witty you are to rationalize the “goodness” of your own activities. It does not matter how many lawyers someone has to “protect him.”

Everything comes down to your intention, a feeling while performing the action; however, we tend to cover them up through a rationalization.

No one can lie to himself about his own intentions. For sure the totality of life, the Drama of life “knows.” That is what some may call “God knows.”

As long as our intentions do not benefit the totality, then our activities will be selfish. All we care about is our individuality. Of course, the mind has been trained to do a great job to promote that individuality. That is what it has learned through so much “education” in our long history.

Monkey sees, monkey does….

But, we forget about the intentions of that monkey; however the totality of life does not.

God & the Devil: Going beyond good and evil


When our whole being is beyond duality, we are in a state of oneness that is known as soul consciousness.

The topic of duality is very important to understand beyond a simple intellectual trip. We need to experience that in our own lives. This is the basic difference between someone who is a spiritual walker and someone who merely shares great ideas, someone who has a sharp intellect, who can bring words for the intellectual mind of others to understand, that is a philosopher.

The spiritual journey starts by being aware of one side of duality. That is “good.” Then, that which is good has a representative, that is God. Furthermore, a spiritual walker may start rejecting the side of duality, which is not “Godly.”

That is the beginning of the fight against evil, bad, Satan, Maya, the devil, etc.

Please note that in this stage of spiritual consciousness, there is a clear and distinctive difference between good and evil. Here is where most monotheistic religions have helped by creating codes, commandments, laws and so forth to be followed, so the follower has something concrete to follow. This rejection of evil to embrace only what is perceived as “good” is the beginning of reformation of the self. Before that, there was no distinctive idea of something like duality but just traditional morality and norms learned by living in a particular society.

When our consciousness is trapped in one side of duality, we will not be able to see the whole picture, for our belief will not allow us to see that. Our own belief is not giving us the chance to see beyond.

Do you see why “evil” exists? 🙂 Without writing a dissertation, please. 🙂

Just because “good” exists.

So, it is OK to do “evil”? 🙂
When our consciousness is beyond the beginner stage of awareness of “good” vs. “evil,” we will see that there is no “good” or “evil,” but only consequences. No hunter or victim; just roles. Because of being a hunter, then the hunter will be the victim in another occasion, just because the roles of victim and hunter have been performed.

Remember the golden rule: what you do unto others, you do it to yourself. This is a way deeper understanding of karma.

Therefore, when there is no “you” neither “others,” beyond that duality; there are no consequences. This is what is known as “neutral karma.” A witness, a detached observer.

Going beyond the duality of “I and others,” is the beginning of a new state of consciousness, which is not describable.

Let us go back to duality.

What is the proof of the existence of God? 🙂
Simply, the existence of evil. If evil exists in your consciousness, then God must exist as well.

Why? Because God and the devil, Maya, cannot exist by themselves. One brings the other.

Could a place full of “goodness” such as Paradise, where the devil is not around; could it be possible for such a place to exist with God in it? 🙂

No way. God can only exist when there is Evil. That is the only reason why there is no God in the “Golden age.” 🙂

Of course, the above explanation merely reflects a state of consciousness, it reflects the understanding of God and the Devil as “ideas,” to fit into a religious system or a belief system. It is the game of good vs. bad.

Please see that the day cannot exist without a night. In duality, both things must exist for one side gives birth to the other side. Therefore, that apparent separation is also one thing, but until our consciousness has not perceived that, we will only see two different things. Thus, oneness exists as well as duality according to our consciousness.

That is why, it is important to realize when our consciousness shifts, that is to go beyond duality is to know the unity of all.

Therefore, to know God beyond the duality of concepts, is to know beyond duality. God is neither good nor bad. That is duality. To be in a state beyond duality is to be soul conscious.

When you are soul conscious, you know God beyond dualistic concepts.

Can you love God alone? Only in a dualistic consciousness.
Beyond that duality, there is a different consciousness which will be known by the honest spiritual walker, but not by the intellectual philosopher.

A Spiritual walker has become aware of duality at the beginning of his journey. Then, he has rejected one side and accepted the other side of duality. He has experienced the inner fight. But few will experience acceptance to all, acceptance of both sides of the same coin of duality, just to go beyond it.

The Dangers of following spiritual knowledge without spiritual experience

This one is a topic which I wish someone would have explained to me long ago. Spiritual knowledge is explained in different ways according to the audience.
For instance, the Bible has an explanation based on a moral code as many other religions. There are many “do not’s,” just like a manual for traffic law violation. Same with Brahma Kumaris knowledge specially in the Sakar Murlis. There is this sense of “rescuing” someone from the “gutter,” to “shape up,” someone who has been misguided and usually the easiest way to accomplish that “guidance,” is by clearly negating certain actions or activities. However, in that negation there is neither explanation nor the opportunity for further understanding for that experience is the “gate to hell.” 🙂

For instance, If the traffic law says: “Do not drive pass a red light.” It is easy to understand why. There are cars coming from other directions. That is the opportunity for an accident. However, at the same time because we understood “why” and were able to see an “experience” without experiencing; we could fully understand that if we are driving at 4:30 AM and there is a red light which is stopping us for the last 5 minutes and we do not see any cars coming from any place; then we can use our judgment to make a decision in that experience. Right? What would you do? Wait for someone to fix the light? Your decision. Call the police to allow you to cross the red light? Sure why not. Your decision… 🙂

This is when “breaking the law,” may not be really “breaking it” but understanding the “spirit of it.”

In spirituality it is not that easy. For instance the realization that “people come and go in our lives and that we cannot rely on anyone, but to learn to be self-reliant and to be capable of living with ourselves, alone,” that sounds good. It is very obvious.

Many will act by closing doors to others for “fear” of being attached. If there is that attachment and the person who they are attached to goes away, then suffering will set in. Therefore, to avoid that suffering, it is best to push people away from us, from the very beginning. Right? That seems very safe but it is negating relating with life, closing the door to living.
That is why, we need to look at our own self and look for solutions. Our weaknesses will be open for us to explore, once we live the Brahmin life. Our duty is to transform those weaknesses into virtues.

Without doing this process of inner transformation, a spiritual life will be experienced as “hell within hell,” where laws, commandments, hierarchies and policies will rule our existence. If those laws are against one of our dear, beloved weaknesses; then that weakness will be expressed sooner or later and then…. We get in trouble. 😦

Therefore, a spiritual life is not meant to suppress. It is meant to transform. In this movement of transformation there is life, there is living; there is love to life.