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Spiritual principles to understand

Below some spiritual principles which when properly understood, may bring benefit is our relationship with others and the self for these principles integrate the way the “Drama of life works.”
Without the understanding of the Drama, there is no “compass” to go someplace. At that point, limited achievements is all what humans look for: To be a millionaire, to have power, to possess beauty, etc. These things only bring emptiness for there is no fulfillment once ‘we arrive.’ There is always something else.

Therefore, to live in harmony with the “Drama of life” means to understand the following spiritual principles, which a dear friend of mine shared with me:

1) Do not alter the natural order of things.
Every thing has an order. The minute we modify something to fit “our needs,” we have altered the “whole.” Our environment has been modified bringing chaos. We do not understand this principle.

2) Principle of spiritual metabolism:
The process of assimilation of spiritual matters is different among souls. This is why we cannot compare and say that “we are better” or “we have the truth.” Different understandings means, different ways of doing things and different ways of looking at the world.

3) Principle of correspondence:
It is the understanding that whatever life brings to us is perfect for us. We need to see that things do not occur randomly. There is a higher purpose behind every thing. To fully understand this principle means to incorporate principle #1 as well.

4) Principle of Survival:
It is the difference between a reaction and the law of cause and effect. We react to things. Our words are “reactionary.” Things do not finish there, but that reaction is a cause for another effect in the near future. The understanding of this principle goes hand in hand with principle #3.

5) Principle of Integral stability:
The balance between thinking, feeling and doing. This balance brings natural enthusiasm. 🙂

Scientific devotion, anyone?

Nowadays, I hear scientists talking about “quantum mechanics” as the latest thing. It is a set of deeply obscure words supported by equally complex and out of the ordinary equations to describe it. Most of the scientists are not able to understand their own talk.

Having Godly knowledge makes it easier to grasp the marvelous “quantum world”. Basically at the atomic level things move. Scientists are unable to figure out why those particles “quantas” move the way they do. Scientists are unable to accurately predict the position / direction of a quanta. Thus, principles such as “randomness”, quantas moving in a random way is in vogue. Science believing in randomness is a bit out of perspective when for them, everything has a “reason.”

Scientists do not know about predestination and that those “quantas” that apparently move in a random fashion are contributing forces of the Drama for change. Those quantas will go where they need to go. Scientists now can see those changes but unfortunately don’t have a clue as to why things change the way they do.

Scientists are finally trying to figure out the Drama by observing that all things are “alive” (have movement) and it is difficult for them to acknowledge that the apparently “free will” that quantas have to move around, is a “fact”. Thus the term “randomness” is used instead, “probability” is another “nice word” used.

Predestination takes care of all those nice words which hide the truth when they are supported by meaningless numbers (equations) which are based on faulty premises. Wrong input, wrong output.

“Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little; it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.” ~Bertrand Russell .

Some mathematics-less Spiritual laws:

1. The greater capacity a soul has, the slower his experience of depletion (entropy) will be.
2. The newer the soul is, the lesser his capacity will be and the faster his experience of depletion (batteries discharging) will be compared to another “older” soul.
3. The greater the capacity of a soul is, lesser time will be spent in Parandham.
4. The greater amount of “time” spent in Parandham, the lesser the capacity of a soul is.
5. If we understand this knowledge, we belong to the VIP club of “330 million souls” (T-shirts of this exclusive club, on the way 😉 ) that means the experience of the Golden and/or Silver ages are guaranteed.
6. Understanding knowledge above all means to have experience: more lives.. more things happened to you, “good” and “bad” that is experience.
7. The more “good” things have happened to you… the equal amount will be experienced in the “bad” things neighborhood. That is why, being out of dualism is the key to understanding spirituality.
8. No one learns and no one teaches. There is just remembrance and forgetfulness. There are “catalysts” to remember (God) and to forget (Time.) Those catalysts are suffering and pleasure.
9. More experiences mean more knowledge. Knowledge is a quality of a soul.
10. Numberwise means that no one is “equal”.
11. Equality is nonexistent. It is just a concept. (Politicians should know that.)

A “stone” intellect cannot understand this knowledge because he/she does not have the experience of living this knowledge before. Perhaps rationally or devotionally this knowledge could appeal to them, but there is no sense of belonging.

We experience life..numberwise. We express life numberwise. No one is equal. This is why we cannot judge anyone.