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Question: Om shanti. How to conquer sleep? i have taken this knowledge 4 months ago. i get very good sleep during nights. But i keep falling asleep during amritvela time. For two days amritvela would be good and on the third day i tend to fall asleep. Everyday i have to fight with sleep during morning time (amritvela time?). i sleep by 10.30pm but still it will not have any good effect on my morning meditation. i have two main weaknesses – sleep and laziness. i pay attention to my daily routine too. When i have good amritvela, i feel happy. Otherwise, my entire day would be spoilt. i even miss amritvelas. Please tell me what to do.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
First, I would urge you to find someone who could translate your questions in English, if you would like to ask more questions. This time I had to search for a caritative soul to translate the question that you wrote in Hindi using English characters (which Google couldn’t translate.) Please, your help and understanding on this will be appreciated 🙂

On your question.

Amrit Vela is training in the beginning, then it becomes “Natural.”
You conquer sleep by sleeping good. (quality) 🙂
Waking up before 4 AM is something which is going to take you a little while before a “sanskara” is created.

In my case, when I started I was doing that just for a few minutes at the time every other day, then I increased the time to 45 minutes every other day and then, I started adding more days in the lapse of 6 months or so. Until I got used to it every day…

I also take a nap in the afternoon which refreshes me and adds to my “healthy sleeping.” To take a nap is healthy but that will depend on your circumstances, personality, etc. It is not necessary for some.

It is very important to realize that a good “amrit vela” is in direct relationship with what we we do throughout the day; that means a good sattvic diet, celibacy as well is very important and to “slow down” at night. This means to have a peaceful night without “running around,” but just get ready naturally to have a sound sleep. Take it easy at night.

Try going to sleep no later than 10 PM to start. I know of some Brahmin souls who will go to bed earlier than that, which is healthy as well. Also, your bedroom needs to be free from electronic devices such as cell phones as explained in one article. Meditate a bit before going to bed and go back into your day through your mind to find things that you could improve the next day.

When you wake up, you can try having a few deep breaths or taking a shower before Amrit Vela.

During Amrit Vela, many souls have an experience according to their awareness.

In my Brahmin life, I started with feelings of love to Baba, then churning Gyan, then a combination, then “getting Drishti from Baba,” then walking “amrit vela,” then “visualizing,” being in the 3 worlds etc, etc.

Now, it is just clearing thoughts from my mind by “centering” and experiencing the “true” self. That experience is blissful in itself and fulfilling. That is “my” way of remembrance now, which works for me.

It seems that you have your own way, congratulations!
You may have to get used to this practice little by little. Do not be hard on yourself. Be disciplined, yes… but remember that there is more in Amrit vela than just waking up before 4 AM, there is your previous day behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Experience, Experiment and Enjoy!

Best wishes!

Question: om shanti, i am bk for more than 10 years., i want make progress in my effort but i feel my effort so slow. the questions is; how to conqueror sleep and laziness ? thank you. om shanti

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Many times I hear this word “making effort.” If I was a competitive runner, I know that it means, running longer, running faster with lesser recovery periods. When I hear that from a BK soul, the only thing that I can relate to, is to follow the Maryadas. That is effort until it becomes part of your life style.

The Maryadas will give you the environment for your sensibility to spirituality to grow. That will make your AWARENESS to grow. That awareness will create a new consciousness in you. “Effort” resides in maintaining that awareness, that “new” consciousness. That can develop into soul consciousness.

We conquer sleep by sleeping enough and no more than that. Numberwise. I use a clock alarm for that. 🙂 Laziness goes away as part of that awareness. When we realize through knowledge that this is the “age of benefit,” then we take advantage of that. If you have been a BK for more than 10 years, you may need to check what type of newness you are bringing into your Brahmin life. Any routine will develop apathy and lack of enthusiasm, that is laziness. Practice meditation to feel the soul. Feeling takes you away from a routine.

Best wishes!