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Life is so big, but so small.

Life is like a huge container. It is so big that there are no limits.
Humans have mentally gathered into a small glass of water, to place limits. There, images are created: A car, a house, a job, fame, fortune, health, beauty, power, immortality…
Humans have divided themselves under countless labels as to make the game of “achievement” harder. It becomes a “fight.”
Those images of achievement, become the “purpose of Life.”

But Life is more than a belief in images, greater than a small glass of water!

As a person matures; to become entangled in that game is considered to be sound and “normal.” However, no matter what is “achieved,” there will be un-fulfillment.

Do we know why?
More images will be created. It is never enough. “Achieving” one image is only the beginning into “achieving” another.
Our minds are conditioned to see “Life” under the perspective of “achieving images,” ghosts of conditioning.

We live as if death will never come. When it arrives, a trauma is created; fear arrives and the mind desperately looks for something to hold onto: A belief. It has to preserve the game of achievements: Eternal heaven, to be an angel in the kingdom of God, etc. Stuff that we are used to, because after all, we believe to be the center of the Universe.

We are so naïve.
Life is so big, but to us; very small.
Our “realities” are only images, dreams.
Our achievements are only busy work. Entertainment for the mind; just like watching TV.
Where is the light?
Learn to play another game.


Human Problems

Human society is based on agreed upon conventions.
Conventions may have different names: Laws, morality, regulations, ethics, etc.

Under those circumstances, our idea of religion/philosophy/spirituality is a byproduct of those conventions and so, is our idea of what is “good and bad.”

Human problems arise through compliance of those conventions. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not possible to comply; thus, there are consequences.
Some humans may feel that they do not fit the “standards.” A deep void is created in them. A “problem” is born and the reactive mind will try to change things around. Many labels are used for this circumstance: “Rebel,” “justice,” “rights” are few of the common labels used.

Part of the process of self-realization is to “realize” that Human society, as we know it; has only a perspective on how Life “should be.” That perspective is not the standard of “truth” but merely a perspective, and so are all byproducts of that society.
Therefore, in this understanding there is no rebellion or duality of rejection/acceptance. Society becomes sort of a “game” to play with, and so; byproducts of it.

Ahnanda plays the game. At work, my behavior is as expected under the rules of the “game.” It is not a question of judging whether something is “good or bad,” but to realize that, it is a game. Then, you can enjoy it! It is not a serious thing anymore.
Most may believe that my behavior equals my personality and label me accordingly. That is OK. Labeling is part of the game.

Similarly is with all experiences that humans experience.
There are many ways to die. Many ways to live. Many handicaps, many diseases, many types of “success,” many types of relationships, etc.
Most conditioned humans will judge every single one of those experiences and look for the “ideal” to comply; effectively creating “hell” on “heaven.” Unaware individuals do not realize this, but yet are frantically looking to gain recognition to comply, to be someone.

Life is not interested in our findings of  “problems and solutions” in Life.
Life offers different experiences to everyone at every moment. The range of experiences is very rich indeed. Humans will experience that variety in many lifetimes.
Today you are rich. Tomorrow or in your next Lives, you will not. It is a “money back” guarantee. We see that perception as “good or bad.”  We can call it “karma.” But in  Life those are necessary experiences for Life to continue on. We are one with Life.

You have a puzzle and all the pieces are there, it is complete! We may label that as “paradise, heaven, avalon, the kingdom, the golden age, etc.” 
What is the next step? Pieces of the puzzle need to disperse. Life changes. It is never the same. Pieces will disperse a little in the beginning, as time goes by; pieces will be completely mixed up… We label that as a “problem” nevertheless, pieces will keep on mixing up, despite our “efforts” until the complete puzzle is no longer recognizable! That is the time, when all pieces are gathered together again… It is the natural consequence of dispersion. Expansion follows contraction. Life changes.
Life is truly a game, not a “problem.”

The duality of completion and incompletion of the puzzle of Life, is part of the game and not a situation to maintain or reject as “ideals,” as we have been taught.
So what is the practical “spiritual” teaching of Life?
Play. Enjoy. Live.  🙂