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The “true” path

There is no true path other than Life itself.

A “true path” is true for someone only as long as that one is true with himself.

Therefore all religious paths and philosophies are partially true for they only represent a partiality of Life.

If you search for a “true path,” any path will do.
A chosen path is not true with yourself.

To “choose” means to accommodate things.

When Life presents a path and you follow it as the “true path,” little by little that path will change to be a false one for you. If it is not so, you are not being true to yourself.

How is that happening?

That “you” will change in time. Thus, to accommodate that “you” to fit a previously “true path,” is to be false, dishonest with yourself.

How long does it take for something true to change into false?
Only time can tell. It is different for everyone. Nevertheless, the right timing arrives exactly in the moment when you are not being true to yourself.

In Life, if you select the right path and reject the left; little by little your path will become the left path.
“Yes” changes into “No,” little by little. Those little changes go according to the subtlety of changes in Life. That is a natural change.

If “Yes” was to change into “NO” right away; that is a violent act.

Knowing that, what good is to choose “UP” if that means to go “Down”?

It is not a question of what is “good or bad” but a question of being true to yourself at every moment, no matter what is the path.