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The Honesty of Light and Shadow

The disciple asked: “Master, what do you consider important to gain further consciousness in Life?” The master responded: “From the perspective of society, man should behave with morality. However, observe what that person truly IS, he may not BE according to that value. For instance, someone who steals. Even though there is a moral law condemning stealing, there is stealing at different levels. Thus, inner dishonesty will appear. That is hypocrisy. Secretly; I am in a certain way that is my true behavior, but when surrounded by others; I behave in a different way. That clash of values is taking away our capacity for honesty. Without honesty we cannot observe what is. If we don’t have the capacity for that honest inner awareness; we are asleep although, pretending to be awake.”

The disciple then asked: “But how to practice honesty in a mostly dishonest environment?”

The master answered: “Honesty is not a practice. Although in the dictionary, dishonesty is the opposite of honesty; in Life to be insensible, unconscious, unaware is the opposite of honesty. Thus, how can there be practice of honesty if that is a quality of being awake? While in society we have been taught to make a strong distinction between virtues and vices, to practice one side and repudiate the other side; in Life what exists is what IS. That requires our full attention. This could be misrepresented by many. This is not permission to relentless express our vices. We need to observe, become aware with honesty of what IS without defending ourselves, then that quality of honesty will bring further changes. In Life everything is a process. A fruit doesn’t get ripe all of the sudden. Timing is important and everyone has a particular time.”

The disciple said: “I remember being taught to reject my vices also known as shadow and build my light, my virtues…”

Then the master replied: “Both make up a rope with 2 extremes. We call one extreme light and the other shadow. However, it is the same rope. As we gain further consciousness, that separation will not be. That is what is meant by integration. Light and shadow are together. How a shadow appears? When an object is in front of light. In spirituality, that object is the “I” or ego. The absence of that “I” will bring only light; but at that point it will not be called light, for there is no shadow to be its opposite. At that point, all labels and moral standards that we have learned will disappear. No more morality needed.”

The disciple said: “That is what probably most will call to be immoral.”

Then the master took a few seconds and said: “Perhaps Amoral. That one is beyond the duality of moral and immoral. That one doesn’t need established guidelines. That one IS ‘good’ for that is what he IS due to that integration of opposites, or dissolution of ego and not because he follows moral codes. That is where honesty is. We cannot teach someone to be honest. We could only manipulate that one to behave in certain ways and to repress who he may BE. Honesty is a self discovery. ”

“What is the need for morality in society?” Asked the disciple.

The master said: “Morality is necessary in a world of mostly unaware individuals. Because there is morality, then there is immorality. Morality is similar to a stake to straighten a tree. Stakes left for too long however, will hinder the tree’s development by not allowing the tree to experience only what IS.”

The Oneness of light and darkness

We perceived light and then perceived darkness. We saw 2 separate things.
We labeled light as “good” and darkness as “bad.”
With those labels, our perception of “morality” arrived and people divided themselves into “sinners” and “saints” to feel shameful or to judge others based on their value system.

The division progressed, as a “God” appeared to support a moral system and to condemn another.
That is how “being better than thou” arrived. We became engaged in building a “cookie cutter” society which kills all possibilities to explore being yourself… All in the name of “being righteous” instead.

As some individuals were busy selecting “good” over “wrong” or light over darkness, some realized that it is artificial to say that light is “good” and darkness “bad.” After all, if light exists it is because of darkness!

Then it is a matter of balancing light and darkness to feel “right,” was thought. Balancing the “opposite” was the perception to live by.
That was thought to be more “elevated” and “good.” 🙂

Then came Oneness.
Why do we perceive light and darkness as opposite or complements?
When we perceive them as opposite, we have the fight of supremacy, “good” against “evil.”
When we perceived them as complements, we have the quest for inner balance. Out of balance= “bad.” 🙂

What happens if we perceive them as One?
That will be an inner lie! Everyone knows that light is different than darkness!

But… few know that they are One indeed!

Let me explain. What makes day and night or light/darkness?
Timing. It is the same manifestation. The Earth rotates in its axis, that rotation, which is related with time, makes the difference. Day and Night is rotation, movement, change… See? 🙂

“But… Someone is making that movement to happen!”
You are expecting that “someone.” That is your belief system.

“ Yes, but light is better than darkness. We should make this world better.”
Better?? It is what is! Enjoy it!
“Come on! People are suffering! There is hunger, war and loneliness…
That needs to change!!”

The problem is when the “I” wants things to fit his perception, his moral standards, his ideals… When the “I” interferes in that way, the “I” creates more of that which he wants to get rid of.
Because the “I” is different than the “other” there is opposition. Because of opposition, there is suffering, hunger, and loneliness…

Can’t we see that?

“ OH, I get it! then… I need to change myself to change the world!”

You have not understood. 😦

Here we go again… Life IS CHANGE.
Oneness is to be part of it, to integrate in it, to love it.
Be part of the change, allow it to happen.

“But… how do “I” know if that change is not good for ME?”
You have not understood. 😦
Here we go again: Life IS CHANGE.

And here… the deep riddle for Y’all:
Light and darkness depend only on the eyes looking at. But, “What is” is not depending on a pair of eyes.
Thus, Light and darkness are ONE.

Love: Your higher consciousness

When we look at the immensity of the firmament in a night with no light
Just to see a far away star, through darkness, distance and time;
Behold! That is what makes the heart alive, joyous and fine.

The star may be unreachable to the physical hands, but the spontaneous feeling in the presence of that light, is enough to fuel and ignite the strength of our own might.

Love is the force igniting all lights through the recognition of our own nature.
Just like God, the inspiration is the star; but the task is to find our own light.

We are all candles.
A candle has no light, until love touches its heart.

That flame becomes a light on Earth, just as the one living up in the sky.

Darkness, distance and time, become the villains to overcome. But all it takes is an ignited light.

A candle refrains to be ignited. The fear to be burnt alive is the mental pain and illusion stretching the distance of the path.

Until the candle recognizes its nature, which is to give light.

Love is that light sharing brightness and warmth to all close by.
That light is just like the one of the star.

What is darkness, if not the opportunity to be bright?

But…How to overcome distance and time between the candle and the star?

Lighten up. 🙂

If we are love, we are empty. The path is to become empty, from the fullness of the “I.”
An ignited “I” is an empty “I.”
It is through that emptiness that we could recognize our own light.

Acknowledge the “I” fully, just to abandon it.
Find the “I” just to leave it behind.
Embrace that “I” just to let it go by.
It takes pure love, pure light to walk the path, of waving hello just to say good-bye.

Freedom from the known


When we observe a picture on the wall, our perspective of that picture is dictated by our location.

Similarly is with consciousness.
We have created so many “concepts” which we believe to be “real,” without perceiving the reality of our location of consciousness.

When our consciousness is located in the existence of the self, the individual; then the concept of “free will” appears. Since that “self” is immersed in duality; then “predestination” will be born just like darkness is born out of light.

Out of those 2 concepts, other concepts have emerged.
“Free-will” brings the concept of responsibility.
Religions have exploited that concept when the concept of “guilt” arose out of a “responsibility.”
“If you don’t act this way now, you will be punished forever.”

Do we see how a concept pulls another?

How about predestination?
“I am not responsible. I am not guilty. It was predestined that way.”
Nevertheless, the sense of “self” feels trapped in destiny. The self becomes a “puppet of destiny.” The Self does not appreciate that “jail.”

“Free will” and “predestination” are the roots of all conceptual living and moral standards when our consciousness is ingrained in the perception of individuality, the “I.”

Until our consciousness is able to perceive a different reality, we could be trapped in further concepts.

Look at the picture from a different location.

There we find oneness, totality.
If we are One, if there is interbeingness, how could we come up with concepts such as “free will” and “predestination”?
Who has “free will”? The individual, the “I” believing to be separated from everything else.

In oneness concepts such as “brotherhood” are no longer needed; for we don’t need to pretend to be “brothers and sisters” to get along; but we realize that this “I” and that “you” as separation is non-existent.
What “I” do to “others” is done to “myself.”
Because the Totality is inclusive of this “I.”

A clock has parts, which work together to make a clock. A part of the clock by itself is of no consequence unless it is related with others. That is oneness.

Could we say that this clock has free will to move or that it is predestined to move?

The clock is meant to move. That is all.

Life is like that, One.

When it is said that the “world is approaching a new consciousness,” what do we think about that?

It is just the change from the perception of individuality into oneness. That is the other side of the paradoxical aspect of life; in that location of consciousness there is no rationality needed, no concepts such as “free will” or “predestination” but rather recognition of a path. It is a feeling, intuition which connects us with life, with the Totality rather than dualistic thinking.

It is complete freedom from the known.

The Shadow of the Self


To simplify, everything there is could be labeled as energy. Everything transforms constantly to recycle itself. When we perceive that change, we could label that as “death” or “end” or “not being the same,” etc.

To simplify, everything could be labeled as light manifested in different intensities through different beings. All of them unique. There is no “source” behind those manifestations.
We are everything. One.

“Charlie” is a manifestation of that light. He is a human being. When Charlie realizes that he is different from everything, an individual, that point is historical: A shadow is created from that light.

That shadow will solidify itself as that consciousness of individuality strengthens. That sense of self is a psychological shadow created with our own mental energy.

Obviously when Charlie “dies,” that shadow will remain. It does not need a body to survive.
“This is the way I am.” That is a shadow.

Living life in joy is possible when we become aware of that light, that energy; for that is our nature.

There is nothing wrong with the shadow. It is an experience like anything in life, although; our minds may condemn it and reject it. It just needs to be integrated into the light.

The paradox of “Being and non-being” is represented by the duality of light and shadow. Both experiences are possible due to the existence of the “self.”

Religious spirituality is stuck in the sense of self and its shadow.
The shadow may be called a “vice” a “sin,” “impurity,” etc. Then, to get rid of that shadow will be the dogma to pursue.

That is the illusion.

That method only strengthens the sense of self.

To know “no-self” or “non-being” is to realize that the shadow is not the vital issue, but the sense of self which creates the shadow.

Triumph is not just a moment in time

Today was the ceremony when Dacio (Raysha and Ananda’s father) was going to be part of the Totality.
He had a unique name, just as his life was.

Ananda was representing that transformation through physical means: He took a piece of bread representing matter and started diluting his own ego. He placed that piece of bread into a glass a water which was representing the subtle energies.
Hard matter becomes soft through subtle energies, just as a human being who has harsh manners becomes soft and pliable through subtle energies which are placed into the fire of life experiences.

Ananda took the glass and placed it in top of the flame.

Mathias; the wise tree, was directing the ceremony while Raysha was able to see “live” what was happening to her father in that region of light known as a “parallel world.”

Mathias: “ The once separated consciousness of the observer and the object observed no longer separates and observes but then only feels. The next transformation is to become light only to be empty and from that essence back into the Totality, the Universal intelligence. That experience is the triumph of living life.”

Ananda took the glass with water and soggy bread and drank it, representing the process of once separated things, become one into the Totality.

Raysha observed how her father was speaking with what appeared to be his ancestors during that ceremony. They told him that this is the ceremony of complete dissolution of the “I.”
Dacio lied down in what appeared to be a rock. He looked at Raysha and told her: “Thank you for everything. You promised me that you were going to be with me until the end. I promise you that I will be with you when you need me.”

Saying that, the ancestors gathered together around Dacio and raised their arms… when they dropped their arms; Dacio in his body of light was no longer there.

Mathias finished the ceremony while the ancestors left the “place.”

Mathias: “Raysha… I want to speak with you. Do you have anything that you want to say?”
Raysha: “No, Mathias. I don’t want to say anything but Thank you.”
Mathias: “What about you Ananda?”
Ananda:” Well… I wish I could have seen what was happening, but perhaps a little explanation will help me understand. Friend, Is the process to transform from physical matter into light and then back to a physical reality?”
Mathias: “From the physical to light then into the essence in emptiness which will go back to the Totality as one. Empty to be full again… and then empty to be full again.”
Ananda:” What about the ancestors that were there.. They did not go through that transformation?”
Mathias: ” They did. But once you “were” you always will be that.”
Ananda: “That is because there is no time “there.””
Mathias: “What is “there” or “here”?”
Ananda: “The manifestation of that scene.”
Mathias: “There is time because you have to go to work in a few hours, but there is no time as well, it doesn’t exist.”
Ananda: “If I look at something beautiful and then I become it, becoming one.. why that does not happen when I look at some human misery; which we could call ugly?
Mathias: “ Our essence is that beauty. If you reject or judge that which you call ugly or bad; you get trapped in it. “
Ananda: “To reject something is to become it. I don’t understand that very well…”
Mathias: “Ananda has understood already. That which is trying to understand intellectually, is not Ananda.”
Ananda: “Has this experience finished for Dacio?”
Mathias: “This experience of triumph of your father is not just a moment in time.”

Experiences are unique. Experiences are needed to transform. Those experiences cannot be put into words as to explain to another, for that explanation is not the experience which is necessary to transform. It has to be lived, second by second.
Every human being has his own experiences and the words that he uses to explain those…. are limited by his own experience with words and limited language.

Explanations are good for the mind. Experiences are for the hearts to change.
So here is the “teaching.” 🙂
Embrace life as it is, be thankful and appreciative of what is; for that and nothing else is what is supposed to be.
No need to worry about it. It is just Perfect.

Paraphrasing “Depeche Mode’s” song: “Did not tell you anything you didn’t know when you woke up today…” 🙂

Listening without our own filters


In the movie “Heaven is for real,” there is a moment in which the kid who had the experience of seen heaven was about to die in the hospital. The kid in his state of “unconsciousness,” “saw” his father; the local preacher, having a tantrum in the hospital chapel with God.
The preacher was “telling God” not to take his son away…. Don’t you dare!!!

Obviously God listened to him, because his son recuperated. 🙂

The preacher wants “his son” back. Can you imagine? “God” is going to take him away !!
The same God that he worships. The same God that he preaches about. The same God that he “thinks” that he knows. Shouldn’t the preacher be happy about that instead? I mean, “his kid” will be with God, right? 🙂

Here is when we clearly see that many can “talk the talk but not walk the talk.” Here is the point when a belief turns contradictory. Infantile. Childish.

If the preacher did not have any beliefs, then I could truly understand his desperation… but he has the comfort of his religious belief which is of no help.

Yes… we are humans after all. Humans living in the mind, in thoughts, in ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Humans incapable of seeing something different, just because we are trapped with our own beliefs.

What about if the preacher believed in reincarnation rather than going to heaven right after this life?
Same thing. Another tantrum with destiny, God, Maya, etc. Another complaint with the perceived “boss” of the “big” organization. 🙂
Those are the tantrums of the little kid who does not want to accept what is happening as part of life.

How many believers “fought with God” because a loved one was “taken away”?

Our tendency is to interpret anything that happens in life in terms of our beliefs. We cannot listen without using our beliefs as filtering tool.

“Tammy had a near death experience, she saw light and she felt at peace.”
A believer may say: “Actually Tammy didn’t know that it was her soul who saw God and that is why she felt at peace. She still does not recognize God.”

A scientific believer may say: “It was her brain producing chemical XYZ that allowed her to see that light and to feel at peace. It is a “normal” state under those circumstances.”

Human beings are always trying to come up with “explanations” and to destroy the mystery in life.
There is no one who can assure us that those explanations are “true.”
Thus, most rather than enjoy the experience as it is, will go from one belief into another; from the magical, child like Santa Claus world into the dry, logical, scientific world.

Life just flows. Every being will transform and evolve at a particular time. When we perceive that we are related with the Totality of life, there is no death but only transformation. When we create an “individual” personality out of this life, then we suffer because an individual is unique, although always transforming. We only see the uniqueness, but never the continuos transformation. We learn to hold on to that uniqueness and to avoid that transformation.

When we learn that there is no need to possess things or people to enjoy life, then we let people be people. As they are.
No expectations.

Life is the Ocean and we are swimmers in it. We could make up a competition to add purpose to our time in life. We could believe that this competition is “very important in life.”
Some may try to hold on to a particular “place” in the Ocean. It is “theirs.” 🙂 Then, they will suffer when a low tide arrives. The Ocean moves, it flows… but as we see the human mind usually does not.
It is about “my security,” “my comfort,” “my belief,” “my ideals, “ and we pretend to control the Ocean of life in that way.
Very childish. Infantile.