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Want to become an angel?


One of the best explanations I have found about this “process” could be read in the “Hua Hu Ching,” Chapter 59.

“Greed for enlightenment and immortality is no different than greed for material wealth.
It is self-centered and dualistic, and thus an obstacle to true attainment. Therefore these states are never achieved by those who covet them; rather, they are the reward of the virtuous.
If you wish to become a divine immortal angel, then restore the angelic qualities of your being through virtue and service. This is the only way to gain the attention of the immortals who teach the methods of energy enhancement and integration that are necessary to reach the divine realm.
These angelic teachers cannot be sought out; it is they who seek out the student.
When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. This is the path that all angels take to the divine realm.”

There are many beings of light who are helping at this time. This is the “Godly team.”

This is important to know because your affiliation to a particular religion or creed does not determine that these “divine beings,” will “choose you.” There is more to that. Many lifetimes are behind that.

It is more about our own qualities and capacity to live a virtuous life of service to humanity, which is not related with belonging to an organized group or devotional practice. It is basically your innate quality to help humanity without looking for an ulterior motive. Being self-less. Humanity is you.

Sincerity, honesty. Back to the basics.

Moreover, those qualities do not appear all of a sudden in this “lifetime,” but as we are aware of the law of karma, we recognize that what we are here “today” is nothing else but the consequence of other activities in our past lives.

Thus, angels are “meant to be,” not something that happens all of a sudden out of just joining a group or performing “important” deeds. Angels are helping hands to humanity. The rest is devotional imagination.

It is important to know that in life, every experience that someone goes through will lead that person to his destination, which is none but to experience the range of his own spiritual capacity.

The inner work of a person who will become an “angel” is not easy, for there is nothing as hard as to take the “rust out of the self,” it is like peeling your own skin of cover ups, weaknesses and complexes; just to be free and light, again.

Light so you can be light for others.

Life “tests” and experiences are meant to clean up an individual. The tests are many and there is no “failure” there but just the appreciation of your own capacity for spiritual growth.

The bus of destiny will unload some individuals at different corners according to their roles in life. That is their capacity. Stop signs are located at every corner. Only few will go the whole ride to the last bus stop and this capacity, will bring help from “up above.”

All is good. Life is good… 🙂

The Ocean of Life and Death


Everyone has a thought. Everyone has an idea. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a solution. Everyone has a problem… 🙂

This is the story on how some fish living in the ocean debated among themselves about the “truths of life.”

A Lanternfish who only lives in the depth of the Ocean gave his opinion about the extent of life.
“Life is complete darkness. That is why the Creator has given us our own light so we can see in the darkness. Thus, we were created to be in the darkness and this is where we will stay.”

A Shark meanwhile disagreed with the Lanternfish’s opinion. Although the Shark was unable to go that deep into the Ocean to meet the Lanternfish; the Shark assumed through the information disseminated by an Octopus; that all Lanterfish are narrow minded.

“Come up here into my territory, and you will see something different, if you live to tell,” was the Shark’s comment.

A Shark has experienced light and also has experienced that there is life above the Ocean. However, a Shark is not into philosophical/religious conversations. A Shark is there to enjoy himself by being feared. There is no time for this sort of talk when he can smell his next prey nearby.

A Dolphin, heard all of these rumors. The Octopus accomplished a great job disseminating the information in all different directions.

The Dolphin had his own opinion. “Life is vast. It is light and darkness. It is water and air. It is fish and human beings with their machines. There is no end to it.”

That mention of “air” was confusing for many fish, for they though that everything that existed was water. As a matter of fact, most fish only had experienced water in their lives but not air.
It was “normal” to believe in water only. That was the common, accepted and respected tradition.

The Dolphin left the scene and started jumping outside the water but the other fish from below were not able to see that far from below.

Every fish gave their own idea to the gossiper Octopus. Every fish has their own opinion, their own “truth.”

A Seagull flying by caught a small fish by diving into the Ocean. That fish was versed in the recent philosophical discussions of life. The Seagull, took its prey to a nearby rock to be devoured.

The fish told the Seagull before his death: “ Now, I understand what the Dolphin said about life… but even more.”

The Seagull replied: “Death brings greater understanding about life,” and swallowed the fish.

Question: In the murli this morning, I understood why the praise that Baba is like a thousand suns is not true — it is his qualities that are very bright and light.. but isn’t baba an eternally burning light? just like we are always souls and eternal, souls are like stars or a tiny dot of light so isn’t that being an eternally burning light?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
If you understand that in a literal way, then it is not true as you mentioned. If you understand that in a “poetic” way to describe with beauty the qualities of God, then I don’t see any other words that could be closer to the truth… 🙂

Yes, we are like eternal burning lights, just like God. We are that, but at the same time… 🙂 We are not..
Those are the mysteries of language… 🙂 and its application and understanding.

Best wishes!

Spiritual Efforts: Concentrate to protect the mind

One of the biggest “test” at this time is our production of negative thoughts. What is known as “Waste thoughts.”

Let us be clear that many times it has nothing to do with our own state of being. We could be “enjoying the confluence age” and singing songs in happiness, when all of the sudden; our moods will start changing. A little thought filtered about something which upsets us. That little thought will become alive as soon as we “add” more stuff to it. All of the sudden, our “easy yogi” state has changed into a “grouchy smurf.” 🙂

It is the atmosphere. Many things could be happening there. If we are not aware of that, those vibrations have the power to change us, because we will be just like the environment surrounding us by osmosis.

Awareness of this environment will allow us to concentrate our minds in a single thought or in sending vibrations of pure feelings and good wishes. This is not just a matter of “practicing.” It has to come naturally, ideally from the core of your heart. Gyan allows us to see that we cannot fight with “negativity” in the environment. We must transform what it is out there and send it back transformed.

When we do this , we do not negate anything coming in our way, we do not hold that either with us. We recycle it. Everything is a cycle. We cannot hold onto any actor or anything in that cycle. If we do, we will suffer when the time to leave for that energy or person has arrived. We can only observe and as actors, “act” by transforming negativity into positivity. Darkness into light.
This is the meaning of being a worker of “light.”

Concentration in our breathing, feelings and checking on our thoughts at the same time, will give us the awareness to know when something has changed. Without this “weapon” of concentration or of “monitoring” the self, anything from the outside will affect us. We will “take” even without being conscious of it.

To transform the atmosphere is one of the tasks to protect the self and to understand that we are related with everything, not only people; but the environment as well.
Concentrate to protect. Protect to transform.