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Question: If one do not remember god in the end then also he will be liberated,will not take rebirth due to that “last thought” because new age will start then.Also it is mentioned in murli if one atleast know this knowledge / read murli then he will come into golden age,then how come it is so important to b aware about last thought to decide where to go next..as many time we hear from murli “Ant gati so mati”.

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

Please remember the first “rule of thumb” in understanding Sakar Murlis at this time:
“You shall not take things literally.”

Sakar Murlis had a purpose. That was to “pep talk” (instill enthusiasm/ bolster morale)to the “little children.” For that Baba’s methodology was to “make the children tough,” in preparation of the experience of “destruction.” ( This is a “dirty, old, impure body;” this is hell, a tasteless world, you just have to tolerate a few more days of this, before you rule in the Golden age, etc, etc.) As we know, even though in those times, it looked like a “third world war,” was coming; it did not. Brahma Baba had visions, but certainly he didn’t know when they were going to happen. Many assumed that to be “soon.”

It is believed that the “children” could make “more efforts,” if they knew about “destruction being just ahead.” That has been BapDada’s training line as well due to his role as the “Father,” for otherwise (as the Murli stated a few days before) we have very lazy sanskaras in us. As stated many times, the number 1 role of BapDada is not to allow lethargy, laziness and lack of enthusiasm to overtake us. For that He has a “bag full of tricks.” 🙂

Destruction will happen. It is a law in Nature. Every culture has reached a pinnacle and then disappeared. Nevertheless, we know that it is a cycle which is eternally repeating.

Unfortunately, many souls are “terrified” by the thought of “destruction,” letting us know how much they have really imbibed the knowledge. At the same time, those souls looking for “life insurance” have searched for ways to live in India or around Mt. Abu, just in case and they feel “safe” there.

I guess they do not realize that they are eternal. That it is a repetitive cycle and that this birth is one among many others. It is about saving this “old skin” after all.

Similarly, Brahma Baba wanted for the children to “do service,” by letting everyone know about this “destruction,” which was near; because Baba wanted for everyone to know about “salvation” through this knowledge. That was his selfless motivation to serve and to spread this knowledge based on the divine experiences that he had. Then, if everyone at least heard this knowledge once, or if they heard a Murli once; that meant that these souls had some interest in Gyan due to the “doings” of a serviceable child. At the same time, if a “child” remembered God at the end “accurately,” that meant that this soul could go to “heaven,” after going through the soul world also dearly known as “home.”

However, to “remember God accurately at the end” it is not a “child’s play.” To get to that point, there has to be previous inner work, when we will not be affected by nothing externally or internally.

Therefore, hopefully in this long explanation your question was answered. We need to be aware of the reasons as why Brahma Baba related Gyan the way he did and have understanding of the “times,” and “circumstances,” and his own experiences.

Best wishes!

Comment: Baba beyond experiences

Reader wrote:

It is mentioned in one of the murlis that God is Abhogta, Asochta and akarta. If we literally go into the meaning of the words, it will become confusing to understand the real God. God is Abhogta means that he is beyond the effect of experience as he doesn’t have a physical body. He is asochta doesn’t mean he has no thoughts. But he has only positive (kalyankari) thoughts for all souls. He loves every soul. He doesn’t hate anyone. He is all perfect. He does not have normal mundane thoughts/ waste or negative thoughts. He is not judgemental. He doesn’t think in terms of duality- good or bad. He is akarta means he is not bounded by the law of karma while we have to bear the consequences of our actions. But it doesn’t mean he does nothing. He comes into this world to make this impure world pure by giving us knowledge.

In the foundation course of BKWSU, it elucidates that the soul has 7 original qualities or Gun. These are peace, love, happiness, purity, knowledge, power and bliss. It is who we are, our identity. Whereas, God is the ocean of all these 7 qualities. Through our physical bodies, we can experience/feel these 7 qualities of the soul. Today, we have forgotten our true identity. Therefore, when we are soul conscious, only then we experience permanent happiness. God cannot experience but in fact is knowledge-full, bliss-full and love-full. He is complete.

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul,
Thank you for your input.
I like your explanation of not taking things “literally,” however, your explanation may need to be reconsidered.

If God is beyond experience because “he doesn’t have a physical body,” then how God speaks: “This is hell, this is the brothel.” Isn’t that a thought based on an experience? Isn’t that a judgment based on a personal experience?

Isn’t the experience of this world being “tasteless” (as the Sakar Murli mentioned today 2/26/13) an experience which has produced a thought? Isn’t that something which “God speaks”?

To say that “God has only positive thoughts for souls” is to incur in duality. In the Golden age where there is no duality, do you believe that Laxmi will think of Narayan as a “good guy”? or that she has “pure feelings for Him”?

That is not even thought of.

When the word “akarta” comes as “doing nothing,” I believe is the right explanation of that word. When there is no ego, there is “no one doing” anything. God is egoless. There is Drama “doing” through different roles. That is how someone could be a detached observer. Also, God is not “giving us knowledge” when as you mentioned in your second paragraph that “knowledge is a quality of a soul.” We already have knowledge. God merely reminds us, thus; remembrance. We have forgotten, but it is in us already.

Therefore, to say “God has entered this one” Shall we take that literally? When we know that knowledge was in Brahma Baba’s role all the time? 🙂

Best wishes!