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Question:Dear brother, as you have mentioned food is very important for our spiritual upliftment .I am the only person in gyan from our family. And the food making incharge is my mother.I have talked to her about this but she doesn’t like the idea of me, not having food prepared by her. I have to keep making excuses for avoiding food prepared by her and have to prepare something when she is not at home :-) Our relationship gets strained due to this. Please guide how to handle this situation. Thankyou.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, you could concentrate with her on those items that she can give you like: salads (non –cooked items) fruit juices, fruit salads and anything else where there is no need to cook.
You haven’t mentioned your age nor other aspects of your life which are preventing you from living by yourself, so this issue will not arise.

This situation usually becomes a problem when there is some sort of “dependency.” (economical, emotional, socio-cultural.) No one can force you to ingest food items that you do not want to eat. To prepare your own meals should be part of your “independent” life style and your right to “choose” unless you are adding a burden on others.

In the meantime, what you are doing seems to work until another option appears in your Drama.

Best wishes!