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Opening “karmic” accounts – Reasoning “karma”


When I learned in “depth” about the law of karma (action) a few things were constantly repeated as the “facts” of this law.

1) If you do something to someone, that will come back to you.
2) Actions are neutral, sinful or just actions.
3) This is the time to “close” karmic accounts. Therefore, avoid opening “new” accounts.
4) Yoga and suffering are the 2 ways of “paying” the “price” of karmic accounts that are “unsettled,”
5) There is a “new” type of actions at this time: Elevated actions.

Of course, after learning such a concise list, there was another list to remember about the Drama of life, the movie which is predestined and eternally repetitive.

1) The Drama of life is beneficial for all.
2) The Drama of life is an eternally repeating movie.
3) Actors (souls) have a predetermined part to play.
4) At this time, we should close our karmic accounts to play the role of “angels” in the Drama of life.
5) Because we don’t know what we have done before in the Drama, we should strive to do “good” now, for otherwise we will repeat the same “wrong” actions again.

Therefore, we should close karmic accounts and forget anything related with the physical world and become engaged in giving this knowledge to others at this time as this is an “elevated action.”

The above was the simplistic view of Karma. As a consequence, most will operate from the premise of fear. Fear of the eternal “punishment” of repeating the same “wrong” action. In different religions that eternal “punishment” has been portrayed as “eternal hell.”

If the actions of a soul are predetermined roles; then; why is there a need for “punishment”?

If the actions or roles running through a soul are part of the Drama, then why label some actions as “good or bad”?
If the Drama of life is beneficial, then everything, every activity, is beneficial.

Therefore, why “opening” new karmic accounts is not desirable?
What about if those “new karmic accounts” are necessary to settle other karmic accounts?
How do I recognize when opening a karmic account is OK and when it is not OK? 🙂

How do I know if my aim of “closing” karmic accounts is in fact, not helping me to settle karmic accounts?

I could come up with many questions like the above and I could expand into several “theories.”

The above just illustrates that whenever I use “logic” to understand a spiritual principle, I will “dogmatize” that spiritual principle; and thus I will become one with a rigid understanding. Fear, without a doubt, will surround my life.

What fear?
Fear of making mistakes, that is, fear of living and learning.
When the law of karma is explained as if there was a bank of karmic accounts with debits and credits, automatically duality will enter into that concept and even though the explanation is simple, it will be inaccurate.

One of the main teachings in Spirituality is to understand the egoic mind, and how ego makes up a personality which in turn will only think about “earning credits” that is to “gain” Paradise in return.

The above concept merely strengthens ego. That is known as “Spiritual ego.” Which I ‘d like to rename as “religious ego.”

The difference between “earning credits” to gain Paradise or to buy a car is minimal. It is basically the same concept.

When we look at Spirituality from a deeper perspective, we could see that the “law of Karma” is simply reduced into: “What you do, you do it to yourself. There is no “other.”

Therefore, rather than trying to figure it out if what you do is “good” or “bad” simply, eradicate that “you,” and then “doing” will be there for the sake of it. (As BapDada has mentioned as well as Lao Tzu and Zen masters.) That is called “witnessing” or a “detached observer.”

How is this possible?

When we observe the inner self, we will find that many emotional disturbances and complexes are still within us and our activities will be triggered under their influence.

A lack of self esteem will trigger certain activity, which even though may look “good” is colored with that emotional disturbance. That disturbance is known as desires by many.

You see, in general desires will always be there in one way or another. They are not “bad,” but our attachment to them, that is, the emotional disturbance makes that desire “impure,” “sinful” and all of that.

Once the emotional disturbances of our psyche are healed (this is the journey) in the experience of serenity and peace and the practice of virtuous living through undivided service to all, then ego will start dissolving. At that point that “you” will not be there and then, activities will not be coming out of emotions but rather from insight, from inner goodness as they will manifest feelings from the soul.

At that point, concepts are not needed. “Laws” or booklets explaining whether I am performing “good or bad” karma will not be needed. Fear of living life will cease and accepting the opportunities that life offers will not be rejected due to being afraid of not enjoying paradise in a forthcoming birth.

Please see this point: Do you think that God will “punish” you because you are not “making effort” to go to Paradise or to get a “good status” in heaven because you have decided to take care of “now” instead, that means your thoughts, feelings and relationships with all at this time? Isn’t it that what you do “now” will decide what you will become tomorrow due to the law of karma? Or do you believe that praying, asking for “salvation” performing devotion and defending your beliefs about the “afterlife” is what is important?

Honesty resides in being your most refined, elevated self not out of a reward in the future or in this life, but just because it is in your heart to be so as an offering to the common good, the world, as it is “now.”

By observing, taking care of my thoughts, my feelings then my activities will become naturally aligned, then my “karma” will be aligned with the common good.

At that point, Spirituality will be practiced “naturally,” that is in harmonious unity with all.

That is the most elevated “karma,” I “do” without doing because there is no “I” in between.

Therefore, what is the purpose of looking at what kind of actions “I” perform according to the concepts and definitions, when everything starts in my thoughts and feelings? 🙂 Take care of them, then karma will take care of itself.