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Question: I do have the sanskar of “anxiety” in me? Could you please advice in this matter?

Thank you for your question!
The typical “normal” anxiety is manifested as fear, worry or being unease about something uncertain in the future.
In a nutshell, an anxious individual is living in the “future,” rather than the present. Moreover, there is no certainty that worries will manifest.

Worrying doesn’t solve issues.
The word which describes this, is to be “preoccupied,” that is to be busy (mentally) before “being” actually busy.

Typically, anxious individuals would like to control their environment, control exactly how something “should be.” The practice that would help is to be “aware” and catch those moments when you start feeling anxious. At that point, you will drop your thoughts on that issue.

Knowledge is telling us to “perform actions” as karma yogis but not to think about their outcome. Those actions come from being in the present, in the “now.”
If you could be totally aware that your “now” manifests your future, you would be engaged in making the “now” as meaningful as possible, so the future is taking care of, automatically.
If the words: “the Drama is beneficial for all,” resonate with you, the outcome will not be a source of anxiety, for you will know that “it is the best thing that could happen.”

Live life by being fully present, and let the Drama take care of the rest.

Again, i would recommend to read the “power of now” from page 35, for a good description of the problems of living outside the “now.”

Best wishes!