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Life cannot be understood by the mind

The mind is a repository of information, memories. It is almost like a hard drive, being filled with videos (MP4) of our recorded life experiences, with the additional “feature” of being able to extrapolate assumptions based on the stored information. However, some information “leaks” as years go by. It is unreliable.

A “normal” person will use those memories and information as a source of “knowledge” and apply it to unknown situations, by assuming that existing trends or past life experiences, will continue as they had. We use Life experiences, the past; to forecast the future and new situations. We can label that as “ thinking” or “reasoning” and feel safe; but notice that this process is as good as flipping a coin to make a “choice,” for truly Life is completely unexpected. The threads of Life situations escape our mental perception.

A person living in the “mind,” will believe that “he” (“I”) is the mind. When Life throws something “new,” then the mind will retrieve information and use that info as bona fide source of action.

Trusting only the contents of the mind is a superficial way to meet Life. There are 2 or more paths opening in our Life at the same time, which one do we follow? That could be a hard “decision.” We have been taught to weigh the “pros” against the “cons.” We are merely speculating. We don’t know. What is perceived as “bad” could be necessary in our Life path in order to grow; but our “reason” may not see that.
Thus, we can flip a coin and odds are the same as “thinking through it.” However, we will be hesitant to do it, for “thinking” gives the false sensation of having some control over circumstances. We are great believers of the mind.

The mind is a static mechanism meant to recall past experiences. There is no creativity in it. Through it we only perpetuate the “same old thing.” That is the false sensation of security that we embrace.

The mind wishes to understand Life. How could it be? A “machine” built to keep, process and understand only pictures and data will feel intimidated when a “real” movie of Life is in front. The mind takes a picture, analyzes it, dissects it and comes up with some theory as to how the next movie frame “should be.” Otherwise, it gets a disappointing feeling, even a bitter taste: A trauma is made. However if the forecast happens, then ego pops up until the upcoming “failure” brings it down.
Ironically and philosophically, we may conclude that “Life is a bitch and then we die.”

Understanding Life through the mind is futile.  A picture cannot explain the movie. We are spinning our wheels without moving an inch. Life is not meant to be mentally understood but lived. Living is not of the mind, but we assimilate the experience by being observant, quiet which is the way to learn, without making mental conclusions and theories.

When we talk to someone we may hear words and only believe what comes out of her mouth. Those who have a bit more observation, know that the overall feeling, gestures and setting will give a better clue. That “knowing” cannot be put in a book in easy to understand “fool-proof ”steps for everyone to read and “apply.” That “knowing” is more accurate as it fits “reality.”

Tantra moves along those lines. It is the invitation to abandon the mind and its understanding, its signals; which only makes our moves in Life through the path of stored fears. Very predictable, that is lacking creativity.

The very wish to understand Life through the mind, creates the motion of our minds over our hearts. 
We will not dare to OBSERVE the movie of ourselves quietly, while moving in Life. We will be content with a “selfie” and hang on to some belief about that picture, which at the end will be shattered when Life moves beyond that point.

Paradoxically, Life is understood without trying to understand it. That may be the only requisite. That understanding is not of the mind; thus, closer to “what is.”

Life: Going away from here… just to come back here

Anything that goes up… must come down.

The natural way of things is void of morality. Change goes from one end just to go to the opposite side, of the possible range of experiences. Those changes are driven by consciousness, and consciousness is not in the hands of the “I” to change at will.
Consciousness is that which allows us to express: “I” am alive. Perception. Awareness.
There is no “training” to “improve” consciousness. No “doing” of the “I” able to touch consciousness.
Nevertheless, living in society under the tutelage of the “I,” implies the need for rules, regulations, moral standards, etc.

In the understanding of the above lies the awareness to unmask the beliefs of righteousness and unrighteousness, and all sorts of duality.

Stan, a poor man; stole a pig who was running around in Nancy’s farm. Stan wanted to eat and taste meat, but he couldn’t afford it. Stan had a need which couldn’t be met by society, thus he stole the pig.

There are consequences for that stealing, which will be experienced by Stan.
There is the consequence fueled by society through laws, and there is the consequence of Life, based on an individual inner intention.

Through laws, Stan may not feel understood. Through Life, there is a lesson to be learned.
Laws may support a behavior for fear of punishment. Life brings a process, a journey to unfold change in Stan’s consciousness, whether he, the “I” is aware or not.

All experiences in Stan’s life will move him into another consciousness in his eternal journey. All of those experiences are pieced together so there is continuity between them.
Stan, the “sinner” at one point of his journey, cannot become a “saint” by just following a law, a code of conduct. Consciousness will need to change as experiences unfold to get from “sin to saint.”
Please be aware of this: There is a necessary process of change in every duality, which will need to be respected for change to occur in a “natural” way.

Because every person is in a different stage of their journey, that web of interactions creates the story of what we call Life.

What is next after “becoming a saint”? To come down as a “sinner” for sure.
And once you get to “become a sinner”? Then, is the path to become a saint again.

“…But there is no progress! I think we should keep improving not coming down!”

I use the word “improving” to make an intellectual distinction so these words could have a meaning, but let me assure you that there is no such a thing as “improvement.” We create that idea once we call something else as “coming down.” There are just different experiences in the possible range.
The opposites are intermingled together as a continuation of each other, they are inseparable complements, just like day and night, east and west, up and down, short and long… The problem is to call one side “good” and the other “bad,” the issue is when the “I” is taught to control through actions, through repression what is not meant to be controlled but understood.

“But, then Mr. X could kill Mr. Y at any moment just because he feels like.”

There will be consequences for that, but consider that there are men who couldn’t kill someone. It is not in them. Their Consciousness will not allow it.

“That is because of their good moral values, their good upbringings, good family values, etc.”

Different experiences, circumstances which a person could have been born in and are outside of their control.
Just like any setting or circumstance that we may have been born in. There is a baggage behind that nationality, that family background, that society which will determine the way someone perceives the World.

“But there are cases of people born in “bad” surroundings who turned out to be “good.”

They were aware, conscious. Can we say that these people made themselves to be conscious “through effort” or that it happened, as they were ready due to their previous experiences in Life? 🙂

Observe, appreciate and know that every human being is “doing” according to what they “are.”
Observe that “being” cannot be changed by doing.
Observe that “being” changes all by itself according to consciousness.
Observe that there is no force in the Universe that could change consciousness, but consciousness changes itself according to time, because we are all ONE and that oneness manifests through different beings creating individuality, as the rays of the Sun touches different beings with its warmth; their perceptions will be different, even though is the same Sun. Consciousness binds us together.

“But then, there is nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, to improve, to get better at, it is a boring thing…”

That is the perception of a strong “I.” Nevertheless, there is “salvation” for that predicament. You have the “office world,” there is space for you to “improve” there…

In Life, nothing to “do” but… to enjoy what is.

“So I will need to sit in the couch all the day to enjoy things.”

When “no one” sits in that couch there will be joy.

“…You write nonsense. It does not make any sense…”

That is the way is supposed to be. Non-sense is a complement of sense. 🙂

Harmonious balance


A traffic law is based on a “black or white” view of the world. It is a simplistic view of the importance of “actions.”
Do not turn left. Do not park. Yield. Stop.

Life does not work that way. Can we observe that? Life is not “Black or white.” Life has no moral standards built in it, unless we purposely label something as “holy, pure.” When we do that, we have automatically labeled the other things as “impure.”

That is how we create Duality.

The “law” has a connotation of righteousness, morality, good, etc. Nevertheless, the law is simply, the way our society has agreed upon to “act.”
An agreement is not the “holy grail” of morality.

It is very important to perceive the above, in order to understand what will be shared below.

The typical consciousness of our society supports the simple understanding of “black or white” statements. Most organized religions are shaped in that way as well.

For example; if we perceive sex to be a problem, then the easiest way to “eradicate” that “problem” will be by denying sex to all. (Black or White means No sex= good OR Sex = bad.)

Since this is not feasible, then the next step is to regulate it. “Thou shall not commit adultery.”
At this point, is when definitions and concepts come into existence.
For example, let us define adultery.

Adultery will be defined according to some ideal, belief or reason, however; let us observe that “morality” of that definition is just an agreed upon convention.

Do we see that?

What about if there is a “smarty pants” among us and discovers the above?
Well, in that case the “ultimate” support weapon will be unleashed…
What is that?

“God has said it.” End of report.

When the “holy” circles are sure that this is so, then anyone who thinks otherwise automatically becomes a heathen, infidel, pagan, etc. (Black or White = pure /impure)

Nevertheless, when we observe Life, Nature, we discover that everything works in harmonious balance without having “do nots” around.
Wouldn’t be a total contradiction for God to say “do not” when “his creation” does not operate in that way?
Ahhh! Observation… How many crimes have been committed for lack of using thy name!

So, you “believe” that God did not create Life, Nature but still you believe that He is saying, “Do not” to many things that otherwise you would do?
If God did not create Life or Nature, then…. what kind of “God” is that? 🙂
Perhaps someone else’s “definition.”

We have been conditioned to conform to one side of duality and to believe that Life is nothing but our established rules and regulations. Our minds are full of those beliefs, which even contradict our own feelings.
There is no need to react “against” that, just to observe for when we observe we are not part of it, even though we live in it. Isn’t that paradoxical? Want to “act,” to do something about it for “others”?
Yes? Then your opposition will be your position. That means rejection, contempt for a part of Life itself.
There is nothing harmonious about rejection.

To learn to perceive balance and harmony is beyond the understanding of rules, regulations, commandments and such. It is not a “black or white” scenario. It is not a simple following of a holy paragraph, law or code.

We belong to Life itself and when we observe that, we will be able to move according to the circumstance and the current time.
A good idea today, will be a “bad” idea tomorrow. Timing.
Laughing in a particular setting may not be proper. Circumstance.
Observe that “do not’s” are not needed or required. Life is not a traffic law school.
Be in tune with Life. Appreciate it. Belong to it. Be “It.”

To learn to observe from different perspectives may be a gift, but more than that it is simple awareness.
We have been living for the longest time secluded in a box of beliefs, when in fact; those are thinner than the air that we breathe in everyday.

Wake up. 🙂

Being Self-less


As the “sense” of self acquired life through our identification with something, then it was “thought” that this “self” needed to be controlled to live in society, as a group.

The “group” acquired greater importance over the “self” and thus, religions and moral teachings fully embraced the duality of the individual versus the collective or group.

In that context, to be selfish meant to think only about the benefits of the individual and not the benefit of the group.

That is a childish consciousness which brought about the conflict between the existence of “good and evil.” That is the same consciousness which brings about the conflict between the individual and the collective.

Please be aware that the origin of embracing the self and being “selfish” as well as denying the self and being “self-less,” originates in the belief of the existence of “self.”

As we have shared in many articles already, the “self” does not exist as everything moves continually. It is just a perception. There is nothing static in an ever-changing world. Life changes all the time.

In a different consciousness, to be “self-less” is neither to benefit one side and not the other, but to live in that spontaneity beyond the duality of “benefit” and “non-benefit” and to be part of the flowing current of the Universe.
It is impossible to predict the behavior of someone who is self-less, for his behavior is in tune with the need of the time.

The above could be misrepresented by individuals who are not being honest. The above will be misunderstood if someone is looking for a static formula of what is “good” and what is “bad.”

That is why it is better to indoctrinate someone into the “black and white” mentality. It is easier and safer.

We cannot recognize what is to be self-less until we are completely aware of the self in all aspects of living.

Without that experience, to be “self-less” will be understood under the same “black or white” mentality.
That is, to deny the self in all aspects with the belief that this is to be “good.” That is why saints have sad faces. 🙂

It is neither in denial or in indulgence how we know virtue. We need to go away from duality itself to see something different.