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Caught up in feelings to “feel” Spirituality


“The beauty of your celestial face
shines in the softness of your skin
that is your everlasting grace
which makes us lovers akin

Mystery is your Divine name
your beauty is worth a golden frame,
to me there is nothing but your heart
that is what keeps our passion alive.”

The above piece (written sometime ago and re-arranged) may bring certain feelings. It may bring a closeness to an ideal, an experience, a wish, a desire.

In feelings, we can open a different world of experiences. We could be finally “alive.”

In Spirituality, God has taken that pedestal of perfection, of totality, of fulfillment.

A “lover pursuing the beloved” is the story of human beings looking to meet their complements for the experience of completeness.

Even though romantic feelings will take us away from the common “primal instincts” and put us into the plane of deep sentiments, closer to “real” spirituality; still there is the need to recognize that unless we are complete in ourselves; there cannot be the experience of two equals complementing each other in a “healthy” relationship.

If there is no “self completeness,” God is “up there” even though “here.”

That is what makes God unreachable. For the moment we could reach that equality in our beings; that is the moment where the need to feel fulfilled through another, magically dissapears.

Then, being “merged,” being equal, being complements, is the natural relation. Oneness.

Oneness starts with the Universe inside ourselves. When feelings and thoughts align in this Oneness; then there could be the opportunity to complement that oneness with a greater one… 🙂

Understanding Spirituality beyond the childhood stage

To know those things in life which will be detrimental to spiritual growth is part of the training in the childhood stage of spirituality.

Most religions will put it simply as knowing what is good and what is evil. Nevertheless, according to the path that one follows, there will be discrepancies even into what is “good,” that is simply because there are different paths for different individuals. We are not equal in our capacity, understanding and life experiences. We are numberwise.

This obviously creates something beyond the first stage of spirituality, something beyond the limited understanding of “good and bad.”

The image that comes to mind is the TV program “Kung Fu.” (one of the most inspiring TV programs ever created from my view.) It was a series originally created in the 1970’s relating the life story and adventures of Kwai Chang Caine, a half American, half Chinese Taoist monk, who later became a Shaolin priest.

While living in the Shaolin temple, Kwai Chang learned and acquired different spiritual abilities. Later, he went through his “test,” to graduate as a master. After successfully completing this test, it was expected that the “new” master will leave the Shaolin temple and live as a Shaolin priest among the regular people. Here is where the bulk of his adventures will take place as he remembered the teachings that his masters back in the Shaolin temple taught him.

Leaving the temple and being by ourselves is part of the growth process in spiritual life. Here is the “field” where the game takes place. Nevertheless, this is not for everyone. Not everyone becomes a Shaolin master. The connection between being a monk and then a shaolin master hasn’t been disrupted when leaving the temple, but rather it is the “next step.”

“To live life is to prepare to die,” mentioned Socrates. In spirituality, there is death at every moment, for change is unavoidable. The issue is when we want to hold on to our “old” self rather than embracing and accepting the “new.”
All religions will speak about this “final moment,” the way every religion deals with this will be different: Some will ask you to pray to God, others will merely ask you to believe in Jesus and to repent at the end; while others will speak about shedding your body as a “snake does with its old skin,” in the final moments. That is, to be able to feel at ease with the new body-less experience.

Evidently this task, takes more work than just a belief in salvation at the last moment. However, a due respect for all beliefs is in place.

Let me recall one of the most important teachings taught to me by BapDada ( A.M 3/16/86) “The paper of the final result will be only a few seconds or a few minutes. However, you will receive a number on the basis of your remaining unshakable in an atmosphere of upheaval over a long time, then what will be the result at the end? Therefore, practice the exercise of spiritual drill. You should be able to stabilize your mind wherever you want for as long as you want. The final paper is very easy. And you have been told in advance what paper you are going to get, but the number will be given in a very short space of time. Your stage should also be powerful.”

That is it. Stability of the mind while in an atmosphere of upheaval over a long period of time. That is a “powerful” stage.

It isn’t about living in the monastery where there is peace already, but to be where there is not. To be there in the “real world,” but with a new attitude and conscience brought through the childhood stage of spirituality. Again, this is not for everyone, unless ready.

Zen Buddhism and other religious practices will go into the importance of the stability of the mind. That is their teaching.

To be “absorbed in the love of the Father ,” is a method to maintain the mind stable and many other religions such as Sufism will teach this. That is what they practice to get to the same goal.

However, once the experience is there, the method must be abandoned for newness to appear. To have this openness, this faith in our own acquired skills to face life and live harmoniously in it, is part of the stage beyond childhood; where the doors are wide open and life is there to be experienced under a new vision.

Reader remarks: On finding love: Go straight, make a right and turn around …

Reader’s comments in bold type.

I had difficulty in reading
the part in which you exercise with the thoughts the sister
presented, some of the lines are the following, but maybe I did
understand it after all:

From article:
Even though the thought of replacing everything with Baba sounds like
a good thought, in reality; the “I” (ego) will not allow me to be
Do you mean that if you try ego will pull you back to the
former “object”? see my practical example underneath .

Avyakt7 answers:
In the comments on the Sakar Murli of today (7-6-12) it was stated that ego means division. If there is Baba and Me as separated entities, “replacing” will not cure “my neediness.” It is palliative. Somehow we need to see that we are not separated entities, that is why Baba talks about “being combined.” Then, I am not replacing, but I am “it.”

From article:
Moreover, I don’t need to do that. How is that?
Baba is allowing me to be my true self, to realize my true self,
which is a soul; just like Him.

Yes and here is something that is on my mind for some time now:
I really think that there is very, very little difference between Baba the
soul and I the soul. He has his
part and I have mine. And in mine a lot of the time I have to deal
with the world of action, which has its consequences. And Baba never
has to, which has its consequences too. I try to figure out the
difference in “the soul world” between Baba and all the other pure
souls, it seems like there cannot be much of a difference…. Some
say: look how humble Baba is, he says I just play my part but isn’t
he just doing that, just like you and me? It is a super unique part,
and in this short period he must be very very busy 🙂 but still …

Also all those meditation commentaries about lights and colors and
persons walking or flying, prince-like godly beings, to me it feels
like nonsense but then they say it is extremely important to
visualize things to be able to protect yourself from the horrors of
the final scenes etc. Most of the time in my meditation I just “am’,
knowing that this cage of a body will fall off one day!

Don’t take me wrong; I am so unworldly happy with the knowledge and
the presence of a Baba, Baba giving it to us in his/its unique and
humoristic way, it is the only thing that makes sense and i could
never have dreamt that i would find this.

Avyakt7 answers:
🙂 As you mentioned, there is no difference between you and God in qualities, we are just like Him. However, we do not perceive that because we are engrossed in the physical world and we need to experience duality through rebirth. To experience is something that us souls can “experience.” God is beyond experience.
Every part is important in the Drama. God’s part is to make us remember who we are.
As far as “visualizing” in meditation; I have no issues with that, as long as I am not told that “I must do it.” I know of some souls who thrive with visualizations, so there is definitely benefit in it. Personally, I do not make any effort to visualize anything and like you, in the experience of feeling “I” the soul, there is fulfillment. In the experience of connecting with the Supreme soul, there is healing. To each its own.

From article:
The realization was that this sister, is basically describing how
something in her life was stronger (love for Baba for instance) and
that allowed her to overcome another pull. That is her experience
which of course is valid and true for her. 🙂

Yes, I recognize this, and I tried to do this in the case of a short
relationship many years ago that suddenly wanted to come alive
again: the other person presented himself, I was very surprised and
then started thinking how to handle this, applying the knowledge and
not running away from the situation. But one could see this as a
solution: just sorry and close the door. Not too difficult.
In the beginning I tried the trick of thinking of Baba (replacing),
churning knowledge but there also is the pull of acting, the part.
Closing the door felt like an act of incapability to function in this
world living my BK principles. Schizophrenic.

Avyakt7 responds:
Those are the tests. In BK life, we need to see through gyan that we are settling karmic accounts. If you close “doors.” They will be open sooner or later… the harder you try to close them, the most forcefully the doors will remain open. 🙂 Some think that you need to be tough, suck it up and see how your happiness disappear from your face and your health deteriorates. then we call that:”having karmic accounts with the body.” Denying emotions will do that. then it is just a matter of sustaining an “image” rather than living life.

Paradoxically, both paths (closing doors and opening doors) will bring benefit as long as we are acting with an honest heart. Is God what you want? Is closing doors what you feel is right? Then become a nun or a monk. Nothing wrong with it. As long as we follow our heart.

Settling an account is about changing our vision and feelings and to be aware that love has nothing to do with “magic feelings” or “blissful energies which are irresistible.”
Love is known in a relationship when things are worked out so, 2 become one. Just like being combined with Baba. It is the paradox of being one but 2 at the same time, complementing each other. In a human setting love could be known when there are “dishes to wash and bills to pay.” It takes time to know someone. Even with God.

As far as I am concerned, love is not something “exclusive” – just Baba and I in a romantic setting… Love is inclusive and there is a lot to learn from a human relationship as well as to learn when there is none and we are by ourselves. Both experiences have benefits.

Life will give us the experiences that we need to go through. Each one is different, but maintaining our BK code of conduct at all times is of paramount importance if spirituality is our priority in life. That will allow us to “experience” without falling, so we can see the “reality” rather than another illusion.

Well, thank you for reading this and might you have the feeling of
commenting on it I will be very interested in reading it, I welcome
everything that makes me understand and function better.