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Return to your origins – By Mathias

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Raysha was reunited with her friend Mathias, the wise tree.
In their conversation, Raysha was experiencing a problem with a woman. The issue was related with loyalty and distrust.

Raysha : Why is it said that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman?

Mathias : When a woman has mistrust, pain or internal voids , then it is difficult for her to be loyal to another woman.
However, that pain can become the key to a ¨rebirth¨ because it stimulates the participant to deepen inside and evacuate all fears, inoculated through mental or physical words.

Raysha thought about the answer and then asked:
Is that internal void equal to what is known as being empty or emptiness?

Mathias: No

Raysha: What is Emptiness?

Mathias replied:
Emptiness is the most delightful experience because it develops the female part, that is creativity in the art of ¨decorating ¨ the new. For something to be ¨new, ¨ it has to be empty. When the self is empty is has space for new decorations with that which comes in our life as newness.

The skill to match ¨colors¨ depends on your self-assurance and desire to risk when conscious that everything from the past is already lost.

Raysha : What do you call distrust ?

Mathias : Distrust allows you to ¨learn to bail .¨ (rhyme in Spanish ¨desconfianza¨= distrust and ¨fianza¨= to bail.) This means that despite the error, you might be free again.

The time which has been experienced as a ¨prison¨ was just a moment to stop in the race of ¨obsession.¨
Distrust also brings new reasons for caution.

Thanks to this, there is development of harmonic movement, which carries a natural connection with the atmosphere; that is the connection with the environment, with Nature.

Question: A practical situation on watching loved ones suffering

Q: “Brother, thank you ever so much, so very grateful to you for all the help that you are offering. There is a practical situation that I am facing in my current stage. Clearly, not unique something which everyone has to cross numberwise. So would truly appreciate some guidance. At my current stage, I understand and realize “That roles are already in the soul playing through us, we cannot infer that the actor is “bad.””. However, I also realize that I live with souls having different realization (numberwise) and I am also playing various ‘labels’ as part of my role in this world drama and I must face all situations with awareness. Now certain members of the ‘immediate family’ would not yet be able to make a distinction between the soul/role yet and hence, “suffer”. Now being with them you try and see the scenario through another’s perspective and explain. But everyone’s understanding is according to their capacity, seeing them affected, affects ‘me’ even though “I” can see the bigger picture. This effect doesn’t last long but it does as you can see your folks being affected and also that the others role is doing hurtful things even if not them. Even though I have good wishes for the other souls. My role is not able to go beyond. How to cross the line of attachment/loyalty to your “immediate” ones without “hurting” them and at the same time not have separation with “the extended family/friends”. Or is this just my ego interfering trying to be magnanimous and all accepting. As ‘separation’ exists in physical world and that is ok as part of my role and I just have good wishes for them and whenever you meet them not to consciously do anything to ‘hurt’ them. As I cannot pretend to accept their roles activity and that it doesn’t affect me as it does.”

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words. I just want to clarify, that we are “just sharing” here and the options and “soul-utions” will come up as we share. We will be able to see “new” things as long as we are willing to “see.” 🙂

As you realize, one thing is to “know information” about knowledge and a different story is to “be” Gyan, knowledge. That is the reason on the emphasis that we need to experience the “true self” not to “fake” a behavior by a mental concept. In that experience of the self there is knowledge itself.

However, while we are “getting there” there are many options that I could share based on my own experience.

1. Suffering is not “bad.” It is part of the process of purification of a soul when there is no “understanding.” On this, understanding is not the same as rejection, but acceptance of what is happening and “moving on,” with that and not against it.

2. “Moving on” means different things. The actors must act. Your “part” maybe to recognize the situation and to share your perception with them in the right way at the right time. Once you have done that, your part is over unless, you are asked to do something else.

3. If that situation keeps “unchanged” and that situation is affecting you, it is safe to “retire.” That means, “move out,” “avoid further connection,” or anything which will take you to a space where your recognition of “insanity” in others has the potential to affect you. It is your right to step out. Loyalty does not mean to suffer with others due to their choices in life. That is masochism.

4. Your decision may be be done through a “nice talk” where you explain your issues and your decision as long as that is only affecting your life. If there are others involved, then compromising is necessary. Expose your matters with detachment and to the point. Inform your decision but at the same time leave room for a relationship if it arises. Doors cannot be completely shutdown to anyone for everybody changes in life.

5. If none of the above applies to you and you are in a situation where you have to be there, then dear soul; accept suffering as it is, do not reject it; then look for ways where your spirituality could be enhanced and your time used in that avenue. Any “investment” that you may do in “spirituality” at that time, will “double” in rewards once things go back to “normal” and even during the issue. “Everything will be gone.” It is just a matter of time.

During that period, you could develop several of the “powers.” Perhaps the “power to withdraw” may come in handy. Every challenge in life brings the possibility to develop a resource in us to overcome it. It is in that “suffering” when many have “found God” beyond their mental concepts.

Finally, if you are going through this test, it is without doubt because you have the capacity to go through it. That is what the understanding of Karma and soul’s capacity tells us. Therefore, it is your time to become “strong” and “gentle.” 🙂

Best wishes!