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The mind’s talk confuses everything

The mind says: “ if “my free will” is rubbish, then I am predestined, I am a puppet of destiny… That is sad!!”

🙂 That “I” does not exist. Who is predestined then?
Until you realize and experience, “No-I” you cannot possibly understand anything but “I.”
“I am God. I am a son of God. I am an angel. I am wealthy. I am beautiful. I am ….” That makes up your society, your religion, your language, your ideology.

Some readers send their questions, but they cannot understand that the writer “avyakt7” does not exist anymore. Ahnanda cannot answer those questions, for those questions are set up for a particular answer in a particular consciousness.

For instance, someone asked about the relationship of beauty and lust and then the difference between lust and greed. “I want to know” the reader said.
Your consciousness is caught up with language. It will not do anything to you, to know the difference or relationship of 2 words. See those things in yourself. Understand them in yourself. Let go of your mind’s talk to observe.

For some readers, lust is something ugly, something ”bad.”
For some, lust is something to avoid, to reject, to repress.
However the same energy of lust, is the one transforming into compassion (good feelings and good wishes) like day transforms into night.
Some want to have day at all times and reject night. That is called an ideal. Ideals are illusions.

John is lustful with a woman. Is that lust going away if John decides to change his “behavior”? Is that lust going away if John represses his lust? If he knows the difference between lust and greed or the relationship of lust and beauty?
Everything John DOES will be a cover up.

Observe it. Become aware of it in the moment that it appears. This is not a mental: “Aha! This is lust… I will observe it!” That will not work, that is the mind. To observe means to feel everything without trying to escape, without trying to act on it, without judgment or labeling. Experience the triggers, experience how it appears… and how it disappears. But most don’t experience that because there is rejection and guilt in them. Then it stays stuck, it becomes a trauma.

Learn to let go. If we learn to control, we cannot observe.
Some minds will only keep one side of the coin as the “good one,” but yet a coin needs both sides to be a coin.

Get out of the mind, the labels, the judgments and merely observe, be aware of the continuous change, be empty.
It is that emptiness what some call love, others compassion, others God and yet others… are afraid of it. Different perceptions. Different stories.   🙂


Question on the energy of lust

“How to have balance energies in order to conquer lust? Any physical and mental method?”

Dear reader,
There are no methods to conquer lust. Methods can only allow you to become more sensible to different energies and out of that sensibility, you could choose in life based on your current state of consciousness.

Let me explain this a bit further.
Lust is experienced through different senses. It is basically to lose ourselves in front of sensations or perceptions. In the case of sexual lust, it comes with a degree of violence to possess.

If your path is celibacy, any method that is used will be effective in the beginning. Usually the method consist on labeling sex as “bad,” “dirty,” etc. as well as the persons “indulging” on that “vice.” Therefore, you probably don’t want to be into those categories and will repress yourself and hope that “temptations” will not be around you. That is how many other “methods” appeared such as labeling women/men to avoid attractions or separating men and women or making men and women to look similar (shaving their heads) and any other “creative” method that humanity has created…Isn’t that so?

If a person persists doing this, that repression may be unbearable. that is how many individuals have finished their “careers” in the celibate path.

The key element is to change the quality of your feelings. For that you may need to open yourself for greater sensibility. To appreciate beauty in Nature, through feelings is one way of doing that. Because the quality of your feelings is distinct, possessiveness will not be there, because your feelings have been expressed.

Let us say that you are a “man” and that you “see” (eyesight) a beautiful “woman.” Observe yourself. Observe how possessiveness arises and desires. Observe how awkward you may feel if you “try to be celibate and to think good things.” Observe that a repression has happened and due to that repression your mind will play with that image of that person even though that person is gone.

Do you know why this has happened? Because you have repressed your feelings.

The issue is not that you cannot taste the “candy,” but your feelings about not tasting it and your mind reinforcing those feelings by “thinking about it.”

Even if you taste that “candy,” your feelings will be that “it is not enough, the dream was better than “reality”…” which will be reinforced by your thoughts:”I need another candy.” See?

That repression and lack of satisfaction is lust, which is an energy.

On the other hand, if there is appreciation; which means that you are open to what “is” and you have the sensibility to see beauty and express that through your feelings; then because of that expression of appreciation; your mind and your feelings will be alright.

Basically, it is like becoming a child again: Smile, appreciate without the thought of possessing anything or needing anything from another, sending beautiful feelings of appreciation to another.
That is all.

One more time, the key element is “pure feelings” as mentioned in many articles before. If you could engage yourself in becoming sensible to beauty in Nature and in the world without distinction, without labeling things as “bad” or “good,” then you will see a change in you. That is the “method.”

Allow yourself to enjoy Nature, to be part of it (Please read article “beach healing and therapy.”) Allow yourself to be wholesome by resting well, eating well (not only what you eat, but how you eat it ) and have gratefulness to life for giving you the chance to be in relationship with others at different levels.

If going beyond lust is in your path, it will happen. In the meantime, all we need to transform as preliminary steps is the quality of our feelings by becoming more sensible to beauty and its expression and the clarity of our mind, by being able to observe it continuously.

We know that “fear never transforms, but love transforms,” then let us use that love through feelings for that transformation to occur.

Best wishes!

Question on masturbation

“I’m in knowledge about 16years, reading murli and doing yoga everyday, of course taking pure veg which cooked myself, doing amrit vela regularly, but still cannot control the lust, will masturbate to release the pressure, I know its bad, but I just couldn’t overcome it. Please give ideas, TQ”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your honest question. The topic of masturbation has been dealt with in several writings in this blog and in the “healthy celibacy” blog as well.

First, let us not label masturbation as “good,” or “bad.” It is an action to obtain pleasure/release which comes with the loss of semen, which is raw energy capable of giving life.

Every action has a reaction. That loss will add up as the number of episodes increase and weaken you, physically, emotionally and psychologically.
The above is “normal,” in our society. Sexual energy is not known as energy but as something to give us pleasure…. Pleasure little treasure…

If you cannot “control” sexual energy obviously that energy will be stuck and will manifest somehow. By masturbating, you are merely getting rid of it, throwing it away; the key is to transform it.

That transformation happens through sensibility and openness of feelings. That is what yoga is for. Yoga is meant to develop your feelings. But is not the only way. Being in Nature and acquainted with the elements of Nature will bring that sensibility as well. As a male you need to develop your “ying” side your “female” side, that means the acceptance and discovery of that female side in you.

There is a mental component which you have not disclosed. There is something which triggers lust in you. Relate with that with feelings from the heart. Become acquainted in relating with feelings rather than thoughts.
Thinking about things, about images, about situations which bring that state of lust, need to be transformed into feelings and obviously those feelings have to be strong, “pure feelings.”

Note that we are not rejecting anything. We are not calling anything as “bad,” or “good.” Feeling guilty is a waste of time when we realize that everything is cause and effect.

We are just learning to transform the energy of lust into pure feelings from the heart, and that will happen when you have developed certain sensibility.
Feelings are the transformation needed for lust to be “controlled.”
Dear reader is your task to find the “how and what.”

Last suggestion: Allow yourself a healthy interaction with females (if that is the gender which attracts you) and learn to appreciate them and express that appreciation through feelings only. No need to talk. No need to think. No need to label anything… Just let those feelings out, let them expand, let them be you, in that way the energy of lust could be used in a more beneficial way.
Become a transformer of energies. Transform lust. Please do not reject it.
Best wishes!

Changes: Getting rid of the added rust

Change means life. There is nothing static. Movement is ongoing. Our emotional and mental suffering is related with our inability to let things go on or because we cling into something made up by our minds which is not “here” yet. These are desires.

For someone who is not aware, changes will tend to degenerate, that is “entropy” is the default when there is no awareness. This could be explained simply by looking at a nail after several years, rust will be building up. The former shiny nail will lose its color.

This “rust” is what religions and moral teachings have identified as “vices.” Therefore, well-known religions and moral teachings are all about cleaning that rust by “doing” something.

Some religions will apply sandpaper over the nail. The nail will have to go through lots of friction and discomfort to get the rust out… however, sand paper is not the “solution” to maintain the nail clean from vices, but just a temporary method, for if sandpaper is not applied to that nail on a regular basis, then more rust will appear.
This creates a “dependency” of the nail for sandpaper. Notice that everything here goes at the physical level.

For example, If I realize that sex lust is “bad,” then I should not look at a woman. Then, I should think that a woman is my mother or my sister, so the desire will go away. “Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” 🙂

This is sandpaper. That is, to identify something which is “wrong” with me and to do something to get that out of my system.
As long as there is sandpaper, then I should be “clean,” if I “do” a good job. 🙂

There are other religions or philosophies which proclaim that “everything is what I should be,” and I do not need to “do” anything to change. I am perfect already, but I do not realize it. 🙂

Many have misinterpreted this religious/moral teaching as to “do what is natural.” Thus, Anger is natural, lust is natural, greed is natural, etc. When there is this huge misinterpretation, there is more rust accumulated in the nail.

Zen Buddhism and Taoism have been misinterpreted in this way. For many is about sitting for meditation looking at the wall and performing some devotional rituals and nothing else after that except to think about a “koan,” to dissolve the mind. Here, there is no striving to be “better” for there is nothing to improve.

The problem is that there is no inner observation of what “is.” That comes with awareness and dear reader, awareness cannot be taught, it happens, by itself when we are continuously observing ourselves and by being in contact with Nature to be nurtured by it. Nature is subtle and that subtlety needs to be ingested by a person who is only aware of the physical realm.

When looking at the moon on a windy night, being mesmerized by the beauty of the moment, when appreciation appears, when the heart spontaneously awakens with love, in that moment there is a connection, there is a “something” that is perceived in the air, the setting. That something is subtle and it comes as spiritual nourishment by itself as long as our mind is in that tranquil state of appreciation.

That nourishment changes individuals. The only task is to be aware enough to perceive it. To be open to it.

Then we can see that the utility of sandpaper is just to get us to that point.

Then, magically; the nail is covered by anti-corrosive paint, as long as we could experience that subtle nourishing energy which is everywhere as long as we are aware of it.

The effect is the feeling of gratefulness and peace. When that peace manifest in movement, there is harmony.
This is the “natural” state. Once we know this state by experiencing it, then there is no need to do anything to avoid rust on the nail. Then, we can “do” what is natural, not before.

Therefore, the task is just to be aware. To “gain” awareness after our many years of lethargic sleep.

The sleeping beauty wakes up when the kiss of awareness of the prince, touches her heart.

Questions for June 2nd, 2013 – All about Lust

What is Lust ? How Is sex-lust different from taste-lust (wanting to eat tasty dishes) or cloth-lust (wanting to wear fashionable clothes) ?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
Lust is basically a desire to possess something for self gratification. As you realized there are many forms of lust which typically are expressed through a sense organ.

Sex lust will be expressed through sexual organs. That is the focus of it. However, there are many steps which lead into it which are part of the experience of lust. A thought, an emotion all of that will bring that desire to possess, then other sense organs will become involved in it.

A person who is overcome by sex lust is unable to express love and a nurturing touch through his/her senses without an ulterior motive. For “normal” people this is known as the way for “procreation” or sadly called “love;” but for spiritual minded people , anything that overcomes our conscious awareness is just means not to be a master of the self.

You may enjoy a delicious meal. Enjoy it to feel nurtured. If you want to continue eating just for the “taste of it,” then you are experiencing lust at the taste level. If you “crave” for a particular meal and you cannot be without it, that is lust at the taste level.

Clothes are not “lustful” in itself by our vision on them. So, the sense of the physical eyes are the main culprit. Wearing fashionable clothes is not the issue. The issue is how you feel about it or how others may perceive you (what signal you are bringing.)

A baby wearing fashionable clothes will be perceived as a cute baby for he does not have the “vibes” to be perceived otherwise. However, there may be individuals who may have a different perception based on their own “issues.”
That is the signal that we need to be aware, that we may be triggering in others.

Best wishes!

om shanti, I did the foundation course around 15 months back. Have not been a regular student though i am trying to improve myself first. Somehow celibacy is something which is evading me. Have been trying hard but somehow not able to do that. Although I agree that frequency has absolutely decreased yet have not been able to celibate completely and indulge in masturbation. Please advice.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your honest question!

Here is my list out of my own experience, hope it is helpful for you.

1) Be especially aware of the food that you eat. Be picky about it. As much as possible eat only what you cook. Being vegetarian is a must. Avoid any sort of spicy food items. Please be informed about Satvvic diet and stick to it. Drink water and juices. Don’t do coffee or any other stimulant as much as possible.
Your diet is VERY important. It is related with your mind and thus, with the way you perceive the world.

2) Because you just started this path, you will need to practice the “method of avoidance” until you get a grip of yourself. Avoid situations which may trigger sexual thoughts. Avoid having idle time where your mind could fantasize. Become busy in spiritual matters. This is where “service” at your near BK center will help you a lot.

3) Regulate your sleeping time. Sleep enough hours but be aware when “dreams” are coming. In the beginning of this, you will have lustful dreams which will lead into “wet dreams.” It is the unconscious trying to force you to change your ways. If you can avoid that by waking up early enough ( 3:30 AM ready for Amrit Vela meditation) you will be ahead of the game.

4) Develop your feelings. Feel intensely with your heart. Learn to appreciate the opposite gender with those feelings. Be around Nature as much as possible so those feelings will be developed without much effort. Enjoy a sunset. Sit by a park. Smell the roses. Watch the ocean. Write poetry. All of that will develop a sensibility in you which will be extremely helpful to conquer sexual lust.

5) Engage in regular meditation. The goal is to feel inner peace, that is to express those inner feelings. Feelings when developed are the way to conquer sexual urges. The heart chakra when developed is beyond the second chakra (sexuality.) True spirituality starts at the Heart Chakra.

6) Be patient. It may take years. However, you will see progress within the first 6 months. You are engaging yourself in something which is not “normal,” so you will require lots of Godly/ Divine help on this task. Be attuned to those Divine energies by loving God with your heart.

7) Don’t give up. You may lose a battle, but not the war. Have the courage to believe in yourself and that this can be done.

8) Read the section titled “The Awakening” By Mathias (it is a tab on this blog.) Pay attention to those pieces of advice. They are very helpful.

Best wishes!

Question: Reproduction, monks and intercourse

Om Shanti As stated in the “Gyan”…reproduction possible with a thought how? Somebody ask me that question. I am also want to know that because as Baba told that ‘who took knowledge in the pervious cycle, same will take this time also’….and when I am look back at my past life I thought perhaps I am the person who took Gyan in previous cycle. 🙂 For this, you also told about yourself. One thing more that I dont want to marry but my parent want. How do I explain to them about celibacy they dont even know the Gyan. If I told them that ‘to follow the Gyan one has to remain celibate’ they’ll said that: Aah! Our job is not to be holy monks. We are human beings not monks 🙂 or sanyasi (As you wrote: Yes, I am a soul; but also I am a human being). One more line you wrote: Similarly in sexuality, many look at it from the perspective of reproduction. There is life. However, that is tinted with the selection of “pleasure over pain.” When I talked about the Gyan with my boss’s wife, she said that how is it possible that reproduction possible with a thought? Both follow spirituality but they dont believe in this that without intercourse reproduction possible…you understood the line. 🙂 He believes it is the union of two souls (intercourse). And those who are spiritually high (gurus, monks or sanyasis) are different from ours. They play their role…we play ours which is right but they believe we didn’t became like them (gurus, monks or sanyasis). Same as I wrote above We are human beings & also souls 🙂 not monks 🙂 or sanyasi. One more question I want to ask that sexuality or intercourse whatever…is it right or is it wrong? Because in Satyug we are pure and gradually we are declined (we reproduce without sex and then we reproduce with intercourse). In Copper age reproduction begin with intercourse or not (I know I am asking you a stupid question or perhaps I am unable to ask the question in a proper way) If we are souls why we feel sexual urge? I hope you understand my question or questions 🙂 If you find some grammar mistakes, for this I apologize you. I myself wrote it in English. Therefore, it is possible to mistake. If you understood the question & want to write some lines in a proper way you can do this, I don’t mind. Thank You 🙂

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question.
I see that language is getting on the way 🙂 I am getting “interpreted” but not understood.
I mentioned about being a “second timer” BK in this cycle. Not that I took knowledge last cycle as well, for it is evident.

I didn’t know that reproduction was possible with a thought! Gyan usually mentions that reproduction takes place “through the power of yoga.” That is not a thought.

What it is interesting to know is what is that “power of yoga.” When there is communion (which is yoga) you become combined. That yoga is that. In the Golden age there was no knowledge of God, so yoga is that unity at the soul level which cannot be explained by people who are not in that consciousness. I have written many, many articles about that word: consciousness. As it is your consciousness, so it will be your understanding.

With our limited consciousness of taking things “literally” going by the definition of a word and without an experience, we are just trapped in words.

There is this “stigma” in spirituality that the word “sex” must not be used. It is a “bad” word. Sakar Murlis based on the time frame and Indian traditions are very vague about explaining further on that, because, “sex” is not something to talk about with “little children” and it could be misunderstood when there is no experience of that consciousness.

How does it happen in the Golden age? The power of yoga. That is union. Combination of male and female. There are no more “details” about it. However, we know about consciousness. A consciousness trapped in the form, is called “impure.” That sort of consciousness will think that “actions” are the same at any time, because that type of consciousness does not understand that a quality of action starts with our quality of consciousness.

In which type of consciousness do you think your parents are? Or your boss? Ask the Dalai Lama and hear what he says… 🙂

Dear soul,

You have to have the guts to try celibacy. Experience it, go over sex-lust and then you will understand. Others who have not gone over that “hump” simply will not. WHY? Because it is not their experience. Because they haven’t taken the journey. They are just “theory.” Accha? ? 🙂

Therefore, if you ask them for their opinions, guess what you will get? 🙂

Finally, you asked “if sexuality or intercourse or whatever is right or wrong?” 🙂
It is not “whatever,” it is called sexual intercourse in English.
As mentioned clearly before in another article which you have not quoted. Sex is sex. Neither good nor bad. Your consciousness makes that act, “clean or dirty.” A vicious person will make an act vicious… See?

To be awake is to realize what kind of consciousness we have. That is spirituality.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother Om shanti In one of Avyakt vani (murli) Baba said to convert lust ( sexual energy ) in to best wishes and pure feelings, but I could not understand it properly, pleae explain … Thanks

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Next time you find in your path someone who you feel attracted to, just check what is going on inside you, be AWARE, conscious on the changes: what you think, what you feel, how your stomach feels and how your pulse and heart beats changes, etc. Those changes happen through energy.

Next time you find someone who you feel attracted to, just take that energy through the feelings of your heart and “emit” those pure feelings and good wishes. Transform. You need to be AWARE of that. That is all. Feel the difference.

That is a simple description of transformation of energies; to know you need to experiment and experience.

Best wishes!